A heart, and the love it holds; is it something I can't give,
or is it something that has its eyes held
on someone who's supposed to be giving?
The ways that I have held my pride
stronger, tighter than I should have held you.
Maybe those were the times where I've gone wrong.
Maybe I should have cried with you, laughed along,
and smiled, not just frown because you were happy
and I wasn't?

I don't know how you could be so kind;
to think that the love you gave was more than mine.
To sacrifice your time, what you had- you just gave it
to me when I told you I liked it so much.
When I was so unfair, you said it was fine.
I went with the others, and you were left alone.
How could it be that you were fine with that too?
I was so young then, maybe now too.
I still can't give in to others, neither can I stand jokes.
But you were with me all along,
and taught me right from wrong.
Though I may have strayed from the right path,
yet it's the road I take.
If I can't be all that you need,
then perhaps leaving you was the right choice
because you'd be happy then.
Not now, but soon, you'd realize that
your life's felt so unfair being with me.
Someone will be better, someone will love you more.
You should have known that a person like me
can't love you more than me.