In the middle of July, my feet touch the tender grass.

While a velvety breath of wind sweeps over serenity,

I take a glance above as a million glistering stars pass.

Looking at the breathtaking view it's hard not to feel small.

The dark blue sky wraps around galaxy after galaxy,

Enveloping extraterrestrials, mysteries, wonders and all.

Each and every star in space glitters like gold

Immersing our planet with radiant light from above

Every single one shining equally bold.

They illuminate vividly against the black night sky.

While clustered by millions, each stands as its own,

Each ball of fire giving freedom a try.

I am interrupted when a piercing light catches my eye

I see a million fireflies dancing in the night

With their passionate, fiery glow, they're stars that can fly.

With each flutter of wings or shaky dip in flight,

The fragile beauties know nothing of hesitation,

Putting on an elaborate show with a fantasy spotlight.

Each firefly its very own star, and attention it beckons,

So for a split second, our Earth mirrored the heavens.