I'm trapped under
a blanket of depression,
and I'm praying that
for one minute it will go into a recession.

I can't free myself
from these evil chains.
To depression, I willingly
handed the reins.

I'm such a
stupid fool,
letting Satan
and his angels rule.

I'm such a
fucking whore,
begging my brother
to give me more.

I'm such a
sad bitch,
who some people think
is a witch.

I'm such a
teenage slut,
when in reality
I'm anything but.

I'm such a
piece of shit,
not even crying
when I get hit.

I'm such a
terrible creature,
cursing every
ugly feature.

I am who I am,
that can't change.
Changing who I am
is out of my range.

I'm everything I say,
hell, even more.
But the one thing I really am,
is a mother fucking whore.