A kind heart isn't a weakness or a flaw in the world. It's something rare to have, and difficult to hold on to. At some point of your life, for a person with a kind heart, you'd start pondering whether being kind is a burden, or something that will pull you down some day. But no. There might be times where you shouldn't be kind, and there will be times where you should. It's up to you to know when you should, and when you shouldn't. Yet you should know, that a kind heart isn't a flaw, it's a gift.

Surely someone with a kind heart would live happier than someone like me, with a heart who would only leave space for me, and eyes that will only look at me.

It's frustrating, but I probably love myself more than I should. I get lost in the obsession, of everything I want to be yet am not. I've lost myself completely, now I don't know who I am. Is the real me there, when I'm with my friends, or the real me here, when I'm all alone? Who am I when I'm alone, who am I to say that the real me is there when I'm laughing happily with my friends? I wouldn't know, and the only thing I know now's that I've lost my personality, something that makes me myself. Because I was too obsessed with what I could see, not what I had. And I wait so long for the future to come, each day just sleeping so early to see the sunrise tomorrow.

Yet I'm left waiting, waiting, and waiting. Maybe one day I might die suddenly, and I would have died not having lived. I probably wouldn't have existed then, because my existence would be a mere person. An empty person, just skins and bones; but no heart.