"Have you seen that spaceship thing they made?" Carol asked.

I replied "What spaceship thing who made?"

Carol shrugged. "Scientists or some inventor made it. Anyways, you've got to come see it with me! It's really popular for how real it seems."

I replied "I remember my parents telling me stuff about a spaceship. I don't know if I can come."

Carol said "That's fine. I'll just have to talk to my other friends."

She bounced away to her desk as the teacher came in.

My name is Alison. I'm twelve years old. I don't know what else to say since my life is just plain normal. Oh wait! I have no friends. No, don't think of me like a loner! I have friends, but in my middle school it's rare to see people who are close. If I were to disappear my "friends" wouldn't notice. I also have two sisters! Alice and Alisha are their names. Alice is seventeen and Alisha is fifteen. Alisha likes to get highlights and is one of those people who try to be in. Alice is very random. She likes to be different or unique and although we're five years apart I'm as tall as her.

"Wake up! It's time to go!" I heard my mother's voice ringing in my ears and she opened the door.

Alisha shuffled beside me.

Alice mumbled "Already? I'm not into spaceships so count me out!"

I got up slowly.

Mom said "Well I paid for each of your tickets already so we have to go."

Dad came in and helped Mom pull them off the bed. We all got dressed. Alisha complained about how bad she looked in her clothes while Alice and I just threw on clothes and left. I brought my shoulder pouch along with me and placed my DSi and cellphone in it. While we were sitting in the car watching trees and cars flash by I played my game for awhile.

Alisha commented "It sure takes you a long time to beat that game. I always see you playing it."

"Actually I've beaten this game twice. Also, I don't always play this. Mystery games simply have similar settings." I replied in annoyance.

"She wants to be a detective." Alisha snorted to Alice.

"I didn't say that!" I argued.

Alice looked at me in surprise and said "Tell me a puzzle."

I sighed. "Fine! But it'll be an easy one. Mice have wandered into your house. You chase half of them away but one comes back and you have the same amount of mice in your house once again. How many mice were there?"

Alisha asked "Ten?"

"No, idiot! Then there'd be six left when one comes back." I replied.

Alice said reluctantly "Two right?"

"Yeah. Told you it was easy. People are usually tricked when I say half and never stop to think one is half of two." I reasoned.

We soon made it to the spaceship. My eyes widened when I realized how big it was. I had never seen anything like it! Some of the staff led us in when we handed them our tickets. We all gaped at the technology and blinking lights. We were allowed to touch anything except in one room. Alice and Alisha ran off to look at other things. It was so crowded down at the ground but when I look up I become dizzy by the size of the spaceship and all the lights. Dad patted my back and said "Have fun and be careful. We'll all meet back here."

I wanted to try and find something that looked fake before I believed it was an actual spaceship but when I looked around I couldn't find anything that looked cheap or plastic. In fact, it actually started to look more real! I don't know where to begin about it!

I lost track of time as I tried to find my way around. I wrinkled my nose when I smelled a hint of smoke somewhere. Before I could warn a staff member or someone, the room we weren't supposed to go in exploded and blew me off my feet. The fire quickly expanded everywhere. It's scarlet red flames licked at my right hand. I flinched away and cursed at the burn.

People started screaming when the fire reached the rest of the spaceship. I didn't have a chance to call out for my family and when I tried I couldn't be heard over the other screams. I started making my way to the entrance where I found the rest of my family waiting.

"Alison!" My mom sighed in relief.

"Let's hurry and get out of here!" Alisha said hurriedly.

A person I recognized bumped into me. He was frantically looking around as if he lost something.

"Kaden!" I said in surprise.

He looked at me and although I could see his surprise he shouted "Now's not the time to be surprised! I can't find my family!"

Kaden was one of my classmates in elementary but we went to different middle schools so I didn't think we'd meet again.

I looked at my parents. They obviously saw what I was planning to do.

"You better not get hurt!" My mom said as they ran out.

I turned back to Kaden but he had already disappeared back into the smoke. I felt my right had throbbing but ignored it as I ran deeper into the spaceship to find Kaden. As people pushed past me I felt I was fighting against the strong current of a large river. I coughed when smoke got into my mouth. When I thought I got through the crowd more people started scrambling around. I stopped someone and shouted "What's going on! Isn't the entrance the other way?"

The woman replied "Both ways out are blocked!"

She started coughing out smoke. I looked around frantically but when I couldn't find anything I ran to the thick glass window and tried to break it. Everyone else was too busy running away from the fire to help me but miraculously the window broke although I had a feeling I wasn't the one who broke it. When people saw it was a way out they all ran that direction. I pushed through them and found Kaden deeper in the spaceship.

"I can't find them! He said in frustration.

When I saw the burns on his arms and the damage done to his voice I grabbed his arm and said "We've got to get you to safety. You're family is probably out there."

I pulled him out but the pushing crowd pulled us apart. I heard him faintly calling out to me but soon I was overwhelmed by the crowd. I don't know how long I was pushed around by the bundle of people but finally the police came and organized everbody. The spaceship was rid of its fire minutes after and the police went in to check what caused it and if anyone died. Surprisingly, there were no corpses or burnt bodies but when checking all the people who went to the spaceship there were a few disappearances. Kaden was one of them.

"I'm so glad you're safe!" My mom said as she hugged me.

Dad, Alisha, and Alice caught up to us.

"We thought you were one of the people who disappeared." Alisha said.

Dad asked "Did you get burned anywhere?"

"Well only on my hand." I replied as I showed them my right hand.

Alice remarked "That's gonna be a scar that'll stay forever."

I looked at it and realized the wound still looked fresh. They made me line up with the other people that got burns although none of them were fatal. Too bad that the spaceship got burnt. Seems like it'll never return to it's former glory. I then realized how lucky everyone was. The spacship was so big and easy to get lost in and the fire was also very large yet no one died nor get a burn big enough to die. All that happened were a few disappearances. Isn't that weird though?

As I was putting my books in my locker, my locker neighbor, Katie said "Aren't you lucky that you got to see the spaceship before it was burnt down."

"Yeah but it sucks for the people that disappeared. I wonder what happened to them. It's not right that no one died." I said thoughtfully.

Katie shrugged and closed her locker.

"I'll be going to class now, bye." She said.

I closed my locker and was about to walk to my class but I felt I had just seen something weird. I looked back at my locker but nothing was there.

'I must be crazy.' I thought to myself but looked at my forehand anyway.

The burn I got from the other day was shaped like a circle with a strange design. I knew burn scars would never turn out like this so I decided to check back on my right hand after school.