New life


After arriving in California we made our way to la stopping twice for food and a third to stop a robbery this time we were dressed in pure white it was my idea I thought of it seeing as how we were acting as angels now we were all now about our 18th activation. We were staying at an old hotel and I was out getting food so I was at a small grocery store in the back alley when three lightly armed men came in and started demanding cash from the register I was only armed with my knife at the time but it would do so I activated and climbed the shelf these were sturdy shelves so they held my weight and I jumped the first that was in the next aisle picking up donughts and Twinkies so after silently slitting his throat I laid his dead body down and went after the one in the very back grabbing beer and energy drinks I did the same with him and stuffed him in the freezer and last but not least the one with the gun a regular style police gun so after wiping myself off with a rag from my back pocket then I just rolled a can of beer up towards the counter and he was so jumpy he shot it that gave me an idea I gave a laugh and not my regular light laugh it was a deep chilling laugh he looked so funny I crawled up into the fake ceiling then crawled over till I was right above him then to add to my fun I spit on his head and he looked up and down I dropped smashing his spinal cord after paying for the stuff we needed I left a minute later the cops came whizzing by.

Walking back to the apartment I was a block away when I heard a scream from ahead I knew the others would have heard it to so I rushed forward my tired arms being renewed by my activation but I felt something else to the regular now tingle from my toes heading up but right when It got to my shoulders I felt something actually start to exit my body but I had no time to worry about it so I kept on running and once I arrived at the alley where the scream came from I was fully awakened my friends were already there and holding the guy unconscious while consoling and helping a girl up from the ground her shirt and pants ripped they all stopped and looked at me then I saw my shadow thrown by a street light it looked like I had wings then I looked around my shoulder and there they were two huge white wings that looked as though I would be able to fly with them then I looked back at my friends "well I guess I leveled up"

You see we had each been getting small upgrades at checkpoints i was at my twentieth activation so I am guessing that earned me my fighting wings. After seeing and hearing me the girl went stark white and fainted. After that we took her to a hospital well I did we thought it would be better with a silent drop off than 4 kids just driving up and dumping a body I actually flew her over buildings and set her in front of the doors then flew off. I then made an untraceable call to the hospital telling them she had been attack and hit in the head so she might be delirious then hung up before they asked questions hovering there I saw two men come out catch her and walk her inside meanwhile looking everywhere for me I then flew back and was met with a flying tackle from Charlene meanwhile kissing me and telling me how cool I looked oh yeah I forgot to mention we had started dating around Utah and we hadn't really gotten much time alone but when we did we would be making out but keeping our hands in the less personal areas

After that night we went to our final destination a mansion that was left to mike because he had saved the guys life without activation for one it was just driving him to the hospital after he was shot I mean driving a car across la as a 12 year old you have to give him something for that and he was left a giant mansion with a brand new security system and entirely off the grid power system so we could use as much electricity as possible without drawing suspicion and that was a good thing because the first room we were shown was a giant supercomputer room and a giant world screen showing little red dots some moving others vibrating and right where we were there was a cluster of 4 "so this thing is tracking us?" "yes yes it is it is how I found you" "how?" "Our nanittes give off a super faint harmless radiation that by using myself as a basis I was able to lock onto your signals as well as many others around the world from the look of the map there were other small coalitions in France Asia and South America sadly none in Africa but there were only three and they were on different parts of the continent so yeah that is probably why they weren't together well we would all soon be together and fighting together to help any and everyone

We each had our own room with a balcony and bathroom and somewhat out of respect my room and Charlene's were connected by a double door we would stay up into the night talking and kissing even laughing thinking about what the other two were doing I would even minor activate myself and let her look at my wings one time we even went for a little flight and sat on top of a bridge we laughed the whole way back even startling a flock of birds we had to then having to swerve to dodge an empty life flight after seeing that we decided to follow. What we found was horrible we were both fully activated and i was circling from what we could see it was a two semi and 5 car crash in the middle of the highway along with a roaring fire near one of the fuel trucks we decided we should help so we made our entrance I dropped her first at an angle to give her a landing run spreading a landing area for me then I landed everyone was staring until we started towards a trapped driver firefighter tried to stop us but we both sidestepped him and then we were at our hard part we both grabbed the top of the car and ripped it off me using my wings as a fire shield while she pulled him out then we gave him to a paramedic then went to work getting others out after getting the last one free and safely away something bad happened we were trying to move the gas tanker away from the fire and we heard a small hissing but instead of backing away as I did knowing the heat would still affect my skin Charlene was still there slowly moving the tank then BOOM it blew everyone else was at a safe distance but Charlene (now past her 20th activation but she didn't get wings ) was right next to the blast yet when the smoke cleared she was still there just looking around I ran to her and seeing me she ran to me and we met in a tearful hug and she started going on and on how she thought she was dead and we just stood there holding each other for a while then we got up and surprisingly no one tried to touch us we heard two or three thank you's but no one dared touch a girl that had just survived an explosion and a guy that has wings after that we flew off and went home all the while just holding each other as close as possible.

When we got back we found the others watching us on the news replaying the explosion with nothing but awe one their faces after that it was questions and questions a little bit of crying then silence

Hope you like this segment I thought I would put a twist at the end - guardian