Fireworks are one of the few little splatters of bright paint in this gray, busy world. It shoots into the dark blue with a bang, which in that timeless moment seems loud enough for the other side of the universe to hear. In the deep sapphire atmosphere, it stretches its limbs after an eternity of silence in time for its final moment of glory, for its long awaited opening curtain. The firework explodes, showering the civilians below with billowing chroma and striking brightness. In that very moment, the entire world is blind save for the brilliant flashes of forceful yet intimate rays of radiance. In that very moment, it's just short of hypnosis. How peculiar it is that if we get a step too close to a firework, our place on this earth will be over. What torture it is that fireworks, which are so breathtaking and so stunning, can kill us instantaneously, and so easily. What powerful mask a firework wears, concealing us from its danger and putting forth a visual of benevolent and luscious beauty instead, sure to lure in even the most austere, careful soul. Get too close to this wonder, and you'll get more than burned.

Certain people are fireworks. Their sparks will capture you more efficiently than being behind bars. Out of their gold flames will emerge arms, crawling closer until they hold you with a force tighter than iron grips yet sweeter than a nap on the clouds. These people are nothing short of wondrous. They will abduct you with their charisma and bind you with their grace. They'll show you love and treat you with beauty. They're of the most delightful and heavenly people to surround in your company. But in an instant they might decide to be otherwise. The firework no longer serves as your amusement, but as your antagonist.

In times like these, all you really need is a cup of ice water. The instant the fascination of their brilliance floods the dam, engulfs you and shakes you apart from the inside out, get a few ice cubes and toss them in water. The moment someone's firework bursts, tearing out your ears and darkens over your eyes, burrows in your skin with it's white-hot rays that travel miles over your veins to reach your heart and send it kisses, grab the substance that will counter it all. Douse yourself inside and out, drive out the slivers of flame, smother the golden sparks and awaken yourself as the frigidity runs over you. Become aware of your skin as it raises goosebumps, freeing your mind from the ropes of fire. Watch your muscles as you shiver, feel your lips blue, and know that it was a close one.

The burning flames come in the form of sweet diction and subtle adoration. Most of the time, these flames are genuine and beautiful beyond the sphere of anyone's coherence. These little fires provide a constant source of warmth for a cold and thankful soul. The flames are innocent and exquisite, but only if they're contained. Only if they're being administered by a pair of people who feed it and love it as much as they do each other. Lose one part of the equation, and it will escalate out of control. There's no escaping this bitter fate, especially if there was only one tending to the flame since the beginning. The firework bursts, its fire pierces your heart, and you get a lot more than just burned.