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As we sat on the balcony of the tallest tower in the kingdom we stared off into the distance. I knew it was only a matter of hours before my king would reach his Valhalla. I got teary eyed just thinking about it. He had been good ruler and, more importantly, an amazing friend.

He called out to me "Derek, my friend, come here. Let us talk."

I came to my friend's bed side and took a knee and looked him right in the eye. I asked, "How are you doing old friend?"

He laughed at this and said, "A hell a lot better than you by the looks of it."

He half-heatedly laughed at this as did I. He then grew serious again and said, "Now there are some things we need to talk about before my hour arrives."

I put on the most serious face I could and said, "Yes my lord."

He smiled and said, "Good. Now I have done many wrongs in my life. I have done many rights in my life. I have made some good decisions that would keep my family safe and some bad decisions that would lead to their future doom."

I looked at him most curiously now, "I don't understand my lord? Is there something that was wrong with the Queen?"

He laughed really loud at this and as he did this the room seemed to grow more with life, "No, my queen was a beautiful maiden worth my love a million times over!"

"Then what is the problem my lord? I know you were distraught after her death but there is nothing you could have done to fix that."

He looked sad now and he said, "Now my old friend, that is where you are wrong... You see... She didn't die the way you and the others of the kingdom believe she died. She died of grief."

Now I was confused, "What do you mean grief? You and my queen always seemed so happy…"

He sighed loudly, "My friend, I am sorry I never told you this but... I have a son and it's not my queen's child."

I was at a complete shock. Hundreds of years of being his loyal servant and friend and he didn't tell me he had a son, "Was this eleven years ago? When my queen died?"

He nodded sadly and slowly, "His name is Orion. He is eleven years old. Now, before you get excited allow me to explain myself. I was on Midgard looking over the realm as I always do, when I saw the most beautiful maiden I had ever seen. I tried to approach her from the sky and then she ran into a Giant. Naturally I sensed that she was in danger so I made quick work to destroy the beast. After that she came up to thank me. And my dear friend I did what any god would do when a beautiful women throws herself at him."

I slowly processed this then I almost jumped with excitement and said, "My lord this is good news! We will finally have an heir to your throne!"

He smiled a little bit and said, "One day... When he is old enough. I don't want you to bring him into Asgard. First, you need to find him. Then you need to train him as we trained growing up. Maybe he will be able to stand up to our enemies as I did."

"But I still do not understand… even if she was the most beautiful maiden, I know you old friend. You don't have a disloyal bone in your body!"

He sighed heavily, "My friend, I am afraid Loki is up to his old tricks. I later found out that this giant was sent by Loki knowing that I would save this maiden and he knew that she would be willing to repay me."

I thought upon this and said, "That is why you called me alone to your bed side on the night of your fade… you wanted to give me one last task?"

He nodded and said, "The last part though is sensitive. He lives on Midgard. I will throw Mjolnir down there. When he proves himself worthy, he will be able to obtain the greatest weapon in all of the nine realms. He will need this to defeat Loki and our enemies."

He said this very proudly and I had to smile at this. His face then grew very old like it had before. He said, "Well my friend, you have served me well. I wish you the best success and please... Help my son."

He then drew his hammer, the greatest weapon in the Universe, and whispered ancient Norse Magic into it. He then threw it out the window and then with a sonic boom and a flash of light it was gone. He then looked at me and said, "Goodbye old friend." With that a blue light started to circle around him and then the heat intensified and then a bright flashing light went off. Then nothing he was gone I sat there in shock he seemed like he was doing so much better. I would not fail him, not on this final task.

I knew I would attempt to find his son or die trying. He did not tell me the name of the maiden but I will find her out. But for now I must spread the word around Asgard that our great King is dead.

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