Marvin sits on his bed hoping that his strict father stays asleep. His bony small hands rush through his plane white sheets. He lies there, wishing his life could get better as his father turns on the light and yells at everyone to get up and obey his orders.

"TIME TO GET UP! All OF YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH, CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES AND MAKE SURE YOU MEET YOUR MOTHER DOWN STAIRS!" Says his father as his chest puffs up and his fist tight like a drill sergeant.

Marvin's father did not play when it came to his children following orders. Whatever he said, we had to deal with it and if we ever fought back. He would point out his finger and say…

"I brought you into this world and I could take you out."

All of his brothers and sisters would be completely scared and would do anything to stay away from their dad's bad side. But whenever it came to Marvin, he always stood up for himself and spoke out whenever he felt like it. He didn't agree with his father's demands and every time he was around him, the sickness began to grow and make him closer to his mother.

"Hey, mom," says Marvin as he sits down to the dining table. All his sisters and brothers gathered around as he waits for his plate.

"Hi Marvin, how was your sleep baby?" She said in a nice tone. She always had a soft and kind personality. Her warmth made you come closer.

"It was good. Kind of almost fell off my bed when…"

Marvin was about to finish his sentence when his father stepped inside the kitchen. The whole room stopped, the cupboards shut automatically and the shivers went to each of Marvin's sisters and brother's spine. He sits down and looks at everybody with a mean and demanding look. Marvin's mother tried to analyze his mood today because nothing could tell what he would do next. Everyone just decided to be quiet and eat their breakfast to eliminate any distractions. Everything seemed peace and quiet until his wife got up and said something.

"Honey, you know Marvin will be singing in the chorus at church today?"

Marvin's father looked up from his plate and had a serious look on his face; he rubbed his chin for a second and then started to wipe his mouth.


"Yes, Marvin been doing it for a while now and he is going to have a big performance. Isn't that right honey." Says his mom while looking at him potentially. Marvin puts down his fork and starts to tell him what's on his mind.

"Uh, yeah, I am performing today and since I was doing this, I was thinking of having a future in it."

His father stopped as soon as he said that. The look in his eyes could tell that he was not impressed and that it wasn't up to his expectations for his son. He tried to keep calm.

"Why son?" He says as he looks at him patiently.

"Because out of all the jobs in school, there is not one single thing I like about them. None of them I see have creativity and I need some type of job to express myself."

"Son, this isn't a world where you can screw up and sing harmonies all day. This is the real world. Ok. Whatever you do, you must find a descent way to survive. This music stuff sucks and is not a realistic way to live. Now you need to do something descent and not get involved with the devil's music."

Marvin was shocked when he said that, how can he be so close minded to his son's beautiful dreams.

"But dad this is what I really want to do. I can't spend my whole life doing something I'm not in love with. I'm sorry dad but I need to follow my heart."

Marvin drops his dishes in the sink and storms into the room while his father follows him.

"For what? So you can go out and reach for something, and when it doesn't work out, you end up on the street mad at the world."

His father looked at the piano disappointed while he talks to his son.

"Just because it didn't happen to those other guys doesn't mean it won't happen to me, why don't you trust me?"

He stopped and looked into his eyes. He never looked so mad at Marvin before and he felt that whatever he said, needed to be final and that's it.

"Listen, do not argue with me. You're not going to be a singer when you grow up and that's final."

Marvin looked at his father in a rude yet disgusting facial expression. He would never think he would tell him what to do. So he went up stairs, locking his door and putting a chair behind it. He then looks in the mirror and wonders what should he do. Should he follow his heart or listen to his family. Then he looks at the guitar, seeing how he was happy. He thinks about his decision and packs his stuff and runs away. While taking his clothes jewelry and instruments, he takes a piece of paper and writes a letter to his.

"Dear father,

I understand that you want the best for me but it is about time I decide it for myself. I need a place where I can follow my dreams and not be forced to do something. If you can't understand that then I have to leave.

Love Marvin."

His father looked very disappointed. Seeing that if he doesn't watch himself, his son will follow his own footsteps.