Now, listen. You!
And hear my voice,
amongst a thousand more.

You claim you did the country good,
you made the country weep.

How dare you claim that what you did
was done for greater good?
How dare you claim that those you killed
would bring the country down?

Now, listen. Still.
Don't close your ears,
I'll make you understand.

Understand so deep within,
your evil rotten heart:
The pain you caused has brought you naught,
our love will trump your hate.

I'm standing with my brothers now,
my sisters and my friends.
We make a circle filled with love,
to fight away the hate.

How does it feel to realize,
you fight a losing war?
How does it feel to realize,
you're nothing but a shade?

It's time for me to walk away,
and let you rot in Hell.

Before I go I'll tell you this;
my voice so loud and clear.
A little drop,
into the sea,
will quickly wash away.

Your hate is nothing but a drop,
into our sea of love.