Placing Lord Valentine's hand down I stood and quietly walked out; closing the door softly behind me. Walking into the outer chambers the grim faces that I was presented with did little to alleviate the dark shadow that hung over my heart, or the fear that left my hands as cold as ice. Walking past Lord Valentine's desk and looking out across the vast out doors from the window, it hit me; for the first time since the car accident, there was someone I cared about, whole heartily and without reservations.

Not realizing it, Lord Valentine had become someone I can't lose, since coming here I've experienced so many emotions, emotions I thought I would never experience again. After the car accident that took my parents, I had become like a blank slate, all my memories up until the time I awoke in the hospital were gone. I knew neither love nor hate, like a bottomless pit I struggled to piece back together my lost memories. Trying to remember what my mother smelled like, how it felt to be held in my father's arms, and why cherry blossoms made me both happy and sad at the same time. No matter how hard my father's parents tried I just couldn't remember everything, just bits and pieces. I had felt so bad for them that I started joining anything and everything I possible could, to show them that I was OK; Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Archery, Basketball, Volleyball, Creative Writing, and finally fencing. But never was I able to stick with any of them, my friends used to jokingly call me the 'jack of all trades but the master of none'. That's mostly why I moved back into the city, I was trying to run away from it all.

Now here in a world completely different of my own, a world full of monsters and near death experiences (though I could have done without those), all these things have allowed me to feel alive. With each day that passed: arguing, laughing, and even Sword fighting with Lord Valentine; I don't know when, but at some point, all those things became something I don't think I could live without. That man has become something I don't think I can live without.

"So where is this antidote!?" Turning to the others I felt almost frantic, "Shouldn't we be sending someone to go and get it!? All of this quiet is beginning to really make me angry! We should be doing something in situations like this shouldn't we!? If we don't do something soon Dayon will die. No! I will not let him die, not like this, not before I tell him…" Yuri looked my way as Casius began to speak.

"I wish it was that simple Rose Bud, but the antidote isn't that easy to retrieve, especially right now."

"I don't get it, why not!?"

"The only antidote around is found in the heart of the Mystic Forest, not only would we have to first get passed the Gianma's, that also just so happens to be the territory of the Night Elves live."

"Night Elves? So it shouldn't be a problem then, elves are nice. But what are Gianma's? I swear I've heard that name before." From the corner Vark spoke

"The creatures that attacked you not too long ago Ma'Lady, usually their not so aggressive when in their original state but…"

"Recently they've been attacking the villagers." For the first time Casius looked serious

"It's not their fault!" We all turned to see where the voice came from.

"Ren, what are you doing out of bed?" Casius went to kneel in front of the little girl; she seemed so small in such a large night gown, so frail.

"It's not their fault Lord Casius! Vrail told me the dark woman has the mystic fairy, they had no choice but to do those things." Pulls of tears began to fall dramatically down the little girls cheeks.

"Ren are you saying that the Mystic fairy is being held hostage?" The little girl nodded her head, unable to keep the tears from falling. "This story has gotten even more complicated." he sighed, "What's next, my sweet little Rose Bud is going to have some sort of secret power!?"

I'm starting to think Casius is a little on the crazy side, I just don't get him, sometimes he's serious and then at other times he can be the weirdest person in the room.

"Casius please refrain from your ridiculous outburst; this is neither the time nor place. And please abstain from addressing Lady Roselyn so informally." Calling over a servant girl to take the little Ren away, Casius began to laugh.

"Yuri has anyone ever told you how sexy you are when your being serious, if I didn't know any better I would think you were trying to seduce me." He grinned as Yuri's face flushed red. "But I digress, so where were we, ah yes the mystic fairy has been captured. Well that does seem like a problem we'll have to eventually take care of but for now we have more pressing issues. Doc how much time does he have?" I hadn't noticed the short stubby man standing next to the door.

"Since the dust got into his wounds the poison was able to get in his blood stream much faster, because of that he's lost a day, if not more. In my professional opinion I'd give him 72 hours at best, any more time than that would be a miracle it all really just depends on his will to live." Once again the room grew silent, and then Casius spoke.

"My men and I could fly over most of the Gianma's territory but not completely, it would be suicide to fly over Night Elves land." I'm starting to become more and more interested in these Night Elves.

"But I thought Elves were friendly creatures." Why do all the creatures in this world seem so evil?

"Well what can I say Rose Bu…My Lady, who would have guessed they would be so upset because of a one night with one of the princess's, even after I said I was sorry, they still were planning to feed me to a Palisgar, I would have been alive in its gigantic stomach for days until it's acids consumed me. Barbarians if you ask me." Without a word I knew everyone in the room was thinking the same thing,

You deserved it you impetuous pervert!

"But there might be a way, Rose do you have the pendant Dayon gave to you?"

"Of course, I never take it off, not since the last incident."

"May I see it?" taking off the pendant I placed it in Casius's hand, this time it was glowing green. "I've never seen it shine this color before, what did you do to it?"

"Nothing but last time it glowed red and white." Vark and Casius looked at each other.

"You mean this has happened before?" Now I was getting worried.

"Yes, it has, what does that mean exactly? And how would it be able to help you anyways?"

"I don't know, I've only known it could tell when the sun would rise and set which is commonly when Night Elves are out and about, but more importantly this pendant holds the royal seal of the Night Elves, given to King Dariosin who later gave it to Dayon's mother." And all this time I thought it was just a pretty clock, and danger alerter. "To my knowledge this necklace belonged to the last Mahzarin or Golden one; of the night Elves tribe who supposedly ran away to the human world, in order to stop a war from breaking out between the Night Elves tribe and the Tolkien Elves tribe; better known as the children of the light." As Casius held the necklace up he continued. "If what I've heard is correct the Mahzarin left this necklace to King Dariosin and then with his help escaped to the human world, but that happened way before my time."

"I've been thinking for some time that it's more than a clock. Maybe it has some sort of magical powers or something, is that why you want to take it with you?"

"To be more precise this necklace is only a key, though it does have some sort of power within itself, but only the Mahzarin would be able to use it; at least as far as I know, but whatever it's suppose to open, supposedly disappeared around the same time as the Mahzarin. Why it's started glowing now, I really can't tell you Rose, but such things can be discussed later, for now we need to get there and see if it's of any help to us or not." Gripping the pendant in his hands he walked back to the center of the room. "Yuri I'll need you to come with me, we might be in need of your skills. Vark, I'm leaving the Master and Lady in your care." As Vark bowed Casius began walking out of the room back towards the foyer.

"Wait are you leaving now? I'm coming with you!"The thought of staying here and doing nothing was more than I could take. "Ow" tapping my forehead with his finger Casius smiled.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! My lady, didn't you hear what the Doc said? Dayon needs someone to give him the will to live, and no one here is more appropriate for the job then you right now. I applaud your bravery but you are needed elsewhere." Pointing towards Dayon's room Casius's words took the stubbornness right out of me. "With the day almost gone we'll have to wait until morning to head off, so for now I would like to discuss our plan for tomorrow. Vark despite me wanting you to stay here, I would really appreciate your expertise in the best way to get in and out of the Night Elves territory without too much interference. They're not the type to just let us come and get what we want and leave, especially with the bad blood between them and Lord Valentines Father; King Dariosin, even more so now; since he had something to do with their Mahzarin escaping to the human world." As Casius and Vark walked away discussing their attack plans, grasping my hand Yuri faced me,

"Take good care of him until we return Lady Roselyn, I promise we'll return on time, you just stay by his side OK? That's what he needs the most right now. He chose you after all." Giving my hand one last squeeze, with sadness written on her face, she headed off after Casius and Vark.

Resigned to listen for now, I headed back into Lord Valentines room. Sitting next to his bed side I watched as he slept, with a furrowed brow and high fever it seemed like even in his dreams he wasn't finding comfort. As sweat dripped from his face I looked around for a napkin or rag in which to wipe it away. Checking the drawers' of his night stand next to the bed I came across a small handkerchief with puppies printed all over it. The initials R.M. were stitched into the corner of one end, as I held the handkerchief in my hands it felt almost nostalgic, rubbing the sweat from his forehead I felt as if this had happened once before, taking his hand into my own, I sat praying for strength to get through this first long night and time it would take for them to go and bring the antidote back.

"Rose… Rose…"

"Yes, I'm here Lord Valen…Dayon, I'm here."Griping his hand I leaned forward straining to hear.

"Rose…Rose…don't leave…like…Mother…don't…leave…"He squeezed my hand as his voice trailed off; cupping his face with my hands I kissed his furrowed brow,

"If only I could take even a bit of your pain away." My heart ached as warm tears slid down my face.

Time seemed to slowly slip by as the doctor came in and out of the room, I could hear servants rushing to and fro, in preparation for what could have been mistaken for a small scale war. All along I sat wiping his brow until Vark came to wipe down the rest of his body and change his clothes again.

"Ma'Lady, you should go and get some rest I'll stay here and remain with the young Master."

"No, its OK Vark, I want to stay by his side, right now that's all I really can do. I feel like only bad things have happened to him since I've arrived, yet still I want to stay by his side, that's really selfish of me isn't it?" I laughed a little at the last words even though they tasted so bitter in my mouth.

"Ma'lady, though the young master would never admit it, during these few months that you've been here, I've never seen him happier. At one time he was only able to see you through a small portal I had opened for him in the park, but then you disappeared one day and with you so did the young master's smile. He had almost stopped going to the park altogether until that one day and that so just so happened to be the day he found you." I had been told that once before that he had found me, but still I just didn't understand how did I get here, and what portal was he referring to? It must have happened before the accident.

"Wait Vark so Lord Valentine and I used to meet? Coming here wasn't the first time?" Although that does explain the painting of me when I was younger and how he already knew my name when we first met.

"Yes, I'm surprised you don't remember, the young master may not have said so himself but I'm sure it hurt him that you have yet to recognize him."

"But it's not that I purposely forgot him though, I just honestly don't remember anything, from before the time I was in an accident with my parents, some years back." This is probably the longest conversation I've ever had with Vark since I first arrived here.

"That would explain not being able to find you, I had always found you through your longing heart for the young master, and so if you no longer remembered him, it was as if your heart no longer called out to him. If that's truly the case then maybe I can help you."

As I lay listening to them speak, my mind yelled for Vark to stop, there was a reason why I had not opened her memories. When first she arrived I had looked into her sleeping mind, wondering what she had been up to since that time she disappeared.

"What do you mean help me?"

"By reopening the memories you seemed to have locked away, like the memories you share with the young master." I stood stunned, back on earth I had tried so many things; therapy, hypnotism, and so many other unorthodox methods that my Grandparents and I had all but given up on the idea of me getting my memories back.

"Is that possible, I mean you could really unlock my memories, even of my parents? Till now I've only been able to remember little things, but that just isnt enough, I want ALL of my memories back."

My body won't listen to me, it won't move, I have to stop Vark; Rose can never know what really happened during that car accident.

"And you can have them, but you must keep in mind that there was a reason behind you locking away your memories and not everything that's recovered will be good." My heart raced at the thought of getting my memories back, it was as if time had stood still,

"I don't care if there's a way to get my memories back, whatever the cost I'm willing to pay!"

"As you wish Ma'Lady."

"Rose, please don't remember, our memories can start here and now, before I'm able to erase that part from your mind completely, please don't remember."