I barely heard Lord Valentine's voice as Vark placed his hands on my head.

"Rose!? Rose!? It's time to go home." In the distance I could hear my mother calling my name. Despite the scrapes and bruises that covered my body, I felt as light as air. Today, I finally met someone as different as I am, his name was Dayon. As I approached my mother with Simbad at my heels, she nearly fainted from shock. "What on earth happened to you Rose!? You're not a little boy, you're a girl and you need to start acting like one!" As she looked me over from head to toe I could tell from the shaking of her voice that though she was angry she had been really scared as well. "You can't keep doing things like this."

"But that stupid gang was trying to do bad things to Simbad, so I had to be brave and save him"

"Who is Simbad?" Peeking out from beside me Simbad shied away from mothers stare. "Oh honey you did all this for a dog? You could have been seriously hurt or worse, what if they had done something to you instead, that's why I told you not to run off by yourself like that." After giving me one last look over, she sighed and grabbed my hand as we started our way back home. "What am I going to do with you, one day you're going to get seriously injured."

"But Grandma Jazlyn said that one should always carry themselves with pride and protect those weaker than themselves. Just like the great Mahzarin…" Before I could finish mother stopped and knelt down before me.

"Rose how do you know Grandma Jazlyn or about the Mahzarin?" With voice low her eyes darkened.

"Because I met her in my dreams and she told me. She said the Mahzarin was special and that I was special." Mother's hands slowly tightened their grip,

"Rose honey, what did Grandma Jazlyn look like?" I winced as her grip tightened more.

"Mom, you're hurting me." She blinked and quickly let go, then pulling me into her arms she began to cry. "Mommy what's wrong, what's the matter with you?"She cried for a long time, holding me tightly in her arms, until finally she stood and without a word we walked home.

The next day I raced to the park; despite fathers lecture the other night, to see my new friend Dayon. When I finally reached the tree we promised to meet at; I looked around in excitement. Time seemed to crawl by as I waited and waited and waited for him to come. As minutes turned into hours and day into night, I ended up waiting right up until even the street lights started to come on. He never showed. When I reached home a police car was parked in the front, when I reached the door Simbad: who my parents allowed me to keep, started barking from the back seconds later my parents burst outside completely frantic.

"Where have you been? Do you know what time it is? You should have been home hours ago; do you know how worried we were?"

"Daphline calm down, Rose Bud you really worried me and your mother, we thought something had happened to you, we even called the police." As my father thanked the police and escorted them out, mother continued to pace the room. Stopping she turned to me,

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack? What were you thinking?" Dropping to her knees she seemed to be completely exhausted, but I just couldn't think. All day I waited for Dayon, but he never came and as my mother pulled me into her arms I could no longer hold it in.

"He didn't come!" The tears flowed from me unrestrained. "He pinky promised to come, but he didn't."

"Who are you talking about Rose, who didn't come?"

"Dayon, the boy I met yesterday who saved me and Simbad from the gang, he didn't come."

"Oh sweet heart, I'm sure he wanted to come, he probably just couldn't today; but you know that's no excuse, you really scared me and your father today." I could feel her heart beat becoming slower and her breaths more relaxed as she held me in her arms.

"I'm sorry mommy I won't do it again." Releasing me she wiped my tearful eyes,

"I'm not the only one you should apologize to, your father was worse than me in his own reserved way and though we will forgive you that does not mean there won't be any punishment for your behavior today. You should have at least come home before it became dark outside." Standing up she started towards the kitchen.

"But Grandma Jazlyn said night time is the time of the night elves." Turning sharply she stared at me. Just as father walked back into the room she spoke,

"What sort of things does Grandma Jazlyn say to you Rose?"

"She teaches me things, things that she said one day I might have to use when the Mahzarin returns to Threa; the world behind the glass." Looking at me my father seemed confused,

"Daphline wasn't Jazlyn the name of your great grandmother? But she died when you were a little girl? How could Rose Bud possibly have talked to her?"

"But I did talk to her she said that until she passes down all of her knowledge and those before her that she would meet me each night in my dreams." Bending down in front of me my father patted my head.

"Rose Bud, that's impossible I'm sure you just over heard your mother talking about her or saw an old picture and dreamt about her, she didn't really come in your dreams." The look in his eyes told me he didn't believe me and that he thought I was making it all up.

"But it's true she really does come to see me!"

"Rose Bud…"

"Jude, I need to talk to you, Rose go on up to your room we'll talk more with you tomorrow OK? Mommy needs to talk to you father OK?" Turning to look at my mother I couldn't see what face my father made, but after hearing his voice I knew something wasn't right.

"What's going on Daphline?" Which was the last thing l I could hear, as their hushed voices faded, with each step I took up the stairs.

"Ma'Lady, I'm going to move a bit deeper into your memories."

"But wait, what was that? It seems like my great grandmother or whoever, knew about this world, but how is that possible? The more I see the less everything makes sense."

"Ma'Lady I'm going to go deeper maybe there we'll find the answers to these questions."

As Vark continued the unlocking of Rose's memories, an ominous shadow disappeared from outside the door; leaving behind even more mysteries and unanswered questions.