Adam looks into the dark brown eyes of the young woman he loves and pain tears at his heart as she looks at him with distain. He grips her hand and pulls her closer to him.

"Ava, please come back." He pleads searching in her eyes for some sort of recognition of love but she only cocked her head to the side as if in deep thought. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled which exposed her dimples on both sides of her cheeks. It looked more like a smirk and far from love in her eyes.

Finally she spoke "I'm sorry Ava isn't here."

"Bring her back right now" Adam demanded in a heat of anger and determination as she looked back at him with a cool expression.

"I can't do that" She stated as if it were a fact of life. He looks into her eyes as if searching for something he once knew.

"Ava come back, I know you're in there. Come back." Adam pleads once more and the young woman just sighs as if frustrated by his futile attempts for the one he wants.

"I am not Ava, I am Eve. That Ava you once knew was pathetic and weak." She states moving closer to him, confidence and malice oozing with each word.

"Ava let people step all over her. She got used as a damn doormat, it was sickening to watch. Each and every time I grew and I was just ready to burst out." The young woman exclaimed in a fit of rage. Adam took a step back unable to respond but it didn't stop her from coming closer. It was a game of cat and mouse, both sizing each other up.

"I want Ava back." Adam spoke with such certainty and conviction it made the woman flinch as if she had been physically hit and looked up at him with eyes full of hate.

"Ava this and Ava that, it's all you talk about. Ava isn't here. She is clueless at how the world works and undoubtedly naïve. Ava is useless...I am Eve and I am here to stay. I will always be here." Adam looks into her eyes and he sees her conflicted emotions.

Suddenly she clutches her head, lets out a piercing scream and falls to her knees. The scream stops, Adam holds on to her and all is silent for a moment. She looks up at him in confusion, uncertainty and light tears escaping her eyes.

"What happened?" She asked and his grip on her is a bit tighter.

He mumbles "You're ok, that's all that matters." Adam sighs in relief if only for this brief moment. He himself wonders how he had fallen in love and not with any woman. Adam Chant fell in love with Ava Mills, who suffers from a multiple personality disorder.