This is just for the kids and teenagers who thought they could put me down just because I don't act like them.

Maybe I don't want to act like you. Did that ever occur to you? And just because I'm different, doesn't mean I don't have feelings.

Here are my feelings.

I'm different from other people,

So do I deserve what I get?

Asking me out just for a bet?

Different things you tell me,

Which is the truth?

Are you really happy causing the end of my youth?

I'm so sick of all my tears,

I have to be strong,

Never tell you that you really are wrong.

I have to hold my head up proud,

Pretending I don't care,

When on the inside I'm crumbling; It's too hard to bare.

Struggling to breathe,

Why can't you shut up?

I'm too busy waiting for my tears to dry up.

Your laughter and taunts,

My lifes tough enough,

Was taking my confidence not really enough?

I'm going to survive this,

I have to get through,

Because nothing you say,

Will make me hate you.

I'm better then that.