Chapter 10

After Rose spoke my name and her warm tears kissed my skin, darkness slowly overtook me, and I found myself going back, back to the time when she first cried for me and spoke my name.


I was ten when I met my father for the first time; he was a tall strong man with piercing eyes and mesmerizing aura, there was neither kindness nor hate in his eyes as he looked me over. I had held no expectations for this man who towered before me, though many times I had wished his blood to vanish from my veins; the blood of the Demon King. But still my mother loved him, loved him so much that she gave birth to such a monster as me. My existence had brought her nothing but pain, yet still she was kind and loving towards me; even when her whole family turned their backs on us. She remained soft-spoken with a presence that made you feel warm and a smile full of love.

"Why is he here? For a world that's banned from coming here their King seems to visit an awful lot." He smirked,

"A Kings son indeed, you have spirit, good you'll need it where we're going." Grinning he spoke as if proud which only ticked me off more.

"I have a hell of a lot more than that and it has nothing to do with being your damn son, I am who I am today in spite of you 'father'. As if I would go anywhere with you Old man, the only way I'd be going anywhere is by force, and I would like to see you try."

"Indeed, so it seems, but you're a 100 years to early to challenge me boy. You still have a long way to go, Vark here will be in charge of your upbringing from now on, starting with your manners."For the first time in my life I felt fear, that man seemed larger than life itself. My mother bent down in front of me

"Dayon I'm sorry I'm so sorry but after today you will no longer be living with me, you have to go and live with your father. You'll be strong won't you?" Pulling me into her arms I could hear the tears in her voice. "This is for the best, it's just not safe for you here with me anymore."

"Mom what are you talking about? What about you?" I could barely contain the fear rushing through my entire body, the fear of being apart from the one person on earth who cared about whether I lived or died. "Is it because of my other side? I'll learn to control it; we won't have to worry about those other half breeds anymore. Why do you want to send me away? You don't want me anymore?"

As time passed the blood within me began to awaken more and more, causing half breeds to hunt us, hoping to gain longer lives and greater power. More than once I had awoken to a bloodied scene, with no account about what had transpired. We had traveled from city to city trying to escape demons and humans alike. My mother's own family threw her away for giving birth to such a monster that only brought misfortune.

"I love you, of course I want you to stay with me, but I can't teach you how to control that side of you and your father can. You don't have to worry about me, your father has made arrangements for me already. You have to become strong enough to protect the things precious to you understand? Always work hard, never letting others look down on you, growing up to be the man I always knew you could be." Pushing her away I stepped back, I just couldn't accept it, I just couldn't believe her.

"You don't want me anyways, so why would you worry, you just think I'm a monster like everyone else does, that's why you want to get rid of me. You never wanted me, that's why you jumped at the first chance to get rid of me, so that you can have a better life without me here!" Pushing past her I burst out of the front door and took off down the street.

"Dayon! Dayon!" Putting a hand on her shoulder King Dariosin pulled her to his chest.

"Let him go, give him time to accept this."

"But what if something happens?" stroking her long ebony hair King Dariosin held her close.

"His guardian Vark is following him, you have nothing to fear, our son will be OK."

Faster and faster I ran, I ran until my lungs were on fire and my legs numb, by the time I looked up I had reached the other side of the city, it was then that I first saw her. With short curly hair, she could be easily mistaken for a boy. Her eyes were golden and fierce, with glowing bronze skin that glistened from the kiss of the sun. She sat bent over, trying to protect a puppy from a couple of punk teenage boys; while waving a stick back and forth she was able to keep them at bay.

"Get away from us you bed wetting jerks." They began to laugh

"Would you look at this brat, he thinks he can take us all on!"

"I'm a girl! You worm sucking idiots!"

"Man, did you hear that guys he's a girl!" They started whistling at her

"An ugly one if you ask me." They laughed again

"If I'm going to be insulted I'd rather it not be from rats like you." As I watched her I couldn't help but admire her bravery. Nothing they said seemed to faze her; all she cared about was protecting that puppy, no matter what the cost. Finally one of the guys was able to grab the stick from her hand; jumping up she punched him then grabbing the puppy she made a dash for it. But it didn't take long for them long to catch her. Falling she shielded the puppy with her body as they kicked and spat at her. With eyes shut and scraped knees she held fast to the puppy in her arms.

"That's enough!" Before I had even realized, I found myself moving in-between them and her. "That's enough, leave her alone!"

"What is up with kids these days? Hasn't anyone taught them how to act when talking to adults?"

"All I see is a bunch of ass holes beating on a defenseless girl and dog, that's done nothing to them." Looking around I grinned "Nope, no one worth my time or respect around here."

"Why you little!" the impact of the punch made my ears ring, as I staggered to my knees they began kicking me as well. As I began to slip into darkness again, I felt something warm hit my face. She was shielding me; she was trying to protect me, and crying for ME. As she held me close to her I could feel the warmth coming from her body, bringing me back to consciousness. It was as if something from within me was on fire. The wind began picking up around us, forcing our assailants back.

"What the hell is going on?"as the wind died the gang stood confused. Gently removing her hands I stood facing them.

"What? You haven't learned your lesson yet kid." Flying forward I punched the first guy, sending him flying into the trunk of a nearby tree. The one who had grabbed the stick swung at me, I didn't feel a thing as it broke in half across my shoulder. Grabbing the stick I threw him into a park bench. The sun was beginning to set and I could feel myself once again beginning to fall deeper and deeper into darkness. I pounced on the last guy punching him again and again and again. Until I felt someone pulling me back.

"Stop it already they get the point! You're going to kill him!" Turning I hissed at her, her hand struck my face.

"What are you some sort of an animal, pull yourself together" As my mind slowly crawled back into the light of the setting sun, the darkness began to clear. This was why my mom wanted to send me away, this was why everyone called me a monster.

"What have I done?" looking around I saw the damage I had caused. "I really am a monster." Stumbling back into a tree I put my face into my hands and just cried. Things like today had happened since I was five years old and now at age ten they were only getting worse and worse. As the other two guys grabbed their friend and ran off, the girl came over and crouched in front of me.

"Are you OK; you're not hurt are you?" As she looked over my body I couldn't understand her; most people who saw one of my outbursts would run in fear. Even my mother had coward in fear after an encounter we had with a half breed.

"You have to either be really brave or really stupid."

"Hey! Is that any way to speak to your savior?" Something is really wrong with this girl.

"Do you have shit for brains it was me that saved you?" She laughed. Her laugh was so refreshing like a cool spring breeze at the end of a long winter.

"Did you know you curse a lot for a kid? It doesn't suit you at all."

"If you're talking about manners, yours is worse than mine, can't even say a proper thank you." She laughed again.

"My names Roselyn; but you can call me Rose, and this here is Simbad; you can call him Simbad." With her hand out stretched and the biggest smile on her face, I couldn't see how anyone could ever mistake her for a boy.

"My names Dayon, just Dayon."

"Well that's a nice name." crouching in front of me she just stared,

"What is it, it's rude to stare you know."

"Dayon I 'm sure you get this a lot but you have really nice eyes, I wish I had eyes like yours."

"Your eyes are pretty the way they are."

"Really? You really think so?"My face flushed red; I had never been so close to a girl before.

"I mean fine, your eyes are fine the way they are." Rocking back and forth on her heels she held her face in her hands. As a strand of hair swept across her cheek the urge to touch it came over me. She was actually pretty cute; now that I see her so closely.

"My mother said I got my eyes from my great great Grandmother." She paused, "Dayon let's be friends."

"Huh?" clenching my hands I turned to look away from her. I just wasn't sure about this girl, she had to be at least 4 years younger than me but she seemed to have no fear.

"Why would you wanna be friends with me?"

"You seem like a nice guy."

"But didn't you just see what I am capable of, aren't you afraid?"

"You don't wanna be my friend?" She wasn't getting it.

"That's not what I mean."

"Am I unsafe with you?"

"Not necessarily but…"

"Would you ever hurt me?"

"Well no, not on purpose but…"

"What's your favorite food?"

"Is that really important now?" What does my favorite food have to do with anything?

"It's very important just answer the question."

"I don't know I don't really have a favorite food."

"If you did would it be me?"So I guess a friend that can eat people is fine as long as he doesn't eat her.

"No, probably not." I take it back she's not cute at all.

"Well that settles it, so under this cherry blossom tree let's promise we'll be friends OK!?" Holding her little finger up she grabbed my hand which I painfully realized was hurt; probably from when I punched that guy.

"Your hands bleedin!" Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a puppy pictured handkerchief, and wrapped it around my hand. Then from a distance I could hear someone calling her name

"Rose where are you? Rose!?"

"So it's a promise OK! I have to go now, but I'll see you again tomorrow, Bye Dayon." And then she was gone. As a warm breeze carried petals across the ground I began to feel a presence nearby.

"Who's there!? Show yourself!" From the shadow cast by the setting sun out walked a tall dark-skinned man.

"Hello Young Prince, my name is Vark, I will be your companion from here on out and if you allow me, I can help you control your power as well as become a great man. A man capable of protecting the things most precious to him, like that little girl for example." Standing up I could feel that many of the wounds had already healed.

"Who said she was precious to me?" Heat rushed to my face. "Anyways, about helping me control my power, you're not shitting me…I mean lying to me are you? "

"No My Lord."

"Will my mother really be taken care of?"

"You have my word My Lord."

"Well then I guess we better get started, don't you Vark?" Smiling I looked down the path that Rose had taken, promising that one day we would definitely meet again.

"Yes My Lord."

Because now there is someone precious to me that I wish to be able to protect, someone other than my mother who would shed tears, for ME.

Though the circumstances that brought us together once again were different than what I had hoped, the time I've spent here with her has been more than a dream. The feelings I have for her have become almost painful to bare, because one day, I will definitely have to send her back.