I turned on the television and started watching the news. It was all about random boring things as usual and I didn't watch anything very carefully. I then remembered my burn scar at my right foreheand and examined it. My hand tired of being raised and lowered a little. The television glitched and froze a few times which it usually did when we turn it on after an amount of time like a day or so. The television was frozen on a blur but on the blur(which I assumed was a person's back or something) was something that looked similar to my burn scar. I quickly compared the two but decided I was just hallucinating. Soon the tv was back to normal and the tape continued.

The news reporter was saying "-taped but has recently disappeared. Sadly to say, anyone who gets a glimpse of this phantom disappears the next day or sooner and it just had to happen to an unfortunate bystander with a camera. Could this phantom have been the one who burned down the spaceship?"

Alisha and Alice who were working on their laptops beside me on the couch found themselves listening to the report also when the reporter mentioned the burnt-down spaceship.

Alice said "I saw something about that in our school's weekly newspaper on the bulletin board. A lot of people have been affected by the disappearances and I heard the phantom also occasionally ruins the police's info that they try to gather about the cases."

"Hmm, interesting. The reporter isn't mentioning how many people have died." I remarked.

As if on cue the reporter was saying "Surprisingly, the police have not found even a single corpse nor have they seen any of the people who disappeared reappear."

I continued looking at my forehand as Alisha said "I think we can relax since the only time we had something like that happen to us was at the spaceship."

Alice and I nodded in agreement. The news showed the tape of the phantom once again but I couldn't even make out the figure. The person video taping had fallen and the camera flew at what was supposedly the phantom briefly revealing his blurred back or whatever which was what I saw when I turned on the tv. Again my eyes made me believe I was seeing something similar to my burn scar on that blur. I stared at my burn scar and back at the reporter who was already ending her rant on the phantoms.

"What are you doing?" Alisha asked.

I realized she was watching me and said "No, I was just thinking of the burn I got from that spaceship!"

"Well then don't be moving your head back and forth like that. You looked retarded." Alisha snorted.

"Sorry." I said distractedly.

"Why are you admiring your burn scar? I would be horrified to have one!" Alice exclaimed.

I said "I'm not really admiring it. I just never got a good look at it."

I sighed when I realized they weren't listening and back to talking to their friends on their computers. I turned off the tv and started studying. Soon my eyes became tired and I finally fell asleep.

Beep! I jolted awake. It was two in the morning and everything was dark. I realized I fell asleep on the couch. Alice and Alisha were upstairs in our room. I carefully put my homework into my binder and was ready to go upstairs when a loud beep stopped me. I blinked a few times trying to adjust to the darkness. The beeps stop but I was curious what it was. I then heard a sound from behind the couch.

"Alice? You know I hate being in the dark." I said nervously as I got ready to look behind the couch.

"Err, hi." A voice too low to be a girl said.

I was ready to scream but the guy stopped me.

A voice in my head was shouting "Get him away! Kill him! Punch him! Kick him! Just get away! You're in danger!"

I jolted awake and this time I made sure I was awake and checked behind the couch. Birds sang outside making me relax a little more. It was four in the morning. I had no school today since it was Saturday. The thing that freaked me out was my homework was already in its binder when I was pretty sure I was working on it before I fell asleep. I looked behind the couch again and found a squeak toy.

'Must be a coincidence. I was probably half awake when putting my homework away and we have a lot of random toys so this toy is no different.'

The voice in my head echoed "You should not go out today. You must stay at home."

I went upstairs to the room and saw Alice and Alisha hogging the bed. I guess it was my fault for falling asleep downstairs that I don't get part of the bed. Police sirens rang in the distance. Usually I didn't care when hearing sirens. They became more of a backround sound but when I looked out the window I saw a huge black smoke.

"Don't go outside." The voice said.

I don't know why but I decided to go to the smoke. It turned out that a forest along with quite an amount of houses were on fire. Police were trying to find the Phantom who had started this unnatural fire. I saw something flash by me. I instantly assumed it was the Phantom and tried to catch at least the cape but the Phantom was so fast it was like he had disappeared.

"Hey little girl, you're not supposed to be here. We're trying to get out a fire." A policeman said.

"I think everyone can see that." I replied. "I was just curious."

"Inspector!" A police came up to him. "Only one person disappeared this time and the fire was easily taken out. Everyone only got cuts and no one was found dead."

The inspector said "You could almost say that blasted phantom was generous but I'm sure the people who have disappeared are long gone. Why in the world does he or she set fires everywhere? Even going as far as to delete the info we've barely gathered on him."

"Who is this girl?" The policeman asked.

"Just a curious onlooker," said the inspector as he waved me away.

I crossed my arms and said "I guess I'll be going."

The inspector eyed the burn on my right hand.

"What happened to your hand?" He asked suspiciously.

"Don't go and conclude I'm a phantom!" I said when more police started eyeing me like a criminal, "I got this burn at the spaceship. You know, the one that burned down."

The inspector took a closer look at the burn scar and said "I would like to ask you to come with us back to the police station for more questions."

"Nah, I gotta tell my parents first and they're busy at work." I replied with a shrug which resulted in impatient glares that were aimed at me.

"Well even if I wanted to come I still have to tell my parents." I added nervously.

I went back home before they could ask anymore. I lied down on the couch and surprisingly found myself able to sleep again.

When I woke, Alice and Alisha were walking downstairs. My dad was cooking something in the kitchen and my mom was probably sleeping upstairs. I sat up and stretched.

I found today was going to be pretty normal so I decided I'd go to the police station. I said to Dad "I'll be at the police station today, is that okay?"

"Oh, decided to become a criminal instead of a detective?" Alisha sneered.

"Ha ha, Alisha. Maybe she is going there as a detective." Alice said.

"No, the inspector guy just wanted to interrogate me since I had a funny looking burn. Since I find today might be boring, I might as well go right?" I said looking hopefully at my dad.

He cleared his throat and said "Well I was once a fine policeman myself! The best in town!"

Alisha said slowly "And now you're a..."

"A mailman." Alice finished for her.

Dad continued as if he didn't hear them "I'm sure you can also be a great policewoman if you tried hard enough. Go, live your dream."

"Um..." I started, but had to stifle a laugh first, "Well I never said it was my dream but as long as you know where I am I guess it's okay."

I left and walked to the police station. When I got there, the inspector from yesterday was sitting at a desk working away.

"Hi, inspector! You still up for that questioning you wanted to give me?" I said.

My abruptness startled him making him spill a little coffee on his desk. He wiped it up and looked at me.

"Oh it's you." He turned to a nearby policeman and said to him "Call Leo. The girl decided to come on his dayoff."
The policeman nodded and walked away.

When he came back he said "Leo is coming but he is going to bring a friend along because he feels that the friend would be of some use here to him."

The inspector nodded and said to me "Just wait at a chair or something. I've got some work to do."

He began clicking on his computer again.

I sat at a chair and thought to myself 'This'll be boring.'

I don't know what else to explain since I didn't exactly want to go about the contents of the place so I sat for a long time fantasizing stuff or just sitting and staring at how fast the inspector could type.

I was close to dozing off when a policeman came to me and said "Leo is here."

I looked up and saw a tall stern looking man. I grimaced and remarked to the policeman "That's Leo?"

"Yeah and second in command. You..." Leo said as he approached me.

I didn't listen to the rest of his sentence because I was too busy staring at the person beside him with my jaw hanging open. He stared back at me with the same but a little less shocked expression. He was first to speak.


"Kaden! You're alive! I seriously thought you were dead! Did you find your parents - your family?" I exclaimed.

From his reaction to hearing his family I could tell he failed.

"Oh I'm sorry." I said.

"Well the police thought I had disappeared but it's only because I was in this organ-" He started but Leo interrupted.

"So you two know each other. Well since Kaden was also in the incident I thought interrogating you two together would be helpful." He said.

"Is it gonna be like in the movies where the interrogator shines light in people's eyes just to get them to talk? Because if it is then I won't like it." I said.

"Alison!" Kaden hissed.

He replied "No, it's not gonna be all serious. It was my day off anyway so I'm just gonna get a discussion going so we can share knowledge with each other then Kaden is free to tell you what he wants, well, some of what he wants. Come on. I think this would be more suitable at a cafe or something."

Leo kept his hand on Kaden's back as he walked to a cafe. I narrowed my eyes at Leo.

Kaden never told me about Leo. Did they meet during summer?

"Alison, I can't wait to tell you what happened after the spaceship burned down!" Kaden said.

Leo said "Yeah but he knows better than to blab about that right now."

I asked "When did you two meet? You seem to know each other well."

Kaden was about to reply but Leo answered first.

"I helped him out after the spaceship burned down. There were others too. Some of the people said to have disappeared are actually completely fine." Leo said.

"Great." I replied with a smile but was annoyed how Leo kept interrupting.

Another annoying thing was that our discussion went nowhere and we found out nothing new about the Phantom. None of us were even sure if the Phantom was a girl of boy. I thought of the Phantom as an evil guy with a hairy face and a cigarette dangling from his mouth who ran around with a crazy smile and put places on fire and kidnapping people for no reason. Who knew that taking a silly trip to what I thought was a fake spaceship would change my life forever.

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