Chapter 30: Zannor

1 month later

The guards opened the door for the human and let him inside. He walked into the throne room and Tig stood right away.


"Hey, Tig." He was taken back when Tig suddenly hugged him. "How are you?"

"Confused and stressed. I don't know what I'm doing."

Zannor chuckled. "You'll get the hang of it eventually. You've only been in this position for a few weeks. Just think of the good things about being king."

Tig let go. "The food is nice."

"Well, that's something."

"Your Arielan is getting better."

"Yeah, Mecondra actually sat down with me and worked with me on it. She's surprisingly smart when she wants to be."

"How are things going outside of this place? I've just been cooped up here."

"It's good. The shield is fully restored and Enk put amplifiers in the tunnels so that the demons can't cheat their way in like before."

"That's relieving."

"Scribe's leg and shoulder are all healed up. Enk forced him into schooling with a private tutor, but he's pretty much back to his normal self. Verku went back to Draynon, so Mecondra is happy."

"It's a shame… that Dar can't be here too."

Zannor frowned. "Yeah, I know. Lot of things happened that day. Kind of seems unreal."

"We're keeping the resistance thing a secret, right?"

"I don't think the council will want to hear about all the times we snuck into their facility and worked the system behind their backs. Otherwise Mecondra would be put in jail. I would be too. They'd probably find out where Scribe is and they'd take him as well. He's still a wanted criminal, you know."

"Oh yeah…"

"It won't really matter soon. We're going to be hopping worlds in a few months or so."

Tig took a seat on the oversized cushioned chair.

Zannor sat next to him and almost fell back not realizing how far the chair sank in.

"Yeah, it does that."

"Your chair almost ate me." Zannor sat on the floor instead and Tig laughed.

"You'll come back to visit, right?"

"Assuming I'm not eaten alive or blown to bits when I go, yeah, I'll come back. What are you going to do while I'm gone?"

"Well," Tig looked up to think about it, "Enk hired some pretty trustworthy people to help me manage the kingdom. They stopped funding Leon's research so that they could use the money to rebuild parts of the city."

"That sounds promising."

"Enk also suggested we totally erase Leon's research. He fears what would happen if an Elder would get a hold of it or that someone might finish it. He said that Bleidd is always hunting down research like this."

"Bleidd is starting to sound very intimidating from all the horror stories that I've been hearing."

Tig shrugged his shoulders. "Enk had a few things to say about him. Hyper, crazy, unpredictable, mischievous, and manipulative. Powerful too."

"Doesn't sound anything like Deagon. Enk says that Morose is crazy too."

"Yeah, but more like an emotional crazy. Bleidd is psycho crazy."

"An emotionally unstable woman or a psychopath. Which is worse, I wonder?"

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