an: i wrote this sometime last year when i was in an especially sappy mood. i know it's cheesy. =P

"what would you do if i kissed you?"

your words break the delicate silence
and your voice lingers in the shadows.

"well, i don't know," i say, taken aback by the question
because, you see, i was so content just to rest here
with my head on your chest and
our fingers intertwined. i would never have been
brave enough to speak. "are you sure it's safe?"

i feel you smile. "nothing about you has ever been
safe, angel."

"you don't understand." i run my tongue over my
teeth, sharp like daggers. they are lethal. i am a
weapon. i do not deserve you, but here you
are, your heart beating steady rhythms under my cheek.

"i wouldn't be here if i didn't understand."

your hand creeps under my chin and pulls
my face up. i cannot see your eyes clearly in the
dim light, but i know they are there and this fact
comforts me.

we sit like that for a minute, not talking, just
listening to each other breathe. "who would have thought," you whisper
"that the vampire hunter would ever fall for the vampire?"

i laugh shakily. "pretty screwed up, isn't it?"

"or it's just fate." your lips brush my forehead, butterfly
wings against my skin. "i'm willing to
risk this, angel."

i raise a hand, touch my teeth the way one would
handle an active bomb. i have never hated
myself more. "okay," i hear my voice, feel my tongue
shape the words, but i can't believe it's me talking.
"we'll try."

your smile vibrates through the air and radiates
against my skin. i tingle all over. "thank you, angel,"
you whisper, and it is here, in the dark of the night
with the moon watching us, that i start to