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When I walked into the canteen in school the next day I was both dreading and exited to talk to Jake, exited because that's how I always feel when I get to see him and dreading because I know I'm going to have to tell him about the situation with Katie's parents. I'm so going to have to start calling them mine I suppose even though I don't see them as anything other than monsters, he won't understand who I'm talking about otherwise.

I let out a sigh before walking over to the table he was sitting at and plopped down opposite him.

'Hey beautiful you okay?' he said with a smile on his face but as soon as he got a better look at my expression he frowned slightly. 'What's the matter?'

I lent my head onto my arm that was resting on the table and let out another sigh. 'My parents is what the matter is'. I hope he caught onto the sarcasm in my voice as I addressed them.

He sighed and lent across the table 'I told you they had another daughter, I didn't think it was a good idea watching them, it couldn't have been good for you seeing them being all lovey dovey over her'.

I slightly laughed 'that's not what the issue is'.

'Oh' he replied with a bit of surprise in his voice before his eyebrows set into confusion 'then what is the matter?'

I took a deep breath before I looked at him in the eye and explaining 'they saw me'.

He was shocked silent for a minute before he slightly shacked his head. 'What do you mean?' he asked a little surprised, I think I also saw a little fear lace through his expression but it was gone before I fully saw it, making me question whether it was actually there in the first place.

'I mean exactly what I just sad, they saw me watching them'.

'But they didn't get a good look at you, at you, right? Otherwise you wouldn't be here'.

I smiled slightly at how caring he was before sadly shaking my head again. 'No they saw me quite clearly, the sensory light caught me and my father ran out to see what it was coming face to face with me'.

'Well why didn't you get away before he got outside, with your hearing and speed you could have gotten out of there before he had even finished his sentence'.

'It's not that simple' I muttered scrubbing my face with my hands in exaction.

'Of course it is!' Jake shouted across the cafeteria making a few people look our way.

'You wouldn't understand' I muttered.

'What's there to understand-'

'You haven't lived my life and my experiences okay? You don't know what its like to come face to face with the people that not only scared and abandoned you but the people who used to love you before they found out the real you…I just froze, I'm sorry'. A lone tear escaped my brimming eyes but I wiped it away quickly so he couldn't see it.

Jake got up from his side of the bench and came round to sit next to me and take me in his arms. 'I'm sorry I got out of hand and your right I haven't lived your life so I don't know how I would have reacted in that situation but if could take a guess I'd say I would have probably froze to'.

I nodded as I buried my head into his neck to calm myself down before I totally lost it.

'So how did they react?' Jake asked softly while drawing small circles on my arm.

'Really well' I replied with a frown, totally confused 'they were saying how sorry they were and how they knew what they did was wrong. They even said that they had tried to find me at one point…searching all the schools around the area I could have enrolled myself in'.

'Well that's…confusing' he muttered.

I nodded in agreement 'they invited me round for dinner tonight as well'.

'Your not going to go are you?' Jake asked a little startled as slightly held onto me tighter.

I shrugged 'I dunno…I really want to meat my sister but I'm too scared to go alone in case something happens to me'.

He sighed before resting his chin on my head, still drawing little patterns on my arm 'I guess I could come with you if you want, a bit of moral support?'

I smiled into his neck before slightly nodding my head 'that would be great if you don't mind, I mean I understand if you don't want to or anything'.

I heard him slightly chuckle 'stop trying to guilt trip or use reverse psychology on me, I said I was going so I am. Besides I know my way around their house easy so if we do get into some trouble I can show you where the nearest exit is'.

I sighed 'I hope we won't need to make a quick exit but at least I know I have some support and a quick exit strategy.' The bell suddenly rang signalling first period and I reluctantly got up off his lap so we could walk hand in hand to my first class before he carried on to his.

'I'll see you after lessons okay? We can walk to bio together'.

I smiled and nodded before reaching up on my toes and planting a soft and innocent little kiss on his lips.

'Some people just shouldn't do any form of PDA, it puts nasty images into my head' I heard a girl whisper to her friend as they walked into the classroom across from us.

I slightly laughed before shacking my head and looking up into jakes confused eyes. 'I just heard someone tell their friend that we shouldn't do any form of PDA as it puts bad images into her head. I don't know whether to be insulted or relieved by the fact they don't openly imagine about us in that way.'

He laughed before slightly stroking my cheekbone with his thumb 'I hope they're not, I'm the only one that's allowed to imagine that'.

I frowned slightly before nodding and walking into the classroom. Has he really been imagining doing things to me? I mean we had only been going out for about two weeks, is that the normal time to wait before doing anything or do you usually wait a little more…less? I silently started to panic that he was going to expect me to do something that I wasn't ready for, I mean would he eventually get bored and tied with me if I didn't put out as I heard some people call it. I mean we kissed but is that enough for someone like him, someone who was so used to getting it whenever he wanted?

Don't get me wrong I have thought about it but I wasn't ready by a long shot, I still can't even manage him touching me let alone anyone else so how were we going to have sex if he can't touch me?

I thought about it through out the whole lesson and before I knew it the bell was ringing signalling the end of lesson and ten minutes till the next. I sighed before getting up and walking out to meet up with Jake to walk to bio together. I tried to put a smile on my face to he didn't notice I was a little worried and I schemed to work as he didn't mention it when he lent in to kiss my cheek.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly, much to my annoyance and before I knew it it was time to go meet my parents. We drove in silence as Jake made his way through the lanes in his truck before pulling up at the exact house I was watching last night before everything went horribly wrong by them spotting me.

'Ready?' Jake asked as he took his keys out of the ignition.

I sighed before nodding 'as ready as I'll ever be I guess'. I got out of his truck and met up with Jake at the hood before taking his hand and walked over to the front door. As I walked I did a quick survey of the house with my super hearing to make sure there was nothing suspicious in the house. I was kind of disappointed when I couldn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary as that would have meant I didn't have to go in but seeing as there was nothing I could detect I took a deep breath before reaching out and knocking the door.

I held my breath as I heard foot steps heading our way and gripped onto jakes hand tighter, hoping I wasn't crushing it. The door suddenly opened to reveal my mother and I quickly took a step back behind Jake as I saw her coming in for a hug and that's when she noticed him.

'Jake…w-what are you doing here?' she stuttered in total shock.

'I'm here to support her, that okay?' he asked a little defensively.

'S-sure…sure come on in, I'm sure I've made enough dinner for one more person'.

'Were not staying for dinner' I cut in front of Jake so he couldn't reply to her.

'Oh well, I guess that's your loss then. I'm sure you remember how amazing my cooking was'.

I just growled at her low in my throat before barging in past her and stepping into the hallway with a cautious Jake trailing behind me, he knew that I could wreak havoc on this place if I wanted to.

I walked into the hallway and was immediately struck with the smell of my childhood, the smell of my mums perfume and the air freshener she always used. I cleared my throat to stop myself from getting emotional and took in my surroundings. They still had some of the furniture here that they had at the old house but it was slightly changed, with a coat of paint or different draw handles and I wasn't sure if I was happy that they couldn't get rid of it or sad that they had to change it to keep it. There were also photos frames across the walls and surfaces of my parents when they were younger and family photos with them and Katie in it. I could see a significant time gap between the photos and I knew that was the time they had me, seeing as they had burned all the photos with me in them.

At the end of the hallway there was an open door that I assumed led to the living room as I heard a high pitched voice screaming in excitement about something. I smiled slightly as I saw Katie run across the doorway towards the other side of the room where I'm assuming my father was by his low pitched laugh that I could hear.

'You okay?' Jake asked me as he came up behind me, making sure he didn't touch my back.

I took a deep breath before nodding and walked on into the living room. As I walked in I noticed that it also looked a lot like the living room in my old house, with beige walls and wooden flooring with rugs spread across the floor as winter was approaching. The only difference was the massive fire place that was now roaring in the centre of the room and the fact that the room was bigger.

As I walked further into the room I heard the screeching die down and I looked towards Katie to see her staring at me intensely with curiosity burning n her eyes by the new face. Then her eyes flicked to something behind me and a massive smile spread across her face showing off cute little dimples in her cheek.

'JAKIE'! She screeched as she dropped whatever was in her hands and sprinted to him and jumped into his arms. 'I missed yoooooou'! She shouted dragging out the last word.

Jake chucked slightly and hugged her back before putting her back down to take my hand. This seamed to draw her attention away from Jake long enough to look at me.

'Who dis? She your giwlfwiend?' she asked in a whisper but didn't do a good job as everyone in the room could hear her.

Jake laughed slightly before taking my hand and imitated her, pretending to whisper but saying it quite load. 'Yeah, do you like her?'

She looked at me again blushing and then back at Jake. She cupped her hands around her mouth but it still did no good. 'She pretty' she whispered back before giving him an over enthusiastic nod and ran back to her toys she had earlier abandoned.

I smiled at her retreating form as she sat back down on the floor and played with her dolls. I suddenly focused back into the present as I heard two sets of foot steps advance towards me and I quickly tensed, ready. The reassuring circles Jake was drawing on the back of my hand relaxed me slightly though so I could analyse the situation properly and when I did that I found that it was only my parents that were walking towards me. I let out a slight breath of relief and lent into Jake, already exhausted. I shook it off though and looked up at the figures and nodding at them slightly before going to sit down on the closest sofa, pulling Jake with me.

'So what did you want to talk to me about because I would like to get out of here soonish thank you'.

I looked at them to see them exchanging nervous glances with each other before looking at Jake. I realised that they didn't want to talk about it with Jake in the room but I wouldn't have that, I needed him with me if not for moral support then to calm me and try to hold me back if things got heated.

'Jake knows everything' I sighed 'just spit it out please'?

'He knows!?' my father asked in shock.

'Yeah, just because you ran away when I showed him doesn't mean everyone would'.

'Your father didn't mean it like that honey…it's just we're a bit shocked that's all'.

I rolled my eyes before crossing my arms and leaning forward and whispered with a slight growl in my voice 'You are not my mother and father, like I told you last night you lost that right when you left me'.

I felt jakes hand rest on my thigh, slowly rubbing up and down to try and calm me down as he whispered in me ear quiet enough so no one else could here 'Don't loose it Kathy, trust me you will regret it later'.

I took I soothing breath to calm myself down, knowing he was right, I would regret not hearing what they have to say.

When I knew I was calm enough I looked back up into their curious face and leaned back in the sofa to try and stay relaxed some. 'Just tell me what you want…I've had enough here'.

The two people started to shift in front of me and just as they were about to open their mouth and talk I felt a tug on my hand and as I looked down I saw Katie there trying to pull me up.

'What you doing?' I asked slightly amused.

'Pway with me, now!'

I laughed at her demand but got up and started to walk over to play with her dolls.

'Katie, be polite to our guest please' her mother asked as I was dragged across the room.

'Now the game is a tea pawty…can you do that?' She asked me with a serious expression on her face.

I nodded at her smiling slightly 'I'm sure I can keep up'. As she was explaining what I have to do I looked over at Jake with a slight smile on my face, pretty amused about how I was being bossed around by a four year old.

'Are you listening?' she asked with a slight frown in her face.

'Yes' I say automatically even though it wasn't true and as I looked into her eyes I could tell she didn't believe me.

'You lie…mummy she lied, she needs to be but on naughty step'.

I chuckled slightly, she reminded me a lot of myself when I was that age and to be honest I probably am still like that.

Just then it hit me why my parents wanted to talk to me so desperately and why they had been looking for me for the past four years.

I looked over at the people that bought me up for the first twelve years of my life and as I looked into their eyes I knew they knew I knew.

'What is it Kathy?' Jake asked getting up and walked over to me.

'That's why…' I whispered as Jake crouched down next to me and took my hand.

'What's why Kathy, please talk to me' he pleaded.

'Why they were looking for me, why they wanted to talk to me so badly…you think she's going to end up like me'.