My Nightmare realm is very different from my dream realm. While my dream realm consists of my deepest desires and pleasures and loves, my nightmare realm is my deepest fears, worries, and hell all rolled up into one.

To give you a taste of what my nightmare realm is like, let me start by describing what happened lat time I was there, and what I saw.

It started like any adventure dream, almost like a video game, that would get more horriffic, and the deaths more grusome.

the hero, as he was, wasn't on a quest to save anyone or gain anything, he just wanted to escape with his life. He started off in was like a huge cave, with what appeared to be a shipwreck stuck in stone. In front of him was lava flowing from the eyes of an angry statue, resembling the greek god zeus. he has an angry expression on his face. The hero at first tries jumping over the lava, but this fails, and the second he touches it, his body melts, the flesh literally falls of the bone, all his blood and organs goes up in a puff of smoke.

He tries again, this time noticing a chain dangling from the cave ceiling. With a might jump he grabs it, and swings right at the statue. The statue takes a swing at him, and our hero lands on a small path to the side of the wooden shipwreck. He runs over to the door up ahead and goes inside.

What he sees stuns him. There is metal scaffolding all around, and a small, air rail way cart right in front of him. The rail leads across a dark abyss. there seems to be other rails as well. He gets on and woosh! There he goes.

What he sees shocks him. To the right of him, black emptyness, but to the left, a huge, massive eyeball. It is bloodshot, and also has huge eyelashes. The whole wall is pink and flesh like in color, and below, just dark abyss. As he moves further along, something bites his neck. He picks it off, and it is a thick metal worm, about the size of a cheetoe, and throws it off. Then ten, twenty, one hundred, a thousand! They swarm on him, biting away, tearing his flesh little by little. He tries to jump to another cable cart, but doesn't complete the jump, and lets out a scream as millions of the metal worms swarm on him as he plunges into the abyss.

He ends up where he started on the cable cart. He tries again. This time like before, the worms swarm again, and he tries to fight them off, but it is no use, and hundreds of millions of worms swarm on him. He falls on his back on the cart as they worms have at him.

The man opens his eyes one last time to see six metal snakes, standing up, they all look like cables.

The nightmare has ended.