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Chapter 13: A Fate that is Innocent

Honestly, the term mission makes it sound too...undercover. Missions help lives, change lives, improve lives, guide lives, comfort lives, and keep things as they should be. Missions...can be anything as simple as giving a person wise words to something as complicated as solving a mystery.

Waking up, I found little Kei in my arms asleep; apparently we'd fallen asleep together on the floor while I had been crying last night. Smiling gently at his sleeping face, I lift him and stand up before carrying him to my purple bedroom. Laying his thirteen year old form down, I think about our ages. How we're centuries old but he looks thirteen and I look about twenty-five or thirty; just because we're angels of fate. Smiling at Kei's sleeping form, I gently lay one of the purple sheets over him as he rests on the double canopy bed. His tan skin clear except for a few scars from different missions and some old scarring from frostbite. Kei's missions have mostly sent him out to the arctic as of late, which he volunteers for since he loves nature and animals so much. I do too, but they keep me to watch over Faith Cove for the most part. He watches out for the animal life there when he's on his missions, generally staying there without sleeping for an entire month or so. He's kept from the arctic for a good while after he gets back and usually given a good amount of missions to do around Faith Cove.

His arctic missions are rare but when he does have them, it's always a great sibling-reunion party when he gets home. Smoothing his blue hair from his face as he sleeps like a log, I smile again before tucking the sheet around him more and softly leaving the room, shifting my dress into a slightly plain but elegant mermaid dress; the skirt just smooth as it fans out and the entire dress forming around my body, colored in pearly gray as the tank sleeves carry small frills. I normally wouldn't even dress this elegant but I have my days and some places to be. Putting on my bangles and my cross, I also place breakfast into that bag from Yuuki again before placing the blanket around my shoulders. Sighing happily at the warmth once again, I leave a note for Kei and go to the door. Before I can go out though, I see my small little laptop on the table and think of the website again. Deciding to do what Kei said, I pick the laptop up and finally go out the door now. The instant I make it out the door, I find Yuuki walking on up, but he stops upon seeing me, his eyes going wide and a blush taking his face.

"W...Widera...oh my god..."

Oh dear god...I must be some sight, my hair flowing around a gray mermaid dress, an insulated bag on my shoulder, and a gorgeous wool throw-blanket from the man in front of me just happily wrapped over my shoulders. Yuuki just stares at me and I just blush, looking down. I feel ridiculous as my face grows warm, I don't know why really; I guess because blankets and formal clothes aren't worn together often. My heart feels like it's up in my throat and those butterflies are in my stomach again. Yuuki's face is still tinted red when he finally speaks, smiling at me carefully and kindly.

"You look g...gorgeous Widera. Really. What's the occasion?"

I laugh nervously, "Heh, not much. Just about to go save an innocent life is all."

He smiles, "Don't let me stop you. Have fun!"

"Oh sure thing, I'll try."

"That's all I ask," he smiles.

"Just hard sometimes. Not many people around to cheer you on when it comes down to it."

"Well if it's consolation, I'm cheering you on."

I smile and nod, "Thank you."

He waves as I run along, moving out of Faith Cove and up to a little town called Mivra, lying not far from Solei. Along the way, I use my laptop to get to that site and set it to alert me like Kei said. Soon enough, Mivra comes to view and I lightly close the laptop, simply carrying it close. It's a small city, but it's rather elegant and very prized in Faith Cove, usually because of it's tourist attracting light shows that it holds daily and for some of the major Faith Covian businesses contained within the city. It's a loud and busy little city, that much is for sure. In the center stands a large and sparkling dome of white marble, glittering like diamonds in the bright sunlight. This dome, Angel's Den, is famous for it's parties and events. In better words, it's a multipurpose arena where hundreds of special events are held. Some cost, some don't, some are private, some are public.

The one that I'm heading to is a public party, a special one that Faith Cove has every single year to raise donations for the public fund; funding used to improve Faith Cove, the general public, and lives of the orphans that, admittedly, do roam Faith Cove.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here. Widera, love, how are you?"

Remember all those times I have said that Faith Cove has it's share of slimeballs? Here's a great example of one; Hugh Naime. He's the owner of Pinra Corporation, Faith Cove's manufacturer in home cleaning supplies. Rich, greedy, and powerful, he's also a world class flirt that's been trying to get me into his bed for a couple years now. I'd have to be dead before I'd slip that low in standard. He towers tall and lean, his skin rosy. His red hair is long, tied back into a ponytail as it sweeps down his back. Narrow purple eyes glint on his skinny, rectangular face. He's really not much to look at, standing in his white suit, but some women seem to think differently; though I think it's the money in his pocket.

Faith Cove is not perfect. No place is. No place ever will be.

"Hah, better than you are. I can't believe you refuse to give up."

He smiles this gleaming but sickening grin that makes me want to throw up. He's not repulsive until you've had to deal with him. Why he comes to this event is beyond even me as he never gives anything, not a penny, nor does he talk to many.

"You love to hate me don't you?"

"That's right," I state, walking away from him and smiling when he doesn't follow.

Thank god. I strongly dislike that man. Very few morals exist within that man, in every form of honesty I have. Sighing, I walk across the tiled floor to a corner and wait calmly for the events to unfold; finding that Hugh has gone after another tail and has left me alone for now. I take the blanket off, setting it safely into a pocket of the bag I have found that is not insulated. The arena begins to fill now, donations being centered at the very middle of the arena; where a huge plastic angel is being filled with flower coins rapidly. It looks amazingly heavy to me in every amount of the word; I guess that's the point though. Soon enough, I'm in the midst of a highly concentrated room of massive amounts of people. Luckily I'm not claustrophobic, so that works out. I scan the area, finding faces of the common and the business folk alive, intermingled and lively.

A chill rattles through me and finally, all the lights go out in the entirety of the area. Commotion echoes rapidly through the pitch black darkness. I stand silent, waiting and listening to the noise no one else could hear; the rapid cutting of the floor on which we all stood. It's only a small section, where most aren't standing, in fact nobody except for a plastic angel. I hear the jangling and the distant crash before those noises cease and only panic is heard. Soon enough, the lights come up and I look over. Sure enough, the plastic angel is gone and a large hole in the ground is in her place, the hole looking down into the underground floor of the arena. There's the ground floor, which is all the main stuff, while underground is where supply trucks as well as the staff for the events work. Eventually, everyone has finally realized that it's gone and I follow the security cops down into the underground floor. It's too chaotic for them to care anyway. Directly under the hole, the angel can be seen standing on a large movable platform and the cops have a young boy of about eighteen on the ground near it.

"I didn't do it!" protests the boy, brown hair messy.

He doesn't struggle, only continues to repeatedly tell the security workers that it wasn't him. I see the cutting tool on the ground, clearly the one responsible for the circle of flooring also on the floor. A collapsed stepladder is on the floor too, some blood lying around it. I look around for someone injured, but I fail to find one for the moment. One thing is for sure, it wasn't the boy at all. Ryu Kana definitely isn't responsible, but his attitude isn't saving his life as he continues to yell in fury and anger.

"Let him go!" I yell out.

The guards acknowledge me and one of the men in uniform calls back.

"Ma'am, he is a culprit! Stand down!"

"Have you no attention?" I inquire, moving to where blood is near the ladder.

They watch me, not pleased at all about being questioned and failing to see my point.

"There's blood all over here. Is that boy covered in blood? Is he even wounded?"

They look at the boy, free of any blood. Just a little messy from the ground and oily from his job in oiling machinery. Embarrassed, the guards let him up and quickly move from him.

"S...so sorry sir," one stammers

Ryu stands and dusts himself, agitated. He's clearly displeased since he's tired of this job anyway and it's hard because he's been accused of different mistakes before. Sighing, he goes to me as the men look around for clues and call police. Huffing in annoyance, he glares lingeringly at me.

"I didn't need your help lady."

"Sheesh, something to say to the woman that saved you. Nice one Ryu," I tilt my head, "-you're from Solei aren't you?"

He looks taken aback now, suspicious of me now; I honestly cannot blame him there.

"How'd you know my name and my location?" he questions.

"I'm from Solei too, so I thought I may have seen you around. I have a better job idea if you want one. It's closer to Solei, over in Arca."

He narrows his eyes, which gleam deep green, "What is it?"

"A position in a bakery. The boss is great and it's better pay than here."

I smile a bit, happy to get Yuuki a new recruit.

"A bakery. Huh...can't say I'm the best with people but it's better than this place. Directions maybe?"

I carefully write some directions for him on a notepad he has and send him along his way to quit and wait to leave. Looking around, it looks like I have some things to figure out. Who did this? Where did they go? Looking at the ladder, it's clear how it was done. The ladder was set where the floor could be cut and the statue would fall into the container, hooked to a vehicle to move it. Clearly this has been planned greatly in order to size the hole just right, but unfortunately it's clear that the person likely cut themselves with the tool. Looking, I do see blood on the tool's teeth so I know I have that right. They must have fled, panicked because time was running out, but due to the lack of a trail, they must have wrapped the wound in something. I look to the guards and speak up;

"You're looking for someone freshly injured at the least. Someone who is still here too, they have not left."

Not only do I know they haven't, but they would have had to clock out and no one is allowed to clock out right now. There's currently no way out of this building for anyone, especially on a lockdown like it is now both because of the event and the incident. Whoever did this is fully and ultimately trapped, no matter where they are. I look around, narrowing my eyes in thought when I suddenly notice a partially open utility closet and a moving shadow inside. Turning to a guard, I point to the door.

"You might like to check that closet."

He walks to do so and I don't stick around, as I already know. Carefully I swish back upstairs, into the crowd and wait until I can leave; which should be soon. Suddenly, I hear my laptop make that chiming noise Kei described. I look at the small and light computer I've been carrying before carefully opening it and looking at the site, which refreshes before my eyes. It now has a tab labeled 'Cheering Words' Before I can click it, I notice that Doctor Alfred and Yuuki have now left a comment on the page as well. Wait...who made this then? If...everyone but Nether has left one...but Nether has no way to do something like this...who did? Who did this? Everyone that could is now accounted for...unless one of them is just being clever...which feels likely.

'I've met her too, she's a bit strange but she's good. I hope they don't decide to execute her, she's a really good person to know. From the desk of Doctor Alfred Jones.'

'She's an amazing and beautiful hard worker. There's no reason she should have to die for something that isn't her fault. Signed the baker, Yuuki.'

Oh great, this thing is getting big I see. Sighing, I finally click the tab and read the introduction lines;

'She needs to be cheered for too. We all appreciate encouragement, so help me give her some too!'

My eyes widen as I see where three lines have been added, one from Yuuki, one from Lazarus, and one from Miri.

'You can do it Widera, keep moving forward nya! Miri's cheering!'

'Miri is precious as always. Stay strong, you have to for your sake! From Lazarus.'

'Do your best. It may not seem like it, but I know there are people that care and are cheering for you. Stay well and don't be afraid to need help sometimes. Signed Yuuki.'

I...can't believe this. How could this be? Why would someone start this...for me of all people? Something rises in me and I almost cry in happy tears but I swallow back. It just shocks and amazes me so much that these people all care this much. I close the laptop and shut my eyes, looking in on Doctor Alfred and Nether. He's finished his rounds and has fed her some lunch, so now he's sitting down on his office bed and doing paperwork whilst she looks out the window.

"H...hey Doctor A...Alfie?

"Hm?" he looks up, "What is it Nether?"

"C...can you tell me a little about yourself? I...if you d...don't mind...o..of course..."


He taps his chin thoughtfully, setting his papers aside. She looks over at him, tilting her head in curiosity. His brow furrows and he sighs, looking at her.

"Can you ask any specific things?"

"Um...favorite color?"

"My favorite color would have to be...I'll say blue or white. They're really light and calming colors to me."

She tilts her head, "H...how did you become a doctor?"

"Well, I've always wanted to be one since my mother was and I loved seeing how she touched other people's lives. But I became this particular type of doctor because of my sister..."

He trails, looking away and looking down, pained heavily now. She looks at him worriedly, tilting her head.

"A...ask me something else...I'll tell you that another day."

"O...okay...I...I'm sorry. Um...well...favorite food?"

"Oh! That's so easy, I love cheeseburgers. I don't even care if there's just the burger and cheese; it can have all the fixings or not, I just love em."

"Cheeseburgers?" she raises her eyebrow in confusion.

His eyes widen, a sparkle in them, "Oh god, I am so getting you a cheeseburger tomorrow. No questions asked."

"O...okay," she nods, smiling a bit, "-um...what are things you like?"

He tilts his head, thinking, "Well, I like nature; it never ceases to amaze me. I like taking care of my patients...I guess you can say I get a lot more emotional and attached over some of them than I should. I guess its just..."

He trails again and shakes his head rapidly, "Anyway, I also like different art forms, I sing a little sometimes, and I...I just enjoy making others happy really. I also like archery and piano playing."

She smiles at him, "That sounds great."

"What about you? Tell me a bit."

"W...well. Um...I like popcorn chicken, the color pink, singing, drawing, and cats. I've never gotten to do a lot really but...I've always wanted to be...useful. To be able to help somehow."

"I bet you'll be a bigger help someday than you could ever know."

She smiles a bit and he nods, picking his work back up as she watches the world from her room.

Taking a calm breath, I wait until eventually the people are finally allowed to come and go, as the person has been taken in custody. I walk to where they have placed a new bucket for money, drop in a heartfelt amount of coins, and leave, wrapping the blanket around me again. Softly, I decide to visit my distant cousin in Cherished Valley; she's the daughter of my mother's half sister and she's definitely no angel of fate, not even close. She is, however, a Breaking Mage due to her father being one as well. Mages have a special mental skill that, when they use magic, prevents them from releasing too much energy and thus prevents exhaustion. The condition of being a Breaking Mage means that this skill is nonexistent; leaving the mage to be susceptible to exhaustion, temporary paralysis, a shorter lifespan, and death. Earlier, when I mentioned Gerald, I was speaking of a human limiter for the condition. My distant cousin is Renaia, the woman that rescued him and he is now the limiter that keeps her condition from injuring her any longer since no manmade limiter could. Not only is he her limiter though...but they are also boyfriend and girlfriend too; have been for about a year.

I haven't seen her in a little while, so I decide to go on to her. Walking to Cherished Valley, which takes up the entire top half of the Heart-District, I shift my dress from the mermaid style to a simple grayish blue dress with short sleeves. A lace band around the middle, it falls softly below the knee, little white boots covering my feet. Entering the heart, I head up north, then over to the northwestern part of Cherished Valley. Soon enough, nestled in a flower filled area with a pond behind it, I come to Renaia's flat-roofed house. Small outside but spacious inside, I walk to the pink house and softly knock on the door.

"Gerald, can you get that? I'm still cooking in here!" I hear her call.

"Sure thing!" Gerald replies.

The door opens, Gerald using his telekinesis on it. Being a human limiter too, as Nether is cloned from him, he has that and many other skills. I see him as I enter, leaning on the wall next to the kitchen doorway. His orange hair softly framing his face, light and soft, some of the spikes in his ocean blue eyes. The mane is clearly well taken care of as it floats above his shoulders. Tan skin covers him, his frame slightly muscular but not overboard; medium build in better words.

"Oh hey Widera. Long time," he greets me quietly.

He's not much for conversation unless he's talking to Renaia or someone else he's close to. Rather closed, but Renaia's working on that; can't blame the boy anyway. The aforementioned girl, my dear seventeen year old cousin, stands in the kitchen in front of a shiny black stove. Down her back, slightly above her ankles, flows her long maroon hair; wavy as it glides. Silky skin colored white as snow covers her every bone. Pink eyes shine from her smooth heart shaped face, a smile on her face as she hums, cooking grilled cheese for lunch.

"Hey Widera!" she calls, cheery as she looks over and waves.

I smile and wave back, "Hey Renaia. What have you two been up to?"

"Not much. Had mage training today; I ended up getting nearly killed by Quando again but Gerald saved me."

"I swear, that guy ticks me off," grumbles Gerald.

I frown and sigh, "That's no good. I'm sure you'll get it though, you and Gerald make a great team from what I've seen."

Renaia smiles, "Don't know what I'd do without him."

Gerald shudders, "I'd be in that place still...ughhh..."

Not to mention you two would have died alone. With the year and a half that has passed, without the other they would not have lasted one more month. Gerald would have died of neglect, starvation to be exact, while Renaia would have lost her life in battle. I smile as Gerald walks to the kitchen, petting her hair softly, as gently as one would pet the tiniest kitten, before he asks if he can help her out. Despite his life, the orange haired boy has a heart; a very tender, kind, helpful heart. He can be sour, grumpy, maybe even a little rude sometimes, but in the end of the day, the boy has heart. That and he has Renaia to guide him forward.

"Sure! If you can clean that counter, that would be great."

"On it."

He moves to work, I watch as Renaia finishes lunch. They work together well, in many ways. I smile but then a voice crashes into my head, taking away any hope of staying for lunch since I have a mission to do once again. Sighing sadly, I walk over and hug my cousin carefully.

"Sorry Renaia, I would have, but I can't stay for lunch. You two enjoy. Stay well, I'll visit you two later, okay dears?"

She hugs me back, "Alright Widera, see you. Come back soon."

"I'll try," I reply before heading out the door.

This mission is a dangerous one though. In the southeastern corner of Rosette is a condemned and fenced away area that is severely contaminated by Fuma and is thereby contained. It's a very dead area for sure, a certain radius around it is a no go zone. Unfortunately, there are kids that think it's the greatest idea in the world to go, then contract Fuma, and require help. Help such as me, a person also able to contract Fuma just like them. Sighing, I journey downward into Rosette, moving way down to the area. It's deserted and dead, the grass and plants withered, old abandoned buildings, and the like. Taking a moment to pray, I walk forward and stop at the fence before walking around to find the hole kids use to get inside. Sliding in for all of the right reasons, I have probably now contracted Fuma with just these mere seconds of contact. In some cases, it takes weeks to manifest but in others, it takes mere hours. I'm betting mine is the latter in all honesty. Soon enough, I hear the coughing of the two teenage boys and find them right after. They lie near an abandoned building, coughing harshly and weakened severely. I let my wings burst from my back as they pass out, not seeing me. I take a little air with my wings before grabbing them and taking the skies, flying high and fast to the hospital, dropping them off. The moment I leave upon them being taken for treatment, I head towards Arca with my case of Fuma coming clear as the hours of the trip pass on by.

My air comes shallowly with great pain, my body weakening as I end up in several coughing fits. Every now and again, I scream with the pain, the Fuma squeezing at my lungs. Being a manmade disease that starts as a small bacteria and incubates in the body for a varying amount of time before becoming a tiny tadpole-like item that swims around; Fuma multiplies, and wreaks havoc on pretty much anything in the body. It induces severe pain, poisoning, internal lacerations, and other terrible symptoms. Judging by the speed of my contracting it, I must have got a severe case of it. Then again, it's no laughing matter; it killed nine hundred thousand during it's outbreak in 2192 and continues to take some lives today. Coughing heavily, I stagger towards Yuuki's bakery but I don't manage to enter before I collapse by the door, sliding down the external wall in pain. All I hear right then is three men, muffled but audible as they yell within the bakery;

"Sis! What have you done to yourself now?"

"Widera! Oh Widera, don't die on us!"

"Oh great, the woman that sent me here...what is she doing now?"

"Ryu, don't complain! We have to help her!"

"Yeah, that's my sister, don't make me hurt you!"

"Oh whatever, sheesh."

I moan, my head pounding and my chest periled with pain. I can't breathe anymore, the Fuma wrecking havoc whilst the world spins around me. I feel like passing out, but I manage to stay awake; coughing extremely hard instead. Yuuki gets to me first, taking my arm and standing me up strongly with care.

"Widera, you're burning up. What happened to you?"

Kei comes up by Yuuki, "She has Fuma. A mission sent her to rescue some teens from that Fuma contaminated area in Rosette, so she ended up with it."

"Oh no...and we can't get an ambulance."

Ryu pops up, "Hey, I just called the ambulance for ocean-head."

"What! No! You weren't supposed to do that, I told you not to!" yells Kei.

"You were talking to me? When?" Ryu inquires coldly.

"You moron!"

"N...no...no not...not the ambulance," I groan, "-p...please...no..."

I hate it when I'm sick, I always sound so weak, but that's not the key issue; if that ambulance gets me, I'll be in deep trouble for sure.

"Kei, calm down, stop yelling at Ryu. Look, I'm going to get Widera out of here. You and Ryu need to hold this place down and lie through your teeth. I know it's not a good thing to do, but you have to. Say the afflicted person recovered and left, whatever you have to. Got it?"

Ryu rolls his eyes while Kei just nods solemnly, looking up at Yuuki pleadingly.

"Yuuki...please make sure my sis...stays safe. Please."

"I will Kei. I promise."

"Blah, where can I throw up?"

"Shut it Ryu," Kei glares at him.

Yuuki chuckles, lifting me and pulling me securely to him. Though he doesn't know this, he can't get the Fuma from me since a special property of angels of fate prevents us from transferring any illnesses of any sort. Kei collects my bag and my resilient laptop, handing all of it to Yuuki before he walks off, carrying me back towards Solei. With my vision blurred, body weak, and breathing restricted, I can't really resist as much as I'd like. All I can do is whelp in pain and then end up screaming in pain when my chest constricts once again. I feel him wince when I scream, but he doesn't complain; choosing to simply continue carrying me on. I shudder painfully, trying still to draw breaths.

"Y...Yuuki...I...I'm sorry..."

"You have no reason to be, don't worry about it. Helping you is...a great pleasure really. You deserve it and you won't hear me complain. Understand?"

"B...but I..."

"Shh. Save your breath, you can use it when you have it. Right now, I don't think you have any to waste."

It's a kind tone, but the quiet kind you use when you know the person you're talking to has the worst headache of the century. Thank god for that, it's...soothing somehow...really. I take more shallow breaths, trying to deepen them to get more air. My vision comes to focus, but I still feel weak and my chest still hurts, breathing still shallow and coughs evident. When we come to my house, back in Solei now, I pull my key from the sky and let him unlock the door while he's still holding me. I return it while he carries me inside, laying me out on the couch. I rest there, gesturing for him to sit until he finally does.

"So...isn't there a potion for Fuma?"

"A...angels of fate are f...forbidden to use any p...potions on ourselves, in fa...favor of leaving them for the m...mortal life instead. My body...has to do this alone. Our bodies always ma..manage the fight...I've had to do this times before, back during the first o...outbreak of Fuma and t...times after it. So much th...that I have a lot...lot of strength against it. J...just have a lot of f...fighting strength, n...not immunity...y...yet. Building against Fuma...is slow...a...and never happens...f...for mortals...because there's medicine to do the fight...fighting."

"So...you'll be okay though...right?"

"I'll be fine, within two days if I sleep it off tonight and work with the remnants tomorrow."

"Well no 'if' about it, you're sleeping it off."


"Widera, you have a disease that killed over nine hundred thousand people, including my parents! I don't care if you're an angel of fate or not, you need to get well as fast as you can for your own sake. If the best way for you to do that is to get some serious sleep, then I swear on it all, I'm staying here until you get some sleep."

My eyes widen a bit at his cry about his parents. I knew...but I never expected him to say it outright. He sighs sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head and chuckling a bit as he sets my stuff on the table next to me. Yuuki smiles a bit, glad to see the back and blanket in use by me I suppose.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have yelled. But...still, you should rest."

I smile a bit, "I will."

He smiles back before looking around a bit, I watch him look around until he comes near and lifts me slightly. Carefully he undoes the blanket and lays me back down, before lying the blanket over me again, tucking it around me a bit. It's not something I'm used to but...I'm starting to appreciate it more and more. Truthfully, when you haven't experienced different things, you become able to appreciate them more when you do experience them. Plucking some pillows up from a chair, he props me up on them, working on making this as comfortable as he can. For a moment, it's silent as he continues working around me, but soon enough I see Yuuki tire of silence and speak up instead.

"Haha...sorry I keep...moving stuff and whatnot...I just..."

He chuckles a bit and sighs, rubbing his hand over his right arm a bit as an embarrassed look takes his face.

"Well...I guess I got used to having to do it for Mom and Dad...before Fuma took them. My older brother was having to work since they couldn't so...I had to stay home for them."

I watch him, emotion swimming in his face. I reach out, my own skin pale to where my veins were visible within, and carefully beckon him to come sit. He finally does, sighing a bit as he takes the edge on the side further from my upper half; my body taking the farther back part of the seating.

"I guess...it shocked me a bit. All my years I had never thought anything could take them down; my parents had been the strongest people I had known. I...was naive...I wanted to be naive; I didn't want to believe that anything could have torn my family apart. They hung on...until a few days after my nineteenth birthday. My brother and I...moved to Solei after that...not wanting to stay in Arca anymore at first. He still doesn't...he can't bring himself to even come near Arca."

Even though the disease was released in Rosette, travelers, animals, wind, and water circulated it fast, spreading it all over Faith Cove. I nod in sympathy, thinking of all the lives I watched perish during that time. Kei and I had taken major overtimes during that outbreak, trying to help find the cure since even we didn't yet know it. We worked on saving some lives, though we lost more than we saved; it was a hard time, he and I still have nightmares about that time sometimes.

"Dad...I owe every single skill, rhyme, and reason for me to run that bakery...to him. He taught me everything I know about baking things and serving the customers properly. Although he never opened one, our house was often like a bakery really; our neighbors would often come to purchase baked goods. More often than not, Dad wouldn't accept the pay for it, but sometimes they pleaded until he did. At first, I wanted to be like that, but he told me that if I were going to run a real bakery, I couldn't afford to do that. When they died though...I almost thought I couldn't do it anymore. I was still living with my brother, living on odd jobs. It was a year later when I got tired of wallowing around and wanted to get my hind in gear again. So...I got a small donation from a baking school down the street from where the bakery is now and my brother helped me raise money, but I did a lot of work too. I decided I wanted it to be in Arca, in honor of my parents; finally opened that bakery up when I was twenty-two...probably one of the most...proudest days of my life."

I smile up at him, as his eyes stare off with a small smile gracing his face too, whist my head lies on the pillows, my hair swirling around on me like the blanket.

"Well, I think I'll let you rest and get back to the bakery. Don't die on us Widera, okay?"

"I won't if I can keep from it."

He smiles and stands, patting my hand a bit before waving and heading out the door. I look up at the ceiling a bit before falling to sleep, the warmth of comfort rocking me to rest.