My name is Gyunyu Aiko and I'm here to tell you-It's a wonderful life. I'm 21 and just out of school. I have an hour-glass figure with very nice breasts and am now currently sitting at café table in the park. I stretched out in my chair, looking around. The park was warm and colorful, the flowers out for spring. I took a deep breath, breathing in the scent of the flowers. I love the spring, not only do the flowers look beautiful, but spring is when my girlfriend gets really…affectionate. Yes I said girlfriend. A super sexy girlfriend-oh here she comes! "Hey! Chibusa, over here!" I called, waving to her. She grinned when she saw me and rushed over to my table and gave me a kiss before she sat down. I smiled; this was the first time we'd seen each other all day -we live together but she had to go out early for supplies. I looked her up and down as she sat, taking her all in. She was taller than me by almost a head and well filled-out. I never liked those skinny model types, I preferred a girl with her curves in the right places, and Sekushi Chibusa definitely had her curves in the right places. Today, the love of my life was wearing a pair of small denim shorts that hugged her ass perfectly along with her signature cowboy hat and a tight purple shirt that hugged what I thought was her best feature-her enormous tits. When I say enormous, I don't just mean big, I mean really enormous. Think of a pregnant woman's belly-that's how big each of her tits are. I can't help but stare at them as she moves-she never wears a bra, so they do a lot of jiggling. I quickly snapped out of my reverie and looked at her face. She had a gorgeous face, round with innocent eyes and framed by short, dark hair. "Hey, why were you late today?" I asked. She took off her hat and smiled apologetically, "yeah, sorry about that. Eva caught me on the way here and started asking me where I got my horns polished. You know how she talks-did you order for me?"

Right now I'm pretty sure you're wondering if you read that sentence right. Don't worry, you did. Let me explain, you see, Chibusa is a minotauress, a female Minotaur. If you're wondering about how I met a minotauress, here's the story: three years ago, I went into a cave on a dare. I got lost and I came out into a dense forest. Chibusa was the one who found me-let me tell you, I was really surprised to see a girl with huge tits and horns. For the record, unlike male minotaur's, the only things that differentiated her from a normal human are her horns, her tits which I'll talk about later, and a short cow tail. She explained to me that we were in monster world-a land filled with monsters. Surprisingly, it was pretty much the same as the normal human world-just a little more rustic. I stayed with her while I tried to find a way back and we fell in love. I've long since stopped trying to get back and we've built a very happy life. Well, that's my past; now let's get back to the present.

"Yeah, I know. And yeah, I've ordered your favorite, they should be here in a minute…" and as if on cue, our favorite waiter-a friendly satyr named Don-came with two plates piled high with wheat cakes covered with honey. "Here you go ladies, your usual-two, and a half dozen wheat cakes with honey. By the way, the boss wants to have a meeting tomorrow. We're having a party next week and he wants you to cater." Chibusa was already digging into her first plate and was in no state to talk so I took the lead. "Sure Don, we'll see him. Is lunch okay?"

"Sure hot stuff, I'll see if he's free and get back to you this evening. Enjoy the cakes." And he trotted off. I sat back and watched as she tore through the plate of wheat cakes. I grabbed one before she got it and nibbled on it myself as I watched. She may not have had four stomachs, but you couldn't tell by watching her eat, she was already into the second plate. I watched her breasts shake as she chowed down-man was I lucky. A few minutes later she was done, her hands and face covered in honey. "Mmm, thanks sweetie, shall we go home? We've got some orders to prepare for tomorrow." I smiled at her, unable to believe how cute she looked with honey on her face. "Yeah, we'll get going once you've cleaned up." I smiled.

We got home a few minutes later. As I walked in, I paused to look up at the sign above the door "paradise bakery" it read in big blue letters. I smiled at the picture of the cows face smiling on the sign-Chibusas idea. Our living quarters are the two floors above the bakery. We went into baking about a year into my arrival. I always loved to bake, and Chibusa was no slouch on that front either. When we discovered our "secret ingredient," we turned into one of the biggest bakeries in town. Chibusa was already in the back room waiting for me. I wasn't surprised to see that she had her shirt off-she didn't like wearing tops in general so she went topless in private. She was standing over a pair of tin milk jugs that reached up to her waist. She shot me a mischievous smile, giving me a suggestive wiggle of her hips. "Guess what time it is!" she said excitedly. I grinned, knowing exactly what time it was. I stared obviously at her boobs, watching them shake as she wiggled. They were gorgeous-a huge expanse of soft, pink flesh. Her nipples were appropriately huge-two milk chocolate colored disks each the size of a CD and surrounded by areolas the size of pancakes-incredibly sexy. I tapped my chin in fake thought, "hmm, let's see…you're there, standing over a pair of milk jugs topless in the back of our bakery…oh! I know! It must be time for milking." I answered teasingly. She grinned naughtily at me, "well what are you waiting for sexy? Get those magic hands of yours over here!" I didn't need to be told twice-I was across the room and massaging her breasts in three seconds flat.

All those of you out there who aren't total idiots will have figured out what our bakeries secret ingredient is. For the benefit of those among you who are total idiots, I'll tell you. Breast milk. My girlfriends breast milk. As well as being delicious-a fact to which I can personally attest-it's twice as healthy as regular cow's milk, meaning that our product is both good-tasting and healthy. But let's be honest, you don't want to hear about the specifics of my girlfriends' biology-you wanna hear more about the milking.

I reached around behind her, rubbing and squeezing both of her gorgeous globes. She arched her back, letting out a series of low moans that slowly turned into moos. I smiled-I loved the way she mooed when she got turned on. After about a minute of rubbing, her nipples started to harden. I loved this part. I grabbed a handful of her nipples as they started to swell and lengthen, turning from short nubs into wide protruding cylinders as long as my index finger and at least twice as wide. I started rolling them between my fingers, listening to her moans grow louder as I did so. "Ooh I love the way you use your hands. I'm so close." She moaned as I went about my work. I switched from rolling to the classic "squeeze-and-pull" milking technique and got an immediate result. "Mrrmmrrrooogrooo!" she bellowed as twin spurts of white milk sprayed from her nipples like fountains. I felt heat pool between my thighs as I heard her cum. Yeah I said cum. I probably could have milked her without her cumming but I didn't for two reasons. One, she always gave more milk when she came and two, what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't make my girlfriend cum at every opportunity?

A few minutes later and we had filled up both jars almost to the brim-as unbelievably big her tits were, the amount of milk she had stored in them was even more so-It seemed impossible to milk them dry-and believe me, I've tried. "That should be enough for the week." Chibusa said, stretching herself. I smiled at her and wiped up a trail of milk that had started making the journey down her breast from one of her still erect nipples. I gave her my most devilish smile as I licked the milk from my hand. I absolutely love her milk. It was sweet but not too sweet and much thicker than cows' milk-it was just as thick and smooth as melted chocolate, with a vague hint of something close to honey and vanilla in its taste. "Mmm, delicious. But then what else should I expect? Every part of you tastes good." She smiled back at me, a naughty glint in her eyes. "Hey, you should be careful about saying things like that-I might get tempted to remind you of how true that statement is." I grinned-I had her right where I wanted her. "I certainly hope that's a promise." I said seductively. At that she picked me up and draped me over her shoulder. "Oh you bet it's a promise," she said and carried me up the stairs to our bedroom-this was gonna be a good afternoon.

Before I knew it, we were in our room and Chibusa threw me onto the bed. We grinned at each other for a moment before I tore off my clothes. Having already taken off her top, she finished first, lunging for me and yanking off my already sodden panties before sitting on the edge of the bed. We started kissing each other, our hands rubbing and groping anywhere we could reach. My mouth opened to allow her tongue to enter. I ran my tongue around her moist mouth, our tongues rubbing and writhing against each other. I flipped her onto her back, rubbing my core against her abdomen. This elicited a long moan from her as I broke the kiss. I looked back at her breathlessly, desire burning in our eyes. "Alright Chibi, assume the position." She knew exactly what I was talking about, as she sat back against the backboard of our bed. I immediately started straddling one of her legs as I clamped my hot mouth over her nipple. I started sucking the firm nipple, running my tongue along its length as I did so. She immediately began to moan and moo from my actions, and I started grinding myself against her leg.

"Oh, Oh, Oh I'm getting so clooose!" she moaned as she came for the second time in a half hour. I felt her milk flood into my mouth, careful to swallow every drop. Her other breast followed the other, spurting out its thick, warm milk over my back. When the latest spurting stopped, I released her nipple with a pop. I shimmied back and pulled her forward so she was on her back. I looked at her sodden slit, moist with her juices and licked my lips. I leaned in, licking her juices up as greedily as I suckled her milk. She bucked her hips, her moans getting louder. I started to rub myself, her moans making me hotter, needier. I started to suck on her swollen cunt, flicking my tongue over her now protruding clit. She started to buck more, her mooing getting louder and more coarse. I reached up and started to rub her breasts, causing her to grab my head and push it into her crotch with a scream. She was on the edge and I knew exactly what it would take to tip her over. I smiled on the inside as I slowly pushed my tongue into her pussy. She gave a mighty thrust of her hips as she came and screamed, "OH MY GOOOOOOOD!" she wailed as she came, pussy juices flooding my mouth, and her milk cascading over my back. The mix of taste, sound, and feeling were more than I could bear. I shoved three fingers into my pussy and immediately came along with her. I felt her pull me up into a hungry kiss. Her milk was still spurting as we kissed. Eventually, we stopped coming and I lay there on top of her. We grinned at each other and I got up and sat on her face. She immediately started eating me out. I groaned with pleasure as she expertly maneuvered her tongue along my crotch. "Oh God you're good at that!" I moaned hoarsely. I gasped as I felt her tongue push into my cunt. I grasped her nipples, rubbing them rapidly. Oh Fuck! Eat me baby." I panted as I felt her tongue moving inside me. I was far passed the ability to use words and had to resort to a series of guttural moans and screams. They seemed to get my point across, as she started to move it faster. She pushed her tongue deeper into me. I felt it hit my G-spot and my ability to speak was restored. "Oh fuck! Oh yeah baby I'm gonna cum!" I shrieked, jerking her nipples faster. Suddenly she came, and milk gushed out of her nipples. I clamped my mouth below the tip of her nipple, swallowing the mouthfuls of gooey liquid that flowed through it. Suddenly, I released her nipple and sat upright, as my latest orgasm wracked its way through my body. I screamed again, pointing her nipples so that her milk sprayed over me. By the time we were done with our latest round, I was dripping with her thick liquid. I climbed off her face and gave her nipple a teasing squeeze. "Hope you're not too tired, I'm horny as hell and hungry for more." I said lustily.

"Ha! Don't get too full of yourself sexy, I'm good for another two hours at least." She sat up and I gave her a kiss-that was another perk of going out with a minotauress, she was hornier than a bull in heat year-round. "That's too bad; I was up for another three hours."

"If you can go three, then I can keep going for another four hours. Now lie down, I've got a new trick I wanna try." I grinned-I loved when Chibusa showed me a new trick. I lay down on top of some cushions so I was sitting up slightly, and she moved herself between my legs. She took hold of her nipple and the last thing I'd ever expected-she started to rub it against my pussy. I gasped, feeling the warm organ rubbing against me. "You like that?" she asked in a husky and unbelievably sexy voice. I nodded, suddenly feeling too breathless for words. "If you like that, then you'll love this," she answered as she pushed her nipple roughly into my cunt. I grasped the sheets with an iron grip and screamed louder than I had ever thought possible-she was doing it, she was actually fucking my pussy with her nipple! She started pumping my soaked cunt faster, the friction driving me crazy. The nipple felt tight in my pussy-the hole, only ever penetrated by fingers and tongues, felt stretched, the feeling overwhelming my body. "Oh fuck yes! Keep fucking my fucking cunt with your fucking tits!" I screamed, relishing the new feeling. Suddenly, Chibusa started moaning. She must have been fingering herself too, because suddenly the feeling of her nipple was eclipsed by the warm rush of milk pouring through my pussy and into my womb. I screamed, clutching the blankets tighter as her other nipple drenched me another shower of milk. I felt the thrusting stop as the walls of my cunt clenched down, getting hold of her nipple and squeezing it firmly. "Fuck Aiko!" She moaned, "It feels like your pussy's milking my tit!" and it might not have been an exaggeration. I felt her warm, gooey liquid pouring into me, lengthening my orgasm. My pussy was clenching so tightly that there was almost no gap for milk to leak through, so it went to the only available space-my womb. I looked down and my eyes widened in shock as I saw my belly start to swell. I could feel the warm goo as it hit my uterus, making me cum even harder. "OH FUUUUCK!"