Chapter Eight:

Way to the nest of evil

Mosby and Zaika spent the night on there, throughout whole night Zaika couldn't sleep no matter how hard he tried. He kept thinking, how someone as loyal as Alm can go against his own blood. Zaika knew Alm from the time he was just a toddler. He had seen him grown up with his bare eyes. He was there when Alm said his first word or the first time he could lift a stick. He was there when he killed his first deer and when he was entitled the guardian of the tribe, the sole protector of Hanukukus. He never in his wildest dreams thought Alm could betray them like this over such a small cause. This proves that how weak and fragile his heart really is and no matter how good his aiming is inside he's just hopeless and lost. Thinking about all this and watching over George, Zaika didn't get any sleep at night and soon it was dawn. The morning sky appears on the black sky and a strange dim calmness spreads through the forest. The fainting darkness gets covered by the shadows of the evergreen. The nature has its own strange way of saying hello. The sun played hide and seek with the forest as it peeked through behind the white slowly moving clouds. Previous few days the weather was sunny and stormy, but today the weather is whole different. There was a weird balanced amount of windiness and brightness. It wasn't too hot or too cold and little amount of rain was dropping. And in every few minutes a heavy cold breeze would come and get disappeared behind the shadows. Zaika stood up and was admiring this beautiful weather, although few minutes back his mind was all dark and cloudy with thoughts. Now he feels much better. His heart was calm and as in every few minutes a breeze would come, he would exhale heavily his breath as if he wants to take in these heavenly breezes. He looked around and saw, it wasn't just him there was a quite touch of calmness all around. There were fogs which covered the whole forest. And suddenly the weather dropped, and it was really cold now. Zaika didn't took liberty of waking up Mosby, he knew they had a long tiring way ahead of them and Mosby should get as much rest as he can. He slowly walks over George who was getting back to his senses after being unconscious for 8 whole hours and a half. Zaika walked slowly to him without waking up or disturbing Mosby in his sleep, and get hold of George's collar. Then he slowly with his muscular hands drags George away from where Mosby was sleeping. As he did this George got back to his sense completely, and he struggled and fought to open the rope that tying his hands and legs. Zaika drags George all the way to a nearest tree and ties him up. Then he takes out his sword and plants it on George's head. George screamed and took names at Zaika when he was doing this. "Shut up and answer the questions I ask you or you shall meet your death!" Zaika said in a loud fierce tone. George at once stopped cursing Zaika because he realized Zaika was being serious and he could take his life at the very moment without anyone saying a thing!

"I am not saying you a single thing you corrupted being!" George replied and spit at Zaika. And Zaika punched George almost senseless again. "Where is the scientists' camp? And what do they want with the plant?!" Zaika asked as hold George's face up. George denied answering and Zaika punched him again. His cheeks were red and blood started falling from his nose and mouth. Zaika again asked and George again denied from answering so he punched him again. This process continued three four times when finally George got unconscious again. Zaika was really pissed, he untied George and went and stand by his horse. He knew if he did this, George will escape and then they can follow him back to the base camp of the scientists. He woke Mosby up, and told him to get on the horse they will be starting their journey again. Mosby woke up and drank some water then he went and sat on his horse. Mosby and Zaika, waited behind a large tree and waited for George to get his sense back and start running back to the base camp. It was an hour before George got his sense back finally, all this time Mosby and Zaika hid beside the tree and talked about what to do when to get there. The plan was that, when they reach there, Mosby will go look for the plant in the scientists' base camp. Meanwhile Zaika would look for Hinochiuwa and when both of them have found what they've been looking for they will start heading toward north-end of the forest. When George got his sense back, the first thing he did was o check if Mosby or Zaika was there and then he started running for dear life. Mosby and Zaika stayed for a while and then started following him keeping a fair distance so George doesn't understand that he was being followed. It was really far from where they were, and often George forgot the way and took them on wrong ways. But then finally they reaches their destination. The camp covered a almost half of the eastern part of the village. They had small buildings and all sorts of machines there. "Wow what is this place!" Zaika said in amazement. "That Zaika is how city people go camping," Mosby said. "They must be onto something big, really big as they went through so much of trouble" Mosby said. "But what does they want from Hinochiuwa, they can't force him to heal anyone and they pretty much can't make any use of him but to kill him," Zaika said. "Maybe they don't want to make use of him," Mosby said. "Maybe they want to kill him, but why?" Mosby added.

Mosby and Zaika were confused and didn't know what to do. They didn't stand a single chance against the army of the scientists and they couldn't let them take Hinochiuwa in their custody. Zaika and Mosby stayed outside the base camp's entrance and stalked the camp. There were more than fifty scientists they counted so far, and lots of men with gun power. "We will need an army to outnumber them Mosby," Zaika said as he continued looking at the camp. "We will, I don't see any other way…wait…there…" Mosby replied pointing on a truck. "You see that, that logo I know that logo. It's Zeltanite Pharmaceuticals. They are one of the most famous and largest pharmaceuticals of Russia and South America. If they are behind this then no way it can anything be good".