I make it just in time.
not a minute too soon not a minute too late.
thank god.

If god exists
If I exist
If we exist?
Do we exist?

because if you and I were in existence I would be the "i" and you would be the "ex"

I shake your hand.

being me as i can be I ask you a million questions
that are emphasized by a trillion invisible questions marks
that jump from my lips
into your ears.

and you hate it.
and you love it.

like you hate and love me.
we sit
and struggle
to make eye contact.

we used to be a pair.
as closely knitted as pants.
but then again... pants aren't knitted.
at least the ones I wear

there is a pause in our conversation
a million dots hover over our shoulders
they are in bold Times New Roman font.

I sip my coffee even though I hate coffee.
I add three packets of sugar.
You roll your eyes.
I am mental.
Mentally impaired when it comes to love.
Mentally unprepared for that kiss you just gave me.
Mentally capable to kiss you back.
But your my ex.
your the "ex" in existence
at least you were
before you kissed me.

The kiss literally tasted bitter.
but figuratively tasted sweet.
I add another three packets of sugar to my coffee.
you roll your eyes.
but you smile.
because you know that we were always supposed to be a pair
a pair of knitted pants.