I have always known that I was different, even if there was nothing to show anyone. It was hard not to know really, especially when my parents started to notice and abandoned me saying that I was unholy and the daughter of the devil. I still saw their discussed face every time I close my eyes when they had finally seen what was growing out of my back. They left me with nothing, no one to look after me or tell me that everything was going to be okay and no money for food or a place to live. I had to become responsible for myself and scavenge for food when I couldn't find anything real to eat and make myself a shelter to sleep under when it started to rain. I'm just glad my body can handle things that normal people couldn't.

okay so not so good but needed to be put in so you can understand the story better about why she is so closed off with no family. the actual story isnt as depressing as it sounds so please give it a chance!