Silhouetted against the sunlight stood the tall gangly figure of a man. His body bent and twisted and he worked; his scythe swung in wide arcs, supported by his unimaginably long arms. Corn sheaves fell to the ground like golden thread and twinkled in the setting sun.

I stared on.

He worked methodically, moving from the left of the field to the right... swoosh, swoosh. With each stroke more corn fell to the ground. Swoosh, swoosh... the gold twinkled once again.

I found him mesmerizing to watch. He was peaceful and thoughtful in all his efforts. Taking care of each sheave, he rolled it slowly and bound it with the string he plucked from the air.

I stared incredulously as he would reach up; almost as though he would pluck a cloud from the sky, and pull out a thin silver thread. This beautiful feat left me speechless. And so I continued to watch the immensely tall man wrap gold with silver.

He lifted five or six sheaves onto his shoulder and carried them out of sight. Three steps was all it took for him to vanish. I peered out further from my hiding place; pulling down the lush green leaves to gain a better view.

I stepped forward, nettles brushed against my legs as I moved to the edge of the golden sea. Even without the tall corn stalks his fields still looked beautiful. I stepped into the sunlight and sighed as I felt the warmth on my face. I brought my arms around my chest and smiled.

I had found peace.

I had never spoken to him; though I always wished to. He lived alone from the rumors spoken. He was a stranger, someone with a weird magic and a weirder form.

These words hurt me. I never thought of how harsh people could be until I saw him walk through the town. Everyone stopped as though frozen by a charm. People stared at him with wide unbelieving eyes, gaping like dying fish. I remember their faces as they whispered quietly,"Here he comes, here comes the Scarecrow!"

As soon as I saw him in the town I was caught. I had never seen anyone so amazing in my life. Even though people seemed to scorn him, I adored what he was. In my eyes there was nothing more beautiful.

I looked back over the field as he walked back out into my view. He took off his wide hat and dabbed his head with a cloth before placing it slowly back.

He turned slowly to face me. I held my breath; I would not run. Time seemed to be held in place as we locked gazes and then he lifted one slender hand and gestured me over.

It felt as though my heart would burst out my chest and run over to him. I exhaled and then took a deep breath. Had he always known I had watched him?

Slowly I walked over to him.

Swish, swish was the sound that echoed through my head as my dress flowed over the stalks. Dried stalks cracked and crunched as I began to walk faster. The field seemed too stretch out but I soon found myself engulfed by his huge shadow. I stood in front of him and craned upwards.

His face was in part darkness but even the shade from his hat could not hide his large emerald eyes.

I found myself agape; he was even more beautiful than I remembered, his emerald eyes even more alluring.

He lifted his hand and place it onto my head. His hand was heavy and warm and I found my own hand on top resting upon the massive weight.

He smiled at me and then took my hand.

"Are we going inside?" I asked pointing to his small house. Ivy clung to front wall of the cottage making it seem fairy like. The cottage was so tiny compared to him, I wondered why he lived in it?

A small chimney puffed out grey smoke in thin wisps and if I listened closely I believed I could hear the sound of music. The windows were latticed with blue metal and the glass was not clear but green.

He smiled once again and nodded.

So I walked hand in hand with a scarecrow into a fairy's cottage .