She was a reader. She absolutely loved to read, when she was bored, when she was sick, or right before falling asleep. Her parents didn't mid the fact that she read a lot, they just didn't want it to take over her life.

But one day, it did.

"Hey Mom, I'm going out with friends" Sammy, short for Samantha, told her mom while grabbing her overflowed bag of feminine products.

"Okay, but don't be too late!" Her mom was strict with curfew these days, ever since the day Sammy came home drunk from a party at 2 AM.

Tonight, she didn't actually have plans with friends. If you really thing about it, she never did anymore. Since the day she got magnetically attached to books, her friends have left her alone. Apparently reading wasn't "cool" anymore. "Books will always be my friends" was her motto.

Tonight, Sammy was going to the library, her typical Saturday night plans. Just her, the books, and Justin, of course. Before leaving the house, she checked herself in the mirror, just one last time. She had to impress Justin, today was the day.

He was a blonde haired, blue eyes, with freckles boy, who worked at the library. He worked on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9-6. It was 4:00, so Sammy had enough time to stare at his perfect skills of picking up books and putting them on shelves, and also read, of course.

She smoothed down her already crinkled winter coat. It was a long, too big for her, black coat, that had stains on it everywhere. She took out a tube of lip gloss from her bag, puckered her lips, and put a blob of it on. After evenly distributing it on her heart shaped lips, she was more ready than ever before. She usually didn't get this groomed for school, but Justin was special. Maybe today was the day she'd actually speak to him. She walked out the front door, with lots of confidence floating in herself.

She took a seat in her normal spot in the library. "The quiet room" was where she could really get into a good book, and she had a perfect view of Justin. She looked out at him, checking out books for the customers, with his smile that could light up a dark room. Sammy also had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair wasn't pin straight, like she would've liked, although. Her hair was really just a fluff ball. No matter how many hair products she would put in her hair, it wouldn't help, at all. She opens her book to the first page and starts reading the black ink on the pages.

She dozed off, into her book. When she finished the eighth chapter, she looked at her watch. It read 5:30. "Oh no!" she thought. "I only have 30 minutes with Justin!" she said, pretending like he noticed she was even there. She rushed out of the room, with that thought still dangling in her mind. She didn't even bother to put everything in her bag. She speed walked to the check-out line, trying to look as normal as possible. She waited, hoping she'd get Justin to check her out. There were four people ahead of her, then three…then two…then one…then it was just her. The lady from Justin's counter left before the others. It was finally her time to make a move, which was her mouth.

"Hey, how are you?" He asks, trying to be polite

"Hi…uh...I'm good. And you?" Sammy tripped on her words easily around guys.

"Good" He smiled, with his perfect teeth gleaming. She suddenly forgot about everything, expect for his perfect teeth.

"Um…excuse me?" "Oh, sorry! What did you say?" she was back into reality.

"I asked for your book, so I can check it out."

"Oh yes of course, here." Sammy said, while handing her the enormous book.

"I love this book. Don't you love the part where John does to the river and-"

"I'm not at the part!" Sammy exclaimed. She hated when people gave away the part of the book she hasn't read.

"Right. Sorry about that." Justin says, with a laugh. Sammy starts to ease up also, and gives a little giggle. He put the books barcode under the red light, and it appears on the screen.

"Do you like Fantasy books?" He asks, making small talk. Since there was no one behind Sammy in line, she replied.

"That's my favorite genre"

"Same, I can't get enough of it" Justin didn't appear as the bookworm type. Sammy was definitely surprised. Their eyes met, which felt like it was for a minute, but really a second.

"Hey, I have this book actually. You've probably never read it. It's called 'The Book of Magic'" Justin says.

"I've never heard of it." Sammy is astonished that their still talking.

"It's so good. I can let you borrow it, if you want. I'll bring it to over tomorrow, if you could come back." His cute smile is back on his face.

Did he really just ask her to come back, tomorrow? Well it's not a date, he's just letting her borrow a book.

"Oh…yeah...I'll come by tomorrow. What time? Somewhere between 9-6?" She asked.

"How'd you know I-"

"Oh, wild guess. Haha" She realized her mistake.

There was an awkward silence for a while, but he then said "Come by at 3. If that works for you. That's my break; I'd love to talk to you about the book."

She's relieved to know he actually wants to talk to me. To see her tomorrow and talk about a book, well it was step in a direction that she liked.

"Oh…I'd love to come tomorrow" She replied with a big smile. He smiles and says "Bye, have a nice day" Sammy drove back home in the best move she's had for months. The guy she's been crushing on asked to see her again. She blasted the love song in her car; she had a C.D. for every mood.

"What's for dinner?" was the first thing her mom asked when Sammy got home. Her mom had heart disease, but got surgery recently. For now, she couldn't move much, and her diet was very strict. Her white sheeted bed lay in front of the T.V. now because that seemed to be the only thing she could do these days.

Sammy's dad was the only one with a job, so money was coming home slowly. Sammy got a minimum wage job over the summer to try to help, but it didn't do much.

"I'm going to make vegetable soup tonight!"

"Can you put SOME meat in it? Please?"

Her mom asked the same questions for every meal. Meat and spaghetti, even meat and potato chips. Sammy had to say no every time because her doctor specifically mentioned "no meat in her diet, or you'll be on the road to die" The thought of that scared Sammy more than anything. Even though she had to act like the mom these days, she still didn't want to lose her very own. "No mom, I'm sorry" she replies, the same answer every day.

When Sammy woke up the next morning, she was delighted by the view. Sunlight beaming through the windows, snow trickled down to the ground, and birds chirping to a melody. She got up, stretched, yawned, and walked out of the room, knowing it would be a good day.

Sunday routines consisted of pancakes with syrup, cereal for her mom, and the rest of the day was family time with board games. They enjoyed playing Monopoly the most, even though her dad always won. He always magically found a way to bankrupt her mom and her. In the middle of the game her dad looked at his phone and unexpectedly said, "Oh, look at the time! I have to go." "Where are you going?" asked Sammy. "Oh...I have um…a meeting today" "Oh okay bye" Sammy and her mom said in unison. He kissed them both on their heads and walked out of the door, still in his gray shirt and khakis. They cleaned up the game, and watched TV for the rest of the time.

She looked at the round clock plastered onto the plain white wall. It read 2:00. She didn't even have an outfit ready for Justin! She ran up to her room and searched her closet for the perfect outfit.

After 30 minutes of getting ready, she chose a blue long sleeves shirt, and jeans, with a gold necklace. She grabbed her purse from her bed, ran down the stairs, and put on her dirt infested sneakers. "Mom, I'm going out to um…with friends. Will you be okay?" She hated leaving her mom alone at home. Her dad hadn't come home yet. "I'm fine, I can manage. Dad will be home soon." "Okay, be careful. Bye. I love you" And Sammy was on her way to meet Justin.