This is it the final precipice,
I'm ready to jump.
I look down,
the people flock,
but they do not see me for me,
they see a shell of a person,
ready to drop.

It would be easy really,
come on, it's just one step,
that's all it takes,
until I'm dead.

But my legs stop,
no! don't betray me now,
lungs breathe,
it'll be over soon, that's a vow.

The edge looms closer,
so I close my eyes,
apparently I cannot watch my own demise.

This is pathetic,
I'm sad,
I'm an embarrassment it's true,
I can't even finish what I'm meant to do.

I step back from the edge,
my entire being shakes,
I'm not doing it?
Then I'm going to have to face my mistakes.


Like I always do,
I could make it stop,
but I just missed my chance,
the thought of a happy ending,
what a laugh.

A look up to the sky,
it smiles down at me,
asking "who is this guy?"
"What could his destiny possibly be?"

That's the question that haunts me every night,
the on that brought me here,
dangling off of this edge into the light.

Even the universe doesn't know what I meant to do,
who I'm meant to be,
what all of this means.

I had an idea,
long ago,
I thought that I really did know,
I thought I was meant to follow my dreams,
do what makes me happy,
do what makes me, me.

But life proved different,
a figure laughing at my face,
blocking my way,
changing my fate.

The dreams I had,
they were impossibilities really,
like dust in the wind,
and hope in the rain,
a wish on a star,
a way to get rid of all this pain.

My life was made of fanciful aspirations,
careless daydreaming,
and unachievable fantasies.

I ruined my life with wishful thinking.