Here lies the last scene. I hope you enjoyed :)

Putting a disclaimer just in case; everything in this script belongs to me and is a creation of my mind. Any relation to any real live events or people is an unfortunate mishap.

Scene Seven

Dan, Gabrielle, and Jordan are seated waiting for Laura to return.


Dan stands and looks at the two kids.

Dan: Show time

Gabrielle: Finally

Dan holds his hand out and she takes it. He pulls her to her feet.

Gabrielle: So…

Dan: (knocks his shoulders into hers affectionately) Be good over there

Gabrielle: Don't even act like you'll miss me

Dan: (shrugs) I'm a sick kid, what can I say?

Gabrielle shakes her head and walks towards the door, looking back for Jordan. Dan walks up to Jordan and holds out his hand.

Dan: No hard feelings old chap?

Jordan: I can't promise that

Dan's hand falls.

Dan: Meh, it's not like I don't deserve it.

Jordan: Just….lighten up on the next ones kay? You're really harsh, dude.

Dan: I can't promise that. I'm a reflection of you remember?

Jordan: I…okay…

Dan holds out his hand again. Jordan takes it.

Jordan: No hard feelings

They let go and step back. Laura takes Dan's spot and takes Jordan's hand and walks him over to where Gabrielle stood by the door.

Laura: My beautiful people, you're at your ends and still so brave.

Gabrielle: It's our gift—

Jordan: Hiding our pain?

Gabrielle: I was going to say endurance, but that works too.

Laura: I'm sorry this choice had to be made

Jordan: But I'm happy it was

Gabrielle: I can't really see it ending any other way.

Laura sighs, and holds out her hand for Gabrielle to take. Gabrielle takes it and they turn towards the door. Gabrielle and Jordan take a deep breath and take a quick glance at each other. They turn to look at Dan one last time. He puts his hand up in a half wave, and tears spring to Gabrielle's eyes. She waves back before letting go of Laura's hand and stepping through the door. Laura squeezes Jordan's hand in courage. He waves at Dan too before stepping into the door. Before he goes all the way through, he turns back and says to Dan;

Jordan: I finally get it. The point to all of this: you, Laura, this place. It's so that we can die in peace because we finally faced out demons. So thank you Dan, thank you Laura. Thank you, for finally allowing me to stop running.

Dan: (with an affectionate smirk) I knew there was a reason I liked you

Jordan smiles and steps back into the door, closing it resolutely behind him. The sound echoes and the light the dims.


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