Papers were all scattered across the desk and floor surrounding it. It was dark in the room with little light from a lamp. Grayson sat, holding a small picture in his hands as the rain pouring outside drowned out any noise from the workers outside his office. He was angry. He was sad. He wanted to hurt someone, yet there was no one to blame for his madness. He couldn't believe it had been a four months since that day. His heart hurt and he wished he could turn back time... if only...

A knock at the door pulled him from his thoughts as he quickly shoved the photo into a drawer and rubbed his eyes. The door opened and a woman walked in, but her demeanor seemed the same as his.

"Grayson, it's late." she spoke softly.

"I know Eli. I just... I have a lot of work to do still." he looked up at his wife and couldn't believe the change that had happened after such a short time period. Her usual small frame had become even more thin these past months, and she looked so fragile. Still though, he found her to be the most beautiful.

Her brown eyes scanned the dark room and walked closer, picking up a few papers as she went. "Looks as if a tornado came through here."

"Leave them. I'll have someone pick them up later." he stated, sighing in annoyance. He wanted to be alone right now. Elinore stopped and looked at him softly.

"I would prefer if you came to bed with me tonight. The storm is pretty nasty." she whispered. Still after all this time, she was deathly afraid of storms, and he knew why, he just didn't want to deal with it right now.

"Not tonight Elinore. I'm busy."

She didn't stop though. Elinore walked up to his side and made him look her in the eyes. Damn her stubbornness! "You have to talk about it sometime."

"Not. Now. Elinore." he gave her a sharp look and she sighed.

"Fine, fine. Goodnight." she looked defeated and walked back towards the door and slammed it shut behind her. Grayson mumbled under his breath as he ran his hand through his still jet black hair. There now was a few grew poking out from time to time, but otherwise he was still in good shape. Elinore was too, until that day came.

Elinore and Grayson had now been married for 16 years and their son Derek was now 14. Grayson couldn't believe how time flied and it only made things worse. He loved his wife and his son, but things lately haven't been the best. They've actually went from bad to worse and it didn't look like it was going to be getting any better soon. Maybe there really wasn't such a thing as a happy ending.

At least for them.

Grayson wanted to be there for his family right now during this time, but he just didn't know how. He didn't know how to deal with this and he honestly didn't want to.


"Derek, honey, you need to get some sleep." Elinore sighed as she went to check on her son. He lay in his bed, sketching in his book. He had a few actual books surrounding him as he already finished reading them all. Now he was just silent and passing time since sleep didn't call him like he wanted.

"Not tired."

God Elinore hated how he was just like his father. She walked over to his bedside and moved the blankets up. "Scoot over." she told him. He stopped drawing and sighed, moving over and allowing his mother to join him. She smiled and climbed in, wrapping an arm around her son. "What are you drawing?" she asked curious.

"... Jayden..." he admitted, allowing her to look over at a photo he held on one side of his book, while the other was an amazing sketch of her face. Elinore began to tear up as she looked at the picture. Derek sure did have a talent.

"It looks just like her."

"You think so?" he asked, looking up at his mother.

"Yes honey, I do."

"Dad doesn't seem to care." he admitted, looking back down at his work and tracing the outline of the real picture.

"Oh hush, he does too!" she scolded him. How could he say such a thing? She was sure that he was taking it the hardest.

"Yeah, that's why dad doesn't say her name, or look at her pictures, or even seem to care about me now. We never do anything together anymore; he just keeps himself locked up in his stupid office."

Elinore understood what he meant. It was extremely hard being so disconnected with her husband right now. He would come around though... he would... she hoped. Elinore pulled her son close and kissed his forehead. "Derek, you father has a way of dealing with things, but he is really busy right now and on top of that he is trying to cope. He does love us though, more than anything."

"He sure has a funny way of showing It." he scoffed.

"Hey, no bad talking your father, understood? He deserves respect no matter what." she told him. He sighed and relaxed under his mother's gentle grasp.

"Okay." They both went silent for a few moments until he finally spoke up again. "Mom?"

"Yes Derek?"

"I miss her." he admitted. She allowed a tear to fall down her cheek and she hugged him closer.

"Me too baby. Me too."


Elinore burst into her husband's office door with a huge smile on her face. Grayson groaned.


"I have the perfect solution!" she chimed. Grayson stopped what he was doing and stood to his feet, stretching. Yawning he then looked over at his wife.

"... And that is?" he asked. He was tired and had a long, long night of work and tears. He still wasn't in the best of moods.

"I'm going to hire you an assistant!" she smiled brightly.

"Um. No." he quickly dismissed the statement.

"What the hell Grayson! You don't even know what I was going to say next!" she pouted, crossing her arms against her chest. She watched her husband walk over to his window where the sun peeked through.

"I don't need to hear it. I don't need an assistant Elinore."

"Oh really! So getting someone to help you here and there so you can have some more free time with your children-"

"Child. Elinore. We only have one child." he glared at her over his shoulder as he cut her off.

She felt pain in her chest as he spoke those words so bitterly. "I know honey, I do. Trust me, I know better than anyone else. But we have to do something about this..."

"We don't have to do anything. We could never do anything." he stated, looking away from her.

"Why are you being such an asshole! You still have a son, Grayson! And one that needs you more than ever right now!" she held back her tears, being overrun by anger. "I need you, you selfish bastard!" Elinore ran up to him and turned him around; she would not stand for him to act like this. He needed to face her. To face this.

"Elinore, don't. Just don't." he warned.

"Don't what! Huh? Ignore you! Ignore what family we have left? Keep to myself and not let anyone in? To throw away my only son and you! Is that what you want!"

"I didn't ask for any of this Elinore!" he growled, glaring.

"No one asks for their daughter to be dead!" she yelled at him. Silence quickly filled the room between the two as they faced each other. It was the first time Grayson had heard someone say it out loud again since that day when they laid their six year old daughter to rest. "Please Grayson... we need you right now."

"I don't know how to be the man right now." he admitted.

"What?" she asked confused as to what she was hearing.

"Elinore..." he walked up to her and for the first time in a month he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "I'm lost." he whispered.

"Oh Grayson..." she cried, holding him tightly. They stood there in each other's arms for quite some time, only silence and Elinore's sobs filled the room.

"Hire that assistant." he told her finally.

"Really?" she asked and he wiped her cheek gently with his thumb.

"Really." he told her, leaning down and kissing her softly on the lips.

Oh she loved the feeling of her husband holding her and kissing her. It had been a very rough few months, and there hadn't been much affection in this household. Hopefully, things will change.


"Aunt Eli!" a sweet voice chimed with a bright smile. The woman was tall with short styled brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She popped into the kitchen and spotted her target. "There you are!"

Elinore turned around from cooking lunch and smiled at the woman. "Lily! How are you dear!" she asked, running over and pulling her into a tight embrace. "I've missed you!"

"It's only been a month, Eli." she giggled.

"A month too long!" she giggled as well. "Now! Tell me all about your honeymoon!" Elinore grabbed her and pulled her to a small table in the kitchen area. The food was fine and she hadn't seen this sweet girl in a month!

Lily, Harold's daughter was now 23 and newly married. Her and her twin brother Gerald had moved in with them with their Father when he turned ill many years ago. He's fine now, but he was unable to take care of them himself without help. So they had grown up there and Elinore saw them as her own. Lily of course, just being married had moved out with her husband Brad, while Gerald had moved out last year, when he too got married.

"It was amazing! I had the greatest time! Brad was such a sweet heart and it was just... a dream come true!" she gushed.

Elinore smiled. She remembered hers with Grayson. Sadness crept into her heart as she missed that connection with her husband.

"I'm glad you had a good time Lily."

"Where's Gray?" she asked, popping a cookie into her mouth from the tray that was on the table.

"Oh... he's... um... working."

"Still!" she asked shocked. "Holy shit. You'd think that he'd be not wanting to work right now."

"Hey, watch your language young lady." she raised a brow.

"Like your one to talk, sassy pants." she grinned. Elinore laughed and took her hands, squeezing them gently. "Grayson... is still having a hard time. I can be strong right now, but I'm more worried about Derek not having his father's support right now. There is only so much I can do."

"It hasn't been that long since Jayden's passing. It's going to take time, just watch, Grayson will come around. Promise." she winked.

"I know sweetie. Now, off that subject. When are you bringing that hunk of yours over here for dinner!" she smiled.

"Oh you bet it's going to be tomorrow!" she laughed. "I have gone too long without your cooking! Look, I'm thinning out!" she took her hands and pointed to her stomach. "Plus between you and me, we need to put some real meat on Brad." she winked.

God Elinore loved this girl. She was always so spunky and upbeat. She always made the room seem brighter; no wonder Brad fell for her instantly.

"So where's the punk?" she asked.

"He should be out back. He's working on a project right now."

"Awesome! I'm going to go say hi."

"Okay hun; just say hi to Grayson and goodbye to me before you head off."

"Oh you know I will!" she smiled and stood, making her way out to see Derek.

Elinore sighed. She only hoped Grayson would come around. This was something that he never saw coming, and something she wasn't sure he could fully handle. Of course, she was a wreck herself, but she had to move on because she still had a family to worry about. Grayson did too, but after his best friend Derek's death, this was just... deafening.

"Guess I have to look for that assistant." she sighed again, getting up and finishing her cooking.

Author's Note: I missed Elinore and Grayson sooo much. haha. I wanted to do a sequel, but nothing too long. It might be short, it might be long, but we will see. :) So what are your thoughts? Hmmm? Review and let me know! I just love these two, and want to dink around with them again. Tehe!