Chapter 2

Stephen fought the spell that had him in her icy grip. As Auntie G was laughing, Stephen managed to break his arms free. As he started to flail, he hit a wall of the dark room, breaking a brick from the surrounding area. He reached down while Auntie G was laughing, not noticing that Stephen had broken free of her spell, grabbing the brick and hurling it at the window. The window shattered, creating A thousand pieces of glass and wood that fell, almost in slow motion in Stephen's mind, crashing against the surface of the dark room, embedding itself in the rotten wood that formed the base of the room. Auntie G stopped laughing, in shock at what had happened. How did the little rascal break free? Auntie G was sure that her spell – that had worked the last three times against children - would work against Stephen. How could I be wrong? She thought, as her elderly mind processed too many things at once.

Stephen jumped for it. Auntie G jumped up and attempted to grab him, but missed, falling over a rotten plank and hit her head on the wall. She called for help, looking around foggily. But there was no help to be found. She collapsed, dying of old age and her damaged skull. She lay there, silent as ever, but with a peaceful look in her eyes that covered up her mysterious and ugly past.

Stephen landed on a mattress. He looked around and to his surprise, he found a girl, about a year older than him, working on the house. He had not heard or seen her on his tour of the house, so he wondered what she was doing here. He walked up to her. "Errrm, Hey there. My name's Stephen… what's yours?" Stephen enquired

"Hello" the girl said, in a sweet and perfect voice "My name's Heather. I've never seen you around before… what are you doing here?" Stephen looked her over. She was a gentle country girl, medium height and build and, to Stephen, looked like the perfect girl. But Stephen didn't care about that – he wanted to know why she was here. "What are you doing here? I thought this place was abandoned" Stephen asked. "Well, Honey, this place is abandoned. I've been working here for years though, ever since that nice old lady took me in."

Stephen noticed something that he hadn't noticed before – There was a slight tint to the girl. Stephen could see through her. "Y- You're a… g-ghost?" Stephen stuttered. "That's right hun, a ghost. Since the nice old lady picked me up and helped me from my illness, I've been a ghost, working on this building for years." Stephen just stood there. A few seconds later, he ran, never looking behind, just running down the road he came on. He never stopped, not even when he legs decided to give up. He looked around, but never behind, hoping to see his town, his home… his Mother again. But he never found anything except rows of corn forever growing, never ending, constantly in each and every direction. Stephen looked behind.

What he saw shook his mind. The cottage. The dilapidated cottage. Stephen couldn't believe it. He gave in. He pulled out the knife he had taken from the kitchen of the cottage and plunged it into his heart. Stephen cried.

A voice behind him whispered "I said it was too late dearie, you're mine now"

And it all ended with laughter, an evil, mysterious laughter…