Guardian essence

By guardian

Being a guardian is not as easy as it seems but then again u wouldn't know about it so I'll tell you here I am g5 that means generation5 the first four generations didn't make it out of the lab the lab is a hidden place even I don't know where it is I am ranked top of my generation not in combat but in hiding not even my creators have been able to trace me or my group there are 4 of us and we are all trying to reinsure what about our memories are true and what was implanted by our creators and this is our story.

My group calls me rob my full name was Robert j Vincent I don't like the name so I go with rob the others in my group are Charlene, mike and Leann we all carry nannite's I am sure you know what those are well they are in our blood brain basically our whole body even our skin we can camouflage ourselves even in the middle of a field no shadow nothing we just need to hold still and let the nanite's activate but when they do we go into what we call guardian mode we have the speed of what you call a vampire our skin goes as hard as Kevlar yet as flexible as regular skin and our minds go combat overload this is the life of the guardian essence

Ok so I was visiting my mother one day and so I asked her if I could see some of my old friends so she took me to see these two girls that I knew or think I knew when she was helping drop newspapers she remembered them so I guess they are real so we went to visit them but they were with their dad who was a rich guy on the northern end of the city I went on my own not wanting to waist gas I rode my bike I left early in the morning I arrived at the gate around noon the girls mom called ahead for me I gave the door man my name and he checked his list and let me in I rode up to the house and it was actually humble for what I had heard of the guy a butler let me in and handed me a glass of water.

Thanks um I don't know your name. "it's Gerome but don't try to memorize it" well Gerome can I have you hold a few things "like what sir" I knelt down and pulled off my two knife sheaths around my ankles 'my mom had me bring them she is worried about gangs' "very well shall I tell the girls you are here" yes I would like to surprise them though so keep it a secret "ok" (by the way the two girls that I am visiting are Jessica and Nicole we are childhood friends I even taught one how to dance when we were younger) when Jessica and Nicole appeared at the top of the stairs and saw me they screamed and ran down to give me a hug (so they remember me to) then it happened an alarm sounded and running was heard outside the girls backed away and I asked what it was they told me that it was the gate alarm only sounded when a gun was pulled then it activated my first guardian activation the girls backed away even more "what's happening to you rob"(I don't know but get to your rooms now) they ran up the stairs (GEROME BRING ME MY KNIVES) "he came running with my knives and he himself was holding a katana ( Gerome stay back ill handle whoever it is) he nodded then handed me his katana and pulled two pistols from his jacket "sir I am giving my life to this family" I nodded at him (but stay out of my way) Ii had no idea what I was going to do but I just felt right.

I ran out of the house and saw five juggernaut men climbing out of an armored car 6 guards were already dead I ran at one he fired at me and my arms moved on my own my knives blocking the bullets I had no idea why or how I could do that but I liked it I jumped on the first I reached and slit his throat the look on his face was sheer terror that got the attention of the other four they focused on me and the other guards tried to advance behind them (no get away I'll take these guys fall back and protect the family) they did as I said and I launched myself at the next closest person all of them were scared by my agility and my swiftness I was two on two they both fired at me I had lost a knife in the armor of the third I got hit three times and I felt the full pain but when I knelt down I saw no blood none at all so I stood up and they actually started to walk back scared they were scared of me a regular teenager then I remembered the katana I strapped to my back I pulled it out and grinned in its gleam I cut down the last two quickly then I wiped the blood off the blades and sat down waiting for the guards.

They came out slowly with their guns raised until they saw it was just me then they ran out to see if I was ok even the girls came running from the back of the house they stopped a few feet away when the saw the bodies they couldn't speak after that I blacked out when I woke up I was in the houses foyer my mom the girls Gerome and their dad were there I asked what had happened and they told me that after killing the five assassin's I fainted and fell over after that they had brought me inside and called my mom then someone came in and left a note for me Gerome handed me a folded swan I unfolded it and it read :congratulations on your first guardian activation we admit we did not want this but it was not foreseen. That is all it said I told them and no one had any idea what it was about.

The girls and the rest of the family were so grateful they even wanted to hire me as mobile security but I declined they were sad about that but I said that I would come and visit as much as possible they were happy about that so I got on my bike and rode home after taking a left I saw three people a guy and two girls step out of an alley and stop in front of me I slam on my brakes and stop a foot from them (what's the idea stopping right in front of me I could have hit you )they just looked at me then the guy said "you got your letter right" (witch one I got 5 in the last week) "not regular mail the swan" ok how does he know (who wants to know ) "names mike the red head is Leann she is my girl so keep your eyes to yourself and this little brown is Charlene and you are"(name is Robert you can call me rob) "well rob we are the same as you we heard about you on the police radio took down 5 juggernauts on your own good job for a first time but never just carry two knives and a katana make sure you always have a gun on you" he pulls out a gun satchel and there was a gun in it and tosses it to me (wha I don't need this nor do I want it)"fine just keep it though the guy that left the note will be back to give you your real test"

(Real test the note said I passed) "That's what ours said to but he came back and he will for you to if you want we can help" (help how do you have the same abilities as me speed unbreakable skin super reflexes) "yup and more I'm bout my 5 activation these two are on their third" the girls nodded (should I tell my mom) "no u need to leave no trace no connections just tell her that you have made connections and you won't be back" (that's all she is going to be terrified she will call the cops and think I have been kidnapped) "you will be fine once we get moving you won't be traceable specially with your ability we were watching you during your fight after you blacked your body went on guard mode and you disappeared then one of those girls ran around then tripped on you I almost came into view to explain but then you came back and they carried you inside I am surprised you could activate the camo even on your first activation even these two cant activate it yet" they nodded again ( do you two even talk?) Charlene spoke up and said that mike had told them to let him do the talking. Then mike Leann and Charlene took a few steps back the girls disappeared and mike said "be on your toes kid we will be watching out for you since you are new and I think Charlene has a liking to you the way you protected those two girls back there well cya later kid." He to then disappeared so I started my ride again taking the same rout back to my house that I had taken that morning I didn't get there till about one in the morning so I went in as quietly as I could even taking care as to avoid my brothers room he is usually up around now to watch some Japanese show he found one night with his friends ever since then he's been hooked mom has even tried tying him down to his bed at night but he always manages to escape we even tried turning off our power one night then we remembered he was an electronics nerd so he could just make a mini generator or something I made it to my room just fine and so I went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and made breakfast my signature omelets the only thing that would get my bro up on a Saturday morning even though it is raining I still saw it as a sunny day I'm guessing it was from the giddy ness and knowledge that I am still alive even though just yesterday I had taken on 5 juggernauts and taken 5 bullets to the chest and lived no blood lost literally no harm at all that's when I saw them the three shadows in the yard moving from behind a tree to the bushes against our wall (so I wasn't hallucinating after all on my ride home) I went on my usual morning bike ride through the park scared off the neighborhood bully though I guess he heard what had happened or some mish mashed version of it well at least he stayed away from me today I didn't think I could deal with him after getting back home and taking a shower I told my mom the only one in my family that knew about what had happened yesterday about my meeting with the guy and the two girls she had a scared expression after I told her that they wanted me to join them and disappear it took me a bit to calm her down but she listened and I told her the rest of my story then I told her that if I had to to protect her I would disappear and that if I did she would not be able to tell anyone not even my brother

then we heard a scream not a regular scream of joy at seeing an old friend but one of pure terror I jumped up and grabbed my knifes then remembering what mike said I grabbed the pistol he had left me with and ran out the door I could feel the same change as at the mansion taking me but this one was quicker and it had more power then I saw it a full grown male probably in his thirties pulling a little girl screaming and kicking away from her mother at gun point she was standing there with her hands up and getting on the ground as she was told then my arms moved on their own raising the gun sighting the man in the back of the head then boom the man falls to the ground releasing the little girl and a spray of blood on the sidewalk the girl ran straight to her mom and they both just cowered there as I walked over and gave the woman my hand she slowly reached out for it then she let me help her up then my mom came out hugging me then she invited the woman and her daughter in our house my brother was in an uproar after hearing the gunshot I was surprised my mom wasn't traumatized by me actually using the gun the police arrived a few minutes later and after hearing my story bout a random guy giving me the gun saying I would need it then this happening the next day and me without a license using it got arrested but they let me sit in the back I went willingly and since I stopped a kidnaping they only held me for the night

the next day after being released and getting a ride home I set about packing I didn't tell my mom why even though she asked me I am guessing that she knew It had already gotten too close to home for comfort I grabbed my bag my knifes and left my mom crying on the porch I stopped at the gate and asked her if she could tell the girls: from the beginning of the story: that I was sorry I could not keep my promise but I would always remember them and that if they were ever in danger to just say my name and I would be there then I left without looking back.

After that I went to the alley way I first saw them and there they were Mike, Leann and Charlene my new family when she saw me Charlene jumped up and ran to me she had been sitting on a box once she got to me she hugged me and asked if I had decided to join their group I told her yes and to show I meant it I showed her my bag she smiled like a kid getting a puppy then hugged me again then mike told me he had pulled a few strings and dropped a wanted convict on the cops door step and gotten the gun back he tossed it to me next time don't give it up just drop the enemy and leave nothing else no helping the victim just go or you will get caught again and next time won't be so nice he looked serious so I listened

After telling their back stories and all that we left not the natural way but the way only we could literally disappearing we just walked deeper into the alley climbed a wall then got in a car that had been hidden under a pill of boxes and garbage we climbed in mike and Leann in front me and Charlene in back once we started moving Charlene snuggled up to me and fell asleep her head on my shoulder me being uncomfortable in situations like this took out a shirt from my bag folded it up into a pillow and put it under her head then I to fell asleep felling more tired than before.

I woke up in the same position as when I went to sleep mike had the radio blaring a green day song probably to keep him up so since I was fully rested I suggested we switch the driving for a bit I showed him my license so after we woke up the girls we switched I was driving now so I asked mike where he intended to go and he said we were making a trip all the way to California and since we had started a little south of new York it would take at least 5 to 6 days continuous driving with breaks and counting our luck running into trouble and having to deal with it.

Half way thru the next day we had such bad luck the car had a police radio on it and me and Charlene heard of a chase of a convict buss with heavily armed men so after waking up mike and leann we set to work first the girls changed into all black outfits then I changed and then mike we were all blacked out when we were done even blacked our faces then me being the one of good balance climbed on the roof with the gun in my side holster and the katana that gerome had given me straped to my back my knifes in their ankle sheaths we were about five minutes behind the chase but we could hear the gunshots and I could hear and see the differences in my new friends I could also feel myself activating I then told mike to pull up next to the buss and ram it so I could jump on top but before he sped up he handed me two things a smoke bomb for my escape and a rope to tie the steering wheel down I nodded my consent so he floored the gas and we shot over the ridge and into the firefight the cops seeing us held their fire but the convicts on the bus tried to take advantage and kill us but knowing what we were all doing we kept on moving and rammed the back of the bus I took that chance to jump none of the convicts saw me jump on and they were to surprised by our courage to hear me hit the roof that is when I got to work slowly making m y way up to the front of the bus the front window had been shattered so using some freestyle parkour I jumped in the front of the bus slashing the convict drivers neck I then took the handcuffs that were laying next to him while the other cons started to notice me and locked the guard gate in such a way that the cons could not open it I then proceeded to tie up the steering wheel first one that noticed me saw that and tried to shoot me the gate gave me some cover but one went straight in front of my eyes I finished my knot while he reloaded then I went to work I shot to disable not to kill shooting through the gate and hitting the shoulder and calf after I had injured everyone I took the dead drivers foot and put all his weight on the breaks then right before it stopped I popped the smoke open and jumped on the roof again looking for my ride and their it was right behind the bus taking my paces I jumped onto the car and we sped away leaving the five police cars to deal with the wounded convicts.