Death has a heart…

Watching swiftly,

Deathly still,

Sitting at the windowsill,

Death has stolen his first kill,

Gasping in fright,

You see your lover fight…

White chalk lines mark his body's place,

While you race to meet me he lost in space,

"Spare me your unjust judgment, and cries of pain, or shall I call for bittersweet rain?"

You beg for his life and yours as well,

Hoping you can break the spell,

Of ice, with a handful of nice,

You offer him scared rice,

Or an orange to appease meese,

Death gives a grin,

"Oh my dear, kin…"

You see the faint signs of mean, begin to wean,

You scream…

Chalk lines of white,

Mark the signs of your plight,

In your hand you hold his life,

I guess death does have a heart,