Chapter One:

Search for the Cure of Cancer!

The air continued to breathe heavily through out the forest's body. The green leaves tried to clutch the air. But the motion was denied by the law of physics. The sad leaves drifted as the wind blow through and past them. Few leaves even drifted along with the wind. The winds created a soft whistling noise as they raced through out the forest and the birds tagged along with it and hum their song. Soon a melodic environment was made; suddenly it wasn't as quite as it was a moment back. The sun appeared in the high morning sky. The clouds looked lively and gave off an expression as if they were smiling and saying morning is here! Small holes of sunlight began to hit the forest ground as the wind continued their race. The birds continued to sing their nameless melodies. This genial resonance awakened life of the forest. From the smallest of the warms to the huge eight feet elephant that lives by the riverside of the forest were all awakened. The wind began to slow its roll. The clouds were still high and swaying motionlessly to and fro from the sun. The peace that was once settled on the forest had moved on too.

Meanwhile in the Far East, Professor Elric Mosby with his assistant George was exploring this peaceful time of the forest. They were searching for a rare kind of lizard which was seen commonly around here. Professor Elric was an old-white man with a very warm heart and grey hairs surrounding the big bald on the back of his head and had calm blue eyes. He had lived most of his life spending time in forests, swamps and other areas that normally people of his age wouldn't even dream to go. He was a retired researcher of the National Plants and Herbal Cure Research Faculty. Through out his life he accomplished most of the things he dreamed of accomplishing and even more. From the early age he had a passion and a weird attraction for wild life and plants. He even spends a decade of his life's year looking for a cure for cancer. He had no family. He did once have a wife who died for cancer. And from then it was his life goal to find its cure and even to die finding it will be worth it. He had no children besides he students. He won many great prestigious awards and trophies. But as he always says "the work isn't about the trophies it's about the achievement and the passion for doing something different". He now recently works as a lecturer at Daffodil University of Science. Professor Mosby today came into this wild life again after two years because he believed this rare lizard that they seek can be finally the result of his life time work. He believed that the DNA of the lizard's blood combined with a plant's DNA he will finally find the cure for cancer! And when he breaks this news to everyone instead of appreciation, they burst into laughter and comments. "He has lost his marbles how can a small plant like that cure a disease as big as cancer and animals aren't medicine!" they said. Some even thought he was joking. That's why he decided to take no help from his colleagues or government in find this plant. Even though everyone wasn't supportive of his idea, George who was before a student of his class believed him. And then when Professor Mosby approved his request of coming along with him to finding his life's big score, George found it an honor just to travel with him. Mosby wasn't big fan of company, he wouldn't even bring George but then he figured someone would need to hold the bags and make the camp! So then why not George who is so much willing to help.

As Mosby and George wandered through out the tranquil and serene forest, George tried to make small talks. But Mosby, who wasn't big fan of small talks or being interrupted while he's concentrating on something as big as the cure for cancer just nodded and moved on doing his thing. "We have been here for quite a while now sir, do you wish to take rest and continue after sometimes Professor Mosby?" asked George who was rather afraid of the answer from the professor. Even though he wanted to help fully and didn't want to make the professor think that he's not so helpful, still he was a human! And humans need to eat and sleep in a fairly regular basis. They two have been travelling for two whole days now. But until now they weren't so deep in the forest. "We don't have time it's getting close to the time, and. ..." Mosby paused as he looked at George who looked drawn completely out of life. "You know what sure why not! After all we are humans I wouldn't risk wasting the last years of my life in federal prison instead of searching for the cure!" Mosby continued. "There's energy bars and drinks on your back pack, have some and we will continue after a while but be quick". George was glad to hear this. He sits down quickly and haves some drinks and energy bars."Thanks Professor Elric, for waiting up for me but you should eat something too" George said as he finished packing the back pack again. "No I don't want my tummy to be full and slow me down, I better off like this" Mosby replied. And so they continue to wander the forest.

It has been hours now, the Professor and his student had been wandering this huge tremendous forest. George who wasn't so sure where they were began to wander that they had been lost. But when he said his thought to the Professor, the Professor denied. "I know exactly where we are going! Just follow my lead. I didn't bring you here to whine like a little kid all the ways so now keep quite!" he yelled after hearing what George had said. George, who didn't wanted his Professor to think that he made a mistake bringing him along kept quite and followed his Professor's lead. Now it was all most time for sunset. Most of the parts of forest was covered in darkness others had a touch of faint light which seemed to be fading away in the darkness. Mosby and George had been walking for almost 6 hours. George legs were barely holding him straight then the weights of the bags and shelter, was as harder to carry as it seemed. Now Mosby began to wander himself if George was right and they do were lost. There was no sign of the plant or the lizard or even the tribe of people who had the sightings of the plant. He began to think if it was all a hoax and such plant wasn't seem around here but was said just to bring tourist around and get them lost!

Now it was night, the sun had gone and the peaceful forest turned into the most dangerous place to be. There was no more peace around. Wolves howl can be heard from miles. The moon hanged in the high sky giving weak light to the forest. Mosby was now tired too. After all they are humans they can't keep on wandering forever. They need rest too. He said George to make the camp and lit a camp fire. They were gonna settle there for the night. George did as he was told. There they spent the night. George took the first watch as Mosby slept like a dead man. "After all despite whatever he says he still is old and old people most his age spent their rest of the life taking rest but not he! I really admire you for this Professor Mosby" George whispered to himself as he watched around. Soon time went and it was time for Mosby's turn to watch. But George didn't wake him up as he didn't wanted him to be tired later that day. He stayed awake all night and in between took small five ten minutes naps which George later said to Mosby was enough for him to continue the whole day when he asked him why didn't he woke him up. The night went safe and soundly and no one was eaten by the wolves or the tigers or any other of their wild neighbors.

As soon as the sun appeared in the night sky and it turned into morning. They started their expedition again. The weather wasn't so friendly today. It started raining and then there were some heavy winds. The forest was all muddy and wet. George and Mosby wandered further and deeper into the forest. And as they went Mosby looked around bending down on every plant to see if the plant they were seeking for was there. But unfortunately again they walked miles but there was no sign of the plant. "Perhaps Sir it might have been a hoax. The plant may not have been seen around," George continued "We have had looked all over the forest Professor but we haven't seen the plant or the lizard or any sign of their existence in here yet". Mosby stopped inspecting the plant he was looking at and turn his head to George and said: "Who said anything about not seeing any sign of their existence George? Did you think that I had just been running around the forest clueless?" Mosby pointed to the ground and continued "You see that there, yeah those puny foot prints there of no animal's u have ever heard of. It's of the one of its kind the rare Hanukuku lizard, and do you know where is this foot prints taking us? You see its better then those GPS of now days. The lizard shelters around the plant we are seeking. If we continue to follow we will be in its territory in no time" George gasped in wonder how he can have not seen it. "He do is a remarkable man, and as I travel with he's making me admire him more and more." George said to himself. "I am sorry professor to have doubt you," He apologized to Mosby. Mosby started following the foot steps of the lizard with no reply. George followed him. The weather wasn't getting any better and Mosby was worried that the foot prints are fading. And it wasn't long before it completely faded with the mud. A huge splash of water crash on the ground and washed out all the foot prints from the ground. Both Mosby and George stopped. "What now Professor?" Georg asked. "Now we continue, check in your GPS where were we heading" Mosby said. George checked his GPS but it's wasn't working. "It's not working!" he said. "What do you mean it's not working give me that," Mosby took the GPS from George. "It's broken!" He yelled. "But how. . ." and before George could finish Mosby said: "Leave it be, we go straight now and take shelter. I don't want to get cold." And then they started heading forward straight.

Mosby and George continued to walk forward. And with their every step the rains seemed to plunge down more heavily. Tired of walking Mosby says George to set the tents under the huge tree they were standing in front. It was a huge pine tree. And its roots covered the whole ground around it. George sets their tent under the tree. And then they get into the tent. "We will continue after the rain." Mosby says. "We shall then Professor." George replies. "So professor this plant and lizard you are looking for how did you find out about it?" George asks Mosby. "By doing lots and lots of research," Mosby replies in a heavy voice. "And you are hundred percent sure that it will work Professor?" George asks "What makes you so sure?" "It's a long story." Mosby says. "Well we have lots of time Professor the rain won't be stopping any time soon"

"If you must know then, well when I was a kid I once visited this little village with my father. I don't remember its name. But I remember clearly what I saw that day. It was unbelievable. My father was an explorer. He believed in supernatural and ghosts and stuffs. But I had always been skeptical like my mother of his work. He used to own this little TV. show 'Adventures with Edward Mosby' it wasn't big hit. But he always dreamt to make it a big international TV. show. One summer he takes me with him on one of his tours. He takes me to this strange village I speak of. The people were all strange and scary. I walked behind him as he walked into a tent. There were loud noises and cries all around. It was not a pleasant situation. Then he do this thing that I till today couldn't figure out how he did it. There was a boy lying on a table. He was badly hurt. He was bleeding from the eyes ears and everywhere. And what it seemed he had this big arrow type thing struck to his chest. I saw him as he fought for life and died in front of my bare eyes. Then Pop takes out a small cage from his bag. It had this lizard in it. Beautiful mesmerizing and odd looking lizard it was. . ." George interrupts Mosby and asks him "Sorry to interrupt you but is this the same lizard we are hunting?" Mosby nods and says "Yes," "As I was saying," Mosby continues. "This lizard it was fairly large and was like normal lizards. It had big fangs. A weird little head and big sword like tail. Its eyes were bigger then it's head. And it was holding a plant in its claws." George again interrupts "The plant that we seek right professor?". "Yes," And Mosby continues again. "Pop opened the cage and let the lizard out, it was weird. The lizard didn't flea it started walking one step after another toward the dead body of the boy dragging the plant with it as it go. And then it did something weird, it dug into the wound of the dead boy and started glow. A bright light came from the boy's mouth and his eyes were glowing green. The villagers started chanting. Pop hold me closer to him and smiled. He seemed happy. But I was scared. Nothing happening made sense. What happened next was all blurry. But the dead boy who I saw died in front of me was back to life. He seemed fresh and happy. He seemed like nothing happened. He got off his table and immediately vomited. The lizard rushed out of his mouth. The lizard then slowly walked back into its cage and drowse off…" Mosby stopped. And looked outside the tent, "It has stopped raining we should start again" he said in a calm voice. "But professor finish you story first," George requested. "I will some other time, for now we have to continue again." Mosby said and walked out of the tent.