Chibusa must have been feeling as good as I was, because by the time she stopped flowing and I stopped cumming, my belly had swelled up so much it looked like I was a few days away from giving birth to twins. She pulled out her nipple and the milk stayed inside me. "Wow. That was…" I paused, unable to think oof the right word. "Wild?" Chibusa suggested.

"yeah, wild." I agreed, absently stroking my now swollen stomach. "This is…new." I said dumbly. Chibusa drew herself up and lay down next to me, laying her arm on my stomach. "Yeah, tell me about it. how's it feel? Having all that milk in you?" I gave a little shake, taking stock of the new experience. "It feels...pretty nice actually." I decided. "It's still warm inside me, and I can feel it swirling around-I think I'll keep it here a while." My girlfriend raised her eyebrow at me. "Seriously? That's…actually pretty sexy." She said lightly. I smiled at her, feeling quite energetic from all the milk I had drank today. "You want something to eat?" I offered, knowing how hungry she got after we had sex like that. "You read my mind. How about some pancakes?" she asked. I laughed, the milk sloshing inside me making me giddy. I got out of bed, shivering with pleasure as I felt the milk press against the inside of my womb while I toweled myself off. As I walked down to the upstairs kitchen where we did all our personal cooking, I could feel my new load swirl around my belly with each step. I had just walked out the door when Chibi called out after me, "hey, Aiko, you're leaving a trail." She giggled. I didn't understand what she was saying until I turned around and saw that there was a thin trail of milk along where I had walked. I looked down and saw that it had dripped out of my pussy. I smiled at her and carried on my way.

We had finished off our pancakes and were lying on the couch with Chibusa listening to my stomach. "This is really cool. I can my milk inside you." I stretched out with a yawn-between the sex and the pancakes, we had used up the whole day. "Yeah, well then you'll have to nipple fuck me again sometime 'cause I think I'm ready to drain it. let's head to the bathroom." She complied without argument and we went off to our nicely decorated bathroom. I lay down in our four-person bathtub and pressed down firmly on the top of my stomach. I moaned as I felt my girlfriends gooey milk pass back down pussy, drawing a quiet moan from my lips. I watched the thick, white stream pour out from me and go down the bath drain .About two minutes later, I had poured out most of the milk. There was probably some more in there but I couldn't feel it. Chibusa-who had been watching the whole thing smiled at me. "That," she said simply, "was hot." And at that, she was in the bath making out with me. I kissed her back, feeling horny from the draining earlier and ready to go at it for at least three hours. Yes, I can safely say: It's a wonderful life.

There you go people of earth, my first original story on this site. It's my first time doing such an…intense love scene, let alone such a long one. Please tell me what you thought, and if enough people ask, and maybe give me some scenarios, I could probably put another chapter in the Gyunyu Aiko's wonderful life.