Is it wrong
to want to die?
I want to die,
I'm not gonna lie.

I hate who I've become,
this person I am today.
I never dreamed
I would live this way.

Is it wrong
to dream of suicide?
That simple word
is where my thoughts always reside.

I hate living,
I want it all to end.
I want to finally break
my heart that won't mend.

Is it wrong
to make myself bleed?
I have it in my mind
that it's all I need.

I hate my life,
who, what, I see in the mirror.
I'll never look in them
because of my fear.

Is it wrong
to hide from the pain?
Hiding is the one thing
keeping me sane.

I can't live like this,
I don't want to anymore.
I deserve to die
because I'm a whore.

Is it wrong
to post my life,
let other people read,
carry, all my strife?

I can't do this,
it isn't right.
I think I need
to stop and not write.