I can't sleep,
but that's alright.
What's one more|
sleepless night?

I'll stay awake crying,
remembering that night.
So I'll stay wide awake
in sheer fright.

I may have dark circles
under my eyes,
but you can't see
past my lies.

I may feel him in me,
but it isn't real.
It will take me time
to heal.

I may hear his whisper
in my ear,
but something that's not there
is impossible to hear.

Every time I sleep
I relive my past.
I refuse to let
those nightmares last.

I won't relive
one more rape.
I won't let him
cover my mouth with tape.

I won't let him hurt me,
not one more time.
Even if it is a memory, dream,
rape is still a crime.

In my head or
in real life,
I can't escape
this strife.

I'll defy science,
I'll last more than a week.
I'll stay wide awake,
even if my eyes leak.

I'll hug my knees
to my chest
and cry all night,
stopping once, at best.

I'll feel him in me,
I'll see the lust in his eyes.
I'll hear him shushing me,
his voice covering my cries.

I won't go through it again,
no, please, I don't want to.
I'll stay awake, never sleeping,
never dreaming, it's all I can do.

Dark rings may sit
under my dark brown eyes,
but I don't care.
You don't see past my lies.

I'm fine.
I slept last night.
I feel okay today.
I'm alright.

Nope. No dreams.
Just peaceful sleep.
No, the Reaper
didn't reap.

I'll sit here and cry,
but I refuse to sleep.
I refuse to let myself
choose this memory to keep.

I can't sleep,
but that's alright.
What's one more
sleepless night?