In all honesty I have no idea what direction this story is going in but I still hope that the ones who have read this like it so far and that I don't mess up too much in the future. It was basically an idea that wouldn't leave me alone and I decided to share it with a public audience for the first time. Anyways enjoy. X3

"I met her while on a venture in the human realm centuries ago but at the time we were on opposite sides of a war disguised as human generals. Mind you this was something we had done to alleviate the boredom of our lives but when our swords clashed on the field it sent the humans into turmoil from our clash of powers. We had no idea that there was another god nearby when we entered the battlefield." Eros chose to clear a space on the table behind him and sit on it so he could still be above everyone else as he told his story and be comfortable.

"I remember that battle because it caused an uproar in the Heaven's we just had no idea who had done it." The angel said with a slight mischievous smirk.

Eros looked at him with a smile. "Yes that was purely by accident had we known we would have avoided each other at all costs so I'm truly sorry for the disturbance."

"It wasn't a disturbance really more like an entertaining fiasco that sent the higher ups into utter confusion. I had a lot of fun watching their stupidity." The angel sent him a genuine smile.

A long tongue slithered over the angels pulse point on his neck sending a shiver everyone could see through the beautiful looking angel.

"It seems our little angel isn't so holy after all." Raeyn chuckled.

Angst and Eros smiled at them when a thought struck the god of love.

"Angel may I ask what your name is?"

Said angel looked up with a deep blush and wide eyes. "My name?"

"Yes I would like to know the name of the beautiful creature in my lap." Raeyn kissed the back of his neck.

"M-my name is Amoureux. I used to be a High Archangel, mentor to the Seven Battalions."

"A High Archangel?" Eros asked with surprise and curiosity. The silver-black haired angel with the innocent snow gray eyes didn't seem to look like someone so powerful but then again looks were always deceiving. "Very impressive."

Amoureux seemed to absorb the praise as if he had never received such kindness. Raeyn hummed his approval and lightly ran a claw tipped finger down his back. Eros having seen the movement from Raeyn chuckled and hoped that Amoureux would come to like the demon.

Getting back to his story he turned back to Angst and smiled at her.

"Back to my story." Eros leaned back on his hands. "Well after we had caused that trouble we both looked to each other in horror before we ran away from the humans and gods alike. We were just that terrified of the consequences we would have to face. Psyche more so than me which is why she dragged me to the Elysian Fields. Needless to say once there she wanted to fight all the heroic and virtuous souls to prove her worth for some reason I could not understand. Then when I had vowed to stay out of trouble she would always somehow make me a part of her fights until Zeus found us and forced me back to Olympus."

"If you and Psyche were on opposing sides how did she end up your sister-in-arms?" Angst asked curiously.

"Through our fights of course and because when I went back to Olympus I took her with me. She stayed in my temple looking through every inch and when she got bored with that she went off and annoyed my step-sisters the Moiré." Angst's eyes went wide at that. "I kept telling her not to anger them but she couldn't help herself. I was relieved that they never done anything to her even though she only ever played harmless pranks. They let her do what she wanted."

He thought about that for a moment. Psyche always got away with everything and the Moiré never truly did anything to stop her. It made him wonder if she had only spoke to them instead and then turn around to lie to him but he couldn't think of his sweet Psyche ever doing that to him. Well not at the time.

"It seems she enjoyed her time in Olympus." Angst's chuckle brought him out of his thoughts. "Is she still there?"

"Yes she ironically resides with the Moiré if I'm not mistaken. That or she still stays in my temple."

"She never used to be a fighter what changed her?"

"She never told me what led her to fight battles but I sensed she was highly embarrassed of it. Whatever it was didn't seem too good. It's probably why I protected her the way I did." Eros sighed.

"Thank you for that protection Eros." Angst stood up and bowed. "You are a true friend and one I am glad she met and I hope to one day have the honor of calling you such."

He didn't have the heart to tell her Angst had a hand in sending him to hell. Didn't have it in him to tell her the hate filled words thrown at him.

"You're welcome but you don't need to be so formal I'm sure we'll become good friends in no time."

She smiled and excused herself from the room when the necklace underneath her collar began to glow through the armor.

After a few moments of silence Amoureux cleared his throat and stood up from Raeyn's lap.

"So you being a soothsayer sentenced you to hell?" Amoureux asked as if knowing he didn't tell Angst the whole story.

When the Raeyn Dousel looked at him expectantly he sighed. "I was awaiting the Trial of the Gods when Psyche came in with the Moiré and they all sent me to a slave trader to sell to the highest bidder. Please don't ruin the good image Angst has of her younger sister it would break her heart."

The Raeyn Dousel stood and came up to Eros. "You are a good person Eros which is why I think you will be good for my master."

"Is my master really Satan?" Eros asked quietly.

"Yes but like I said he isn't as bad as he is made out to be."

"Well that's all good and noted but can we please get a change of clothes?" Amoureux said with sarcasm it had Eros and the demon looking at him in surprise. "What? I don't really enjoy being naked with only a robe to cover me no matter how much he enjoys it."

That…was very right. Eros didn't enjoy the feeling of being near naked with a thin piece of clothing over his body. He needed more layers.

"Raeyn Dousel?" Eros inquired.

"My name is Chet and please follow me to your rooms." He chuckled at the angel as he passed by him and let his tail run up between his legs making Amoureux gasp loudly.

Feeling lighter being in their presence and thoroughly enjoying Chet's playful flirting he put an arm around the angels shoulder and patted him on the cheek with his other hand.

"Don't worry I'm sure you'll get used to his openly flirtatious ways with you."

Chet chuckled from ahead of them. "If he's not careful I might do more than flirt with him in public."

Eros outright laughed.

"That's not very funny you two."

"Sure it is. We're in hell, we were in a slave auction and now we're at this beautiful palace with Chet, Angst and soon to be Satan. What more could we ask for?" Eros walked a little faster.

"More clothes would be fucking nice." At hearing the angel cuss they turned around to stare at him in shock.

When they only proceeded to stare at him he became annoyed. "What the hell are you two looking at?"

"That's…" Eros seemed as though he couldn't think of an appropriate word so Chet filled in for him.

"That was kind of hot. An angel of high order using such language and not regretful of it? Never seen such a sight in all my life." Chet looked at the angel with such hunger it sent a blush straight to his cheeks.

"Look I'm not as innocent as you two would think so can we please get a move on?"

They chuckled at his flustered face.

"Of course." Chet said and proceeded to lead the way.

Eros on the other hand wondered where he learned to speak like that.


"I used to travel the space-time rifts and for a couple of decades was stuck in the future but that was nearly three-hundred years ago. I'm talking like this now because I'm not in those suffocating clouds." He looked away as he said the last part.

Eros wondered why Amoureux hated the heavens so much.

"Don't ask questions you don't want answers to Eros they can be the death of you." The angel sighed. "But I hope we can also become friends without me telling you all of my past."

"Absolutely." Eros smiled warmly at him.

"What about me?"

"Oh trust me I know just how friendly you want to get with me so I'm going to have to say the jury is still out on you." Amoureux snickered. "Maybe if you're on your best behavior I might become friends with you."

Trying to hide his laughter but failing Eros began laughing until he could barely stand while Chet looked at the angel with wide eyes and a dropped jaw.

"In the metaphorical doghouse and we aren't even together yet. Lovely." Chet murmured under his breath.

"You most certainly have your hands full Chet but my money is on the angel."


"Traitor nothing I'm only saying this man has a lot of hidden potential and that he's going to win hands down against you so you better play nice." Eros wiped the tears from his eyes and chuckled a few more times.

"I knew I liked you for a reason." Amoureux smiled at Eros. "Perhaps every now and again we can team up on the lizard."


"That sounds like a perfect idea." Eros leaned in close and acted like he was whispering.

Chet leaned forward trying to hear what was being said.

"Look at that nervous already are you Chet?" Eros tsked. "We weren't even whispering anything yet."

"You two are annoying."

"You love annoying." Eros and Amoureux said at the same time. They looked at each other with a smile before turning Chet around and ordering him to take them to their rooms.