Chapter 3: Peaceful Days

"This is you guys eat? In the music office?" I asked as Lucy opened the door to the music office. She had asked if I would join her for lunch today. I agreed and here we were now, entering the music office with our lunches in hand. "Hi Lucy." Alice called from behind the book shelf; Lacie was eating her lunch on the ground and looked up at us from the manga she was reading. Mrs. Hiems was eating her lunch from behind her desk. All eyes differed over to me. "Who's this?" Alice asked kindly. Lucy smiled. "This is Aron Deteta! He'll be joining us for lunch. I hope you guys don't mind that I invited him?"

"Of cores not!" Alice said, a little too loudly. "It's pretty strange though, a popular guy like you hanging out with Lucy. Could you perhaps," she paused. "Have a little crush on her?" I blushed and quickly thought of something to say, lucky Lucy said it for me. "Now what do you mean by that we're just friends is all, and you think just because he's popular her would not want to be around me!" Alice laughs and put her hands up in defense.

I sat down on the floor and Lucy sat next to me. She opened her lunch which looked well made compared to my sandwich. Actually every one had good lunches. "What's that?" Lacie said pointing to my sandwich. I shrugged "a sandwich. "

"That's all you're eating?" Lucy asked, she looked worried. Why was she worried? "Well yeah. You see my mom gets up late so I make my own lunches but imp not exactly a cook so this is all I make. " Lucy glared at me. "Well that's no good! You're a growing boy and you should eat better than just a crummy sandwich!"

"Well it's not like I have a choice in the matter. Besides a sandwich is just fine. " She pointed her fork at my and glared through her emerald eyes. "No, no that's no good at all!" She paused. "I know!" her face lit up. "How 'bout I make you lunch from now on?"

"Hey! No that's asking too much!"

"That's alright I enjoy cooking any ways. And it wouldn't be free. I'll only make you lunches if you agree to sit with us from now on at lunch. " Sitting with Lucy every day at lunch? That did not sound so bad. ""Fine. You have a deal!" Lucy smiled. "That's great!"

When everyone finished their lunches we all headed to an empty music room where everyone but me went to an instrument. I took a seat on a bench. Today Lucy pulled out a Violin, while Alice went to the piano and Lacie put her lips to a silver flute. The room burst into lively cheery music. Suddenly I was filled with happiness and even started clapping along to the song. I watched Lucy and she smiled while she played the small instrument.

When the bell rang the two of us walked to class together. "Lucy how many instruments can you play?" I asked her our of random curiosity. "Five. Cello, Violin, Erhu, Piano and Base."

"That's great! And do you write your own music or were those actual pieces?"

"We all wrote them. Alice, Lacie and I."

"Wow, I can't play and instrument. Although I've always secretly wanted to play Piano. " I stoped short. It was true I wanted to play piano but I had never told anyone that. Why was I so lose lipped around Lucy? Lucy stepped in front of me. "How about I teach you after school. I'm free on Wednesdays and Fridays."

"Would you really teach me?" I asked looking into her eyes. She nodded. "Of cores! After all I Like y-" Lisa blew past us with such force it caused Lucy to lose her balance. I reached out and grabbed her hand before she could fall. Once I had steadied her I looked over a Lisa who was hiding behind a wall corner.

Lisa's red hair was tired into a bow revealing her blue eyes. Maybe I would have noticed that she looked cute today had I not been mad at her. "Hey! Wont you watch were your going?" Lucy put her hand up to keep me from saying more. "I'm sorry, I should have seen you coming. Are you okay? You hit me pretty hard. " Lisa nodded. "I'm sorry. " She said before turning and running down the hall. Her rush was understood when the late bell rang, announcing that Lucy and I were late for class.

The days went by slowly and peacefully. Every day I joined the girls for lunch in the music room, I would listen to them play while eating the lunches Lucy made for me. Those were absolutely delicious! Every day she would make something different to. After school on Wednesdays and Fridays Lucy would teach me piano. She was not the best teacher but I stick with her. Soon enough I would play small parts with the others, which allowed Alice to play guitar, her specialty.

"I her there's another music convention coming up, but unlike last year this year it will be hosted in Los Angeles ." Alice said while walking to the music room. "That's not too far from here! I'm sure the train can take us." Lucy pointed out. "Let's see by train it would only be three hours."

"I'm sure if we ask our parents we could all go! And maybe enter one of the competitions!" Lacie said excitedly. I heard someone behind me and turned to see Lisa. "What is it Lisa?" I asked her. She looked down at her feet. "Um, I just wanted to know if you maybe wanted to sit with me at lunch today Aron. But it looks like you've already got plans. " She turned to leave when Lucy stepped forward. "I know, how about you join us in the music room!" She said politely.

Lisa looked like she was about to decline but Alice and Lacie pulled her forward. In the end all five of us sat on the floor eating. "So you name is Lisa?" Lucy broke the silence. "Yeah."

"Oh that means there are three of us with L's as the first letter of our name!" Lacie squealed. Alice laughed. "And Aron and I share and A." This spiked and interesting conversation all the while.

After lunch we began playing music. Lucy had written a new song and after successfully getting through it, we all decide to see if we could enter the Music Comppition and the upcoming convention. I would play Piano, because the part was easy. Lacie would play Cello, Lucy would play the Violin and Alice the guitar. "Tomorrow is Saturday so felt free to call me with you answers." Lucy said before the bell rang. After that we all headed back to class. Lisa went on ahead so I got to walk with Lucy to class alone. "Hey?" she asked after a moment of silence. "Yeah?"

"Do you want to go to that little dinner again after school?" I looked away to hide my blushing. "Sure why not?"

"Cool! I'll talk to you after class then." She said as we entered the door to our class room.

Thanks to Lucy's proposal, I spent the rest of class looking forward to going to the dinner with her, I almost missed an assignment. When the bell ran I walked over to her. "Ready to go?"

"Sure!" We walked in silence for a while. It was cold out and snowing so I kept my coat close to me. Suddenly I heard a soft thump and looked behind me. Lucy lay sprawled out on the ground. I rushed over to her as she was picking herself up. "Are you ok?"I asked her. She nodded laughing. "I slipped on ice. " she said casting a sarcastic glare at the ice she had slipped on. "Damn you ice!" I yelled back playfully. We both laughed and continued walking.

We arrived to a warm dinner and took out seats. It was relaxing. I ordered spaghetti while Lucy ordered a grilled cheese with tomato juice. This time I did not order a hot milk, just a water. We sat in silence, our food had not yet come. "Lucy?" I asked, breaking the silence. "Yes?"

"Where are you from?"

"Los Angeles, nothing fancy."

"Oh cool. "

"I heard you weren't born in Betty either. Where are you from?"

"Dallas, Texas." I said, faking a southern accent. Lucy laughed. I loved it when she laughed and I had not realized I was blushing until she brought it up. "Hey your face is all red are you sick?" I laughed from embarrassment. "No imp fine."

Our food came and Lucy stared at it 'size causing me to laugh again. "Your eyes are already so big Lucy, you look like and anime character or something!"

"Hey! "

"What don't get offended you look cute with big eyes!" This caused her to blush, and I started laughing even more." We left the dinner and headed to the train station were we headed home. It started snowing. "Ohhhh." Lucy said in dismay. "What you don't like the snow?"

"It's not that Il just slip again…"