Quiet pants

Hands shaking

Chapped lips

Eyes watering

My heart starts to race

This terrible paranoia just won't cease

It stays like a sickness that just won't go away

Oh, what do I do?

Every where I look there's something to fear

Something to run away from

Harsh breathing

Hands twitching

Lip biting

Eyes swerving

My heart beats so fast

It never stops

It's always there

The voice that screams at every little thing

The shadows jump and twist

And I spend the rest of my time waiting for one to get me


Hands wringing

Lip bleeding

Eyes wide

My heartbeat skips

Alone now and I can barely calm down

Why does this always happen to me?

This irrational fear of everything

Even now I panic knowing that tomorrow will be the same

So I spend all the time I'm not freaking out by thinking about it

Calm breathing

Hands at my sides

A healed lip

Eyes closed

My heart beating steady

Finally it all stops

I can hear my own thoughts again

With my eyes closed I don't feel anything at all

But then they open and it all comes back

The anxiety in which I live by

Never truly goes away

A poem about my experience with anxiety. Hope someone likes it.