Chapter Four:

The Amazing Hanukuku Tribe

After what seemed like an hour of walking through the narrow path, the mystery man and Mosby finally reaches a large gate. "There old man Elric, on the other side of this gate lies what you were destined for, are you ready to reveal your faith?" the man asked. "Uh okay," Mosby replied lightly. He was mesmerized seeing such a huge gate. "Giants must live on the other side of it!" Mosby thought to himself. The man in the hooded robe whistled loudly and at once the enormous gate started moving and started opening slowly. Mosby still couldn't see what lay on the other side of the gate. Mosby waited impatiently and curiously as the gate was opening slowly. It seemed to take forever to open to him. Finally the gate shut opened. Mosby's jaws drop as he saw what lay behind the enormous gate. "That my friend is your faith revealed!" the man said tapping Mosby's shoulder. He was surprised and awestruck. He saw there were like fifty of men and woman standing holding all his favorite kinds of food. Everything around them was one or another of Mosby's favorite things. It was like he was inside his favorite stuff gallery. Even the men and women wear dressing in bright color. And the color was also Mosby's favorite Blue color. There was even a big portrait of Shelly and Mosby hanging on the back ground. "It's amazing!" Mosby said to himself. "How can they have gotten so many of my favorite things together in such a short time? Or how did they even found out what I liked!" Mosby entered the gates and as he step foot on the soil of Hanukuku Tribe, everyone started chanting some words in their language and started some song Mosby couldn't understand, but then something hit his mind: "Wait a minute… This song… I've heard it before… I've had heard it that day, the day I saw the lizard very first time. Wait is it that village Pop brought me when I was young…But how could it happen…" Mosby again got lost in his train of thoughts. "Relax old man!" a voice shouted "You seem deeply disturbed, anything wrong?" Mosby looked ahead and was amazed at what he saw. "It's that boy from that lizard day, it's that village! I am back to where I first saw the lizard!" Mosby said to himself. "Yes, your memory Elric is really good for someone at your age. You seem to remember me clearly. Let me introduce you to myself. I am Zaika, the son of the Chief Zaskar. I owe your father my life. If it wasn't for him and his lizard I wouldn't be here in front of you today. Our tribe owes you a huge debt Elric" The man said. Mosby kept silence for a while then he said, "Thank you for your warm welcome, Zaika but where is my student George?" He didn't know what to said. Mosby felt really speechless. With what's been happening lately Mosby wasn't so sure what to believe what to deny. At least all his questions were answered. He started having tears in his eyes, but that wasn't just because he was sad and happy confused but also because he realized a great deal about his life. How he could have done so many more things if he wouldn't have hid from his faith. Mosby always knew his destiny lay with the lizard and the plant. But he never loved to accept it. He never wanted this life his pop wanted him. He could've saved his father if he wouldn't have left him. He could cure his mother if he wouldn't had left. He could save Shelly. But then it's too late now, what has been done can't be changed. He couldn't save his loved ones but he still had the chance to save million maybe billions of people so he felt like the messiah of human race. He felt somewhat happiness in his heart. And a smile appears on his wrinkly face. "Ah he smiled!" Zaika shouted as his tribesman started singing again. Zaika showed Mosby the way to his cottage and told him to get fresh and prepared for the fest and ceremony they prepared for him. "Don't worry about this George of your, my men will find him and bring him over here" Zaika said to Mosby as he showed him his room. "Now go get freshened up Shijou will meet you down at the ceremony!"

Mosby went inside the washroom and washed his face several times with water. Then took a bath, and after a long one hour of fresh bath in fairly warm and cold water just like Mosby always liked. He came out of the washroom, and he seemed full of life. "Ah there's nothing a freshly warm bath can't cure" He said. Outside the washroom on his bed he saw a laid big gown type dress. It looked like the dresses of olden day's kings. H wore it and came out of his cottage. As soon he stepped out side, everyone started cheering and chanting his name. They were all treating him like a king. They danced around him, sang for him, did several tradition arts to entertained him and the foods cooked were just delicious. Mosby was so full of everything that he couldn't move! Through out the whole evening all two things could have been heard from Mosby "Hanukuku's are amazing!" "I don't wanna leave from here ever again." That evening despite of whatever happened earlier day, or the past few days and what was going to happen the next day despite all this Mosby forgot about everything stopped worrying about everything and enjoyed the best he could and he did. Mosby never felt so full of life and happy before his life. No one could have said he was an old man the way he enjoyed himself. Then finally after everything, the fest was over. And everyone settled down. A strange peace was made and everything got quite "What happens now?" Mosby asked Zaika. "Now you met Shijou! Now you meet your faith Elric" Zaika replied and bow down as he saw Shijou. Shijou was a really old man. He had a bald and big long chin beard and moustaches. He looked really peaceful and had that strong people vibe coming from him. And everyone bowed to him as he entered the scene. Mosby looked behind. Shijou walked right to him, he looked thrice as old as Mosby.

"Finally you have arrived young Elric Mosby…" Shijou said. "We have been waiting for you now from a long time. More than two decades. I heard you denied you destiny, it speaks to me it tells me you are not a believer. But see, no matter how far you went you came back in here. You came back to your faith your destiny. A little, but you did. He knew you will come looking for him that's why he chose no other place than this. Hinochiuwa, he just doesn't make any stranger his carrier, no! It's so much more complicated than that. He is picky, and a certain quality is needed to be met if you want to become its carrier. You are gonna need to have a strong heart, but you have that already don't you Elric Mosby? You need to be strong in your weakest state, I would say you have that too Elric Mosby you are going to be fifty years of age and yet you have the strength of a 40 years. His carrier must be from the genetic pool of his founder… Your Pop Elric, Edward Mosby he found him right if I remember correctly? Elric when I see at you I see nothing but hidden anger and sadness, tears that you didn't let out had carved a darkness in your heart. You came here hoping you could cure cancer now didn't you; but I tell you Elric Mosby the cure you think can only cure disease it can do so much more then that. You can do so much more than just to heal anyone with your minds; you could do so much more! Your heart is pure and it still can be the carrier of the God. Now Elric, my question for you is: Do you wish to leave your old unappreciated, meaningless weak and depressed way of life that you were living till yesterday and start anew life? A life with godly abilities! A life with meaning! A life that even if you leave won't leave you! A life that will save billions of you! A life that you deep down under the piles of denials and confusions, under all those hate and anger you always wanted? Do you now wish Elric Mosby?" Shijou finished.

Once again Mosby didn't know what to say. He stood there in silence as Shijou waited for an answer. "Let me know what you think Elric, I will be in my chamber waiting. Come only if you are brave and courageous enough to accept your destiny. Or you can once again make a run for it, run away from your destiny and then at the end of your minutes you will again end up in here. And then you will realize this is what you always wanted." Shijou said and then left. "You should get some rest, and think about it Elric. I will walk you to your cottage" Zaika came and said as Shijou left. Mosby kept silence and walked to his chambers with Zaika. On the way, he realized something really weird.