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Fate's Journey


Perhaps fate is an overused term; it can often be called to be cliché and useless.

There's many stories and renditions of it.

It has a meaning to nearly every soul in the world, good or bad.

Almost every culture has something of fate, some even have a figure for fate in their mythology.

These renditions differ from each other in many ways.

This story comes from a young, beautiful country named Faith Cove.

It talks of fate, it follows an angel of fate.

It is romantic, it is cold, it is painful, it is joyful...it is many contradictions.

But it is something to savor and to think.

As it has its moments of beauty.

Perhaps it will ring similar; perhaps it will ring different.

Whichever it may be, it will be an emotional ride.

The simple search for something better.

The cry for someone to love.

The plea for no more further injury.

The begging for life to go on.

The screams for an end to it all.

The loss of a voice.

The blink of an eye.

The dripping of blood.

The falling of tears.

The tearing of flesh.

Everything changes everything.

Things are ripped in two.

The world goes onward.

Some things are saved and salvaged.

Others are lost and savaged.

The past cannot be changed.

The best thing to do is to look for what to change in the distant future; to make it bright.

This angel of fate, that is what she does.

Makes changes, big or small, aiming for an outcome either decided or of the angel's choice.

These changes can be good or bad.

They can preserve a life or deliver an already fated death.

If it is one thing everyone that is not an immortal knows...

...it is that death is always on its way.

The angels of fate know this too, but in a different way.

Because at some point, it will be their turn to deliver a death.

However...in nearly every single heart...there looms love...

There looms love that when tended to, when fed, when coaxed, when brought forth...

...it will transcend death itself.

But the best love; deep, passionate, true, forever, and no-matter-what love...

...is a hard love to find.

Some never search and never find.

Some search and still don't find.

This is because love finds whomever it wants to find.

Not the other way around.