I'm not sure where I am or how I got here. Last thing I remember was blacking on in Aidden's car, now I'm standing in the middle of a beach. My blue prom dress has been replaced with a white sundress and my hair is in natural curls down my back. My heels were replaced with my bare feet now covering in sand. Something drawn me to explore the foreign area. Soon it was almost like the beach disapears and I'm in the middle of a forest. I started running through the woods but soon realized I have no idea how to get out. Eventually I can't go any farther and sit on the leave covered ground. That's when I hear a voice say my name.

"Who's there?" I ask the air, then a beautiful woman dressed in all white came out of a bunch of trees.

"Who are you?"

"An angel of light. I'm here to warn you."

"Warn me? Warn me of what?"

"Your life is about to change dramtically. You're going to have to face things you've never imagined. You're going to change. You have to remember to stay strong and you have a gift that you will discover soon enough. You must not back down from the obsticals ahead, they're all part of your destiny."

"What are you talking about?"

"It will all make since soon enough Addison, trust me."

For some reason I did trust her. Even though her words made no sense I feel like I can trust her.

"I- I trust you"

"Good. This won't be the last time you see me, I'll be there when you need me most."

"What's your name."

"Abigail." she said before disapearing.

That's when everything disapeared into blackness and heard a repeating beep. That's when I notice I can't move, I'm still unconsiouse. That's when I think of Liam. I wanted to know how he is, he had to be okay. I want to go find Liam but I don't know how to open my eyes, I don't know how to move, I don't even know where I am. Am I still in his arms in the car, am I in the hospital, ambulance? Did anyone find us? Am I dead? No I knew I wasn't dead, death had to be more peacful than this, and Abigail said that my destiny was just now starting, I couldn't be dead. That means Liam has to be alive right? He's my soul mate which is connected with destiny so he couldn't have not made it. I bet that I'm in the hospital and he's sitting in a chair right beside me. I bet he's waiting for me to wake up. I have to find the way to move, to open my eyes.

After a lot of struggling I finally can open my eyes. I blink a lot, adjusting my eyes to the brightness of the small hospital room. I find that I can sit up, but it causes a lot of pain. I look around the room and see a small TV in the corner of the cealing and a bunch of machines all connected to me. I look beside me and see Aidden in the chair beside me. He looks like he's been crying. Crunchs rest on the wall beside him, his right arm is in a cast and a rap is around his rips. He has almost healed cuts covering his face and arm not in a lime green cast. I know I should be thinking that my twin's alive, but all I can think is where's Liam, but something in me tells me not to bring him up right now.

"You're up." he says softly.

"How long was I asleep"

"1 month" that causes me to sit up more and then wince at the sharp pain in my ribs. "You have 4 broken ribs, and you're left leg is broken too. The doctor said he'd tell you more when you wake up."

"When can I leave" that's when Liam walks in, looking compleatly unharmed except for a cut under his eye, also he was a lot paler than normal.

"I don't know. I'll go get the doctor" Aidden said getting up and compleatly ignoring Liam.

"Liam. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine I have a mild concusion but nothing seriouse."

"Why did Aidden ingnore you?"

He didn't answer, he just got a depressing look in his ice blue eyes. "I'm sorry our night ended the way it did"

"It's Aidden's fault not yours."

"Don't blame Aidden he feels horrible he really needs you right now."

"I guess you're right. I shouldn't have let him drive in the first place." Before he could respond the doctor walked in. Suprisingly he didn't ask Liam to step out, actually he acted as if Liam wasn't in the room.

"Miss Morgan you're a very lucky person."

"I don't feel lucky."

"Don't worry I'll persribe something for the pain. But that crash should have ended worse than it did. I'm happy to say both of you are doing perfectly fine."

"Both? There was three people in the crash"

"No Aiddson you're one month pregnant. You and the baby are both fine. Acctually when ever you're ready you're free to go home" he smiled and walked out.

"We-we're having a baby" I said turning towards Liam who was smiling sadly down at me.

"I guess we are."

"I'm to tired to even think about a baby right now why is all of this happening." Liam sits beside me and puts his arm around me for comfort.

"Sweetie you just woke up from a coma. We'll talk about the baby tomorrow." he said kissing me. when we pulled back I placed my hand on my stomach, that was pretty much still flat.

"You're right. We'll talk about this tomorrow." I said kissing him. "Liam can I ask you something?"


"Why does it seem like everyone's ignoring you?" the sad look from before came in his eyes.

"um I'll come over tomorrow Aiddie. My parents are probably worried." he said before kissing my cheek and walking out.

Something's wrong. Something had to have happened during the crash. Everyone's not telling me something. But part of me keeps saying I don't want to know what it is. I decide to let it go for now and put the cloths Aidden brought on.

` I walked into the waiting room slowly, holding my ribs in pain. Aidden and my parents were in the waiting room. My dad ran over to me and put my arm around his shoulder for support.

"Aiddison I'm so happy you're okay" my mom said hugging me and I sqealed from the sting in my ribs. "I'm sorry I forgot the ribs." she said backing up to where Aidden stood with the same sadness hidden in his eyes as Liam.

I slid my hand farther down to my stomach "I'm guessing the doctor told you"

I seen a flash of disapointment apear on my parents face that they quickly hid "Sweetheart let's wait to talk about that." my dad said before we started to walk to the parking lot.

It seems like all anyone has to say is 'we'll talk about it later'. They have to know I can tell they're hiding something. Something that I'm determain to figure out, no matter how strong the feeling inside me tells me not to question anything.