A mother is half of you which a father is the other. Mother's are supposed to be warm, compassionate, loving, and there. But then something can go wrong, really wrong, whether they realize or not. Inside you all you feel is pain, but how do you express it? Do you stand up and say something, or suppress it?



by XxmickeyTxX


That's how I feel inside,
I really don't think I can make it.

I feel like I should hide,
I don't know how to survive,
I try and try again,
But these failures of mine just grow and grow,
Until all my pain and my tears just start to overflow.

First I'm limited by one,
Then I'm prohibited by another,
I don't understand it,
You're supposed to be my mother.

A little sister or brother,
that's what I always wanted.
But things got different.
It went stupid.
You got married.
I never thought you would do it.

Then things got weird.
I held on to my fear
that I was losing my mother.
I tried to talk
But you could never hear it

I got my baby sis,
That little miss and her attitude is all I need.
She was like a full moon in the navy sky,
Her little smile was true,
But then I don't know what happened,
Somethin' went wrong with me and you.

Y'all are like a perfect little family,
Like the little house on the prairie.
I feel so disconnected,

like I'm just floating around like a fairy.

Maybe I don't belong here.
Maybe I should just walk away.
I want to do good so bad,
But only if they problems just float away,
like the falling snowflakes on them cloudy days,
I need to just go away and maybe come back one day when I got my head straight.

I am a part of you,
and you make up half of me.
I don't want to feel like y'all laugh at me.
Like I'm not one of you,
I remember when it was just me and you,
Before shit got complicated,
The past used to be truth.
But now I'm just sad and scared,
Ima fade away soon and all you'll have left is my hair.
But I don't know if you'd care.
You got him.
You got her.
That's your family I'm just that one girl.
That smudge on your life.
My other half is what you don't want to be reminded of.
I want you to show me love,
'Cuz I only feel that from them up above,
As they watch over me their spirits wraps me like a glove.
They hold me close to their hearts,
and would never let us fall apart.

I just want that from you.
Mommy you know all I say is true.
I try mommy but I just can't lie to you.

You were my heart.
You were my soul.
But now you are my un-mother,
And this shit is really startin' to get old.

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