Chapter 11 Thanksgiving 2012

I didn't have Katy's phone number either, but I wasn't sure of her parents name, there were several William's in the phone book, so I started calling, I hit the jackpot on the third try, and on top of that, Katy was there. "Hello Katy, Krin, yeah, I'm here in Evanston as well, yeah heading back tomorrow, listen, I was going to see you back at school, but since I've got you on the phone, have you heard anything lately from Tiph or Palmer?" "I talked to Tiphanie last week sometime she invited me to her party, but I haven't really talked to Palmer since, well that party at Tiph's place at Park City last summer, why?" "I didn't have her phone number so I called her folks; got her mom, but she told me Palmer wasn't going to the University anymore." I heard Katy mutter "shit" on the other end, then say, "do you need Tiph's number?" "No I have it already, but I ran into Mike today, he told me Tiph is having a little coke problem possibly pills too, he wants me to check into it." More silence, "This isn't good, Krin, let me do some checking, I'll get hold of you at school, still at Downey?" "Yeah, third floor," "Good, catch you there." With that, she hung up, Katy and I haven't been the greatest of friends but Tiphanie is our mutual friend, and we both care about her, yet something in Katy's voice made me suspect she might know more than she was letting on. Terry took a negative attitude of the situation, "There you go again Krin, stirring up the shit again," I glared at him, "Tiphanie is my friend, why are you acting like that?" He shrugged and said, 'It's pretty clear to me what's happened, Tiph's gotten into drugs, she might not even be going to school anymore, probably shacked up with her boyfriend, doing gigs to support her habit, it's pretty obvious that's what's happened to this Palmer friend of yours, dropped out of school, happens all the time." I started to get really mad, then he apologized, "Look, I'm sorry babe, but you've gotta face the facts, although I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it. I was over at KC's place last month, Selena was telling me how many of her friends have dropped out of college for one reason or another, pregnant, on drugs, shitty grades, a million reasons, don't get me wrong, try and find out about Tiph, but you're here she's in Lincoln Nebraska," I made a face, "I know, but I need to find out for sure what's going on."

That evening the three of us went to see "SkyFall" at the theatre and got a pizza afterwards, tomorrow Terry would be heading home, and we would be going back to school with Steve driving this time.

The next morning, Terry and I had another rendezvous in the shower, this one being a little "rougher" because we wouldn't be seeing each other for awhile. Around ten, Steve and Pam showed up, Terry and I made our last "goodbyes" in the garage, after he left, I hugged mom and dad said goodbye, and got in the car for the long trip back to school. I told Pam about my concerns for Tiph and what Mike had told me. "I don't like to say this, but it sure sounds like she's got into a bad coke habit, that could very well be Palmer's situation as well." As we rolled along Steve looked at me in the rear view mirror and said, "Saw Mark the other day, he says "hi" "That's nice" I replied, then Pink came on the radio with her new song "Try" I made Steve turn it up, Pam and I started "rocking" to her awesome song, a little later Kelly Clarkson was singing "Catch My Breath" another incredible song I would be downloading those once I got back to school. Pam and I traded off with Steve on driving, the weather had taken a short break, so the road was clear and we made good time. It was around three in the afternoon when we got back to Laramie, Pam stopped at the local Denny's where we ate an early supper, Steve dropped Sara and I off at school, since he and Pam were getting a motel room for the night. Back in our dorm room, Sara and I reflected on the past couple of days, "I had a wonderful time Krin, thank you very much," Well I hope you didn't feel like a fifth wheel, with Terry and I?" Sara smiled and said, "Oh maybe once or twice, but I really had a good time, I really like your folks, your mom's pretty cool," "Well I like to think so," I chuckled. Around eleven I got a "sext" message from Terry getting rather explicit, I giggled causing Sara to look up from the TV "Oh it's just from Terry, I snickered and sent him one right back, this went on for almost an hour, ending with Terry wishing me sweet dreams. I couldn't resist getting in the last word with, "They would be a whole lot sweeter if you were in bed with me."