It was a warm morning in early June when Luke walked into Tom's house. Elliot Whitlow was still awaiting trial, but the police had managed to capture most of their gang. Tom and Luke's parents had made sure they didn't get off easy either. Both had their internet and video-gaming privileges suspended for the summer, and instead of earning money for a new modem, they were both saving their summer salaries to buy Mr. Whitlow a new computer to replace the one the police had. They'd had to go and confess what they'd done to him as well, but he'd been quick to forgive. The boys were discussing what sort of security they were going to set up on his new wireless network. They hadn't decided for sure, but one thing was certain. They would do a variety of penetration tests to ensure that it couldn't be breached. More than ever Luke wanted to work in computer programming, and study how networks functioned- legally of course. Tom was considering law enforcement now. Of course that was long in the future, and right now they needed to work on paying for Mr. Whitlow's new computer.