A/N: So hi guys! I've been working on this story for a bit as kind of a I-need-to-post-something project while I work on the sequel to Behind These Iron Bars. I don't really intend for it to be super duper long, but I don't really know yet. Maybe this will be finished within the year, maybe not. Just stick with me and I'll finish it eventually! I hope you guys enjoy! Oh, and I really really heart reviews of any sort and I reply. Thanks for reading!


They would be here today. The lookout had spotted them coming down the east side of the mountain this morning. Monica stood from where she was sitting on the steps of her cabin, the commander's cabin, to sound the alarm.

Her fellow Aifes, the other protectors, flooded out around her and readied themselves for battle. She had done all she could to train them in the ways of El Leon, but she knew deep down in her gut that their purpose would no longer exist after today. She stepped off of her porch and walked through the small clearing, away from the cabins and out towards the place they protected.

The Fountain of Youth soon stood before her, no longer in working condition, but beautiful all the same. It was a small fountain which, in its glory, had spewed shining silver water with properties of healing and youth. Now it was empty, as it was now contained in the body of Monica's daughter, whom she had painfully watched drink every last drop. This is what Los Antiguos had instructed her to do because they believed it was the only way to preserve the magic that was helping keep the world alive. Los Antiguos were smart; they knew that that El Leon would never guess that a young girl now retained the fountain's properties. Therefore, Monica had to stand by and watch her young daughter, only eight years old, drink the fountain's bitter contents under the false pretense that it would save her mother. She watched her little girl's eyes gradually fade from brilliant blue to stunning white-silver as she gained the power the fountain held.

Monica was disgusted with Los Antiguos for what they made her do, but this fountain was what her ancestors were charged with protecting by Los Antiguos many centuries ago and this is what they all would die to protect now.

Monica scoffed in disgust at this oddly beautiful, but monstrous legend as she felt someone enter into the clearing. She turned, sword poised for strike to see her beautiful little daughter wander towards her.

The girl jumped in surprise at her mother's ready weapon, but trudged up to her anyway. "What's wrong Mama?" She could see the worry and stress written all over Monica's face.

Monica knew better than to lie to her eerily smart silver-eyed daughter. "They're coming sweetie. El Leon is coming."

The child nodded once, seeming to expect this news before flinging her arms around her mother's waist. "It'll be okay, though. You'll be okay because I drank the fountain."

Monica tensed, hating herself for this lie she had told to her daughter. She nodded and unwrapped the girl from herself to look at her. "I hope so."

Monica suddenly felt the breach of her illusion, the image she had put up with her mind to protect the fountain. So they were here at last. She kissed the little girl on the head and whispered to her "Be brave. Don't let them know you're here. Mommy is part of you now." The girl nodded silently, tears filling her eyes before she took off, putting her own illusion around her to protect herself. Monica never saw her crouch down in a bush to watch.

Suddenly her Aifes were around her, each fighting their own Leon. One Leon ran his sword across a young warrior's neck and she fell to the ground, fear in her eyes before the light left them. Monica looked across the clearing to see two Leons teaming up on one Aife. She launched herself into battle, giving her Aife time to recover and take on one of the Leons. Monica never saw the arrow that went straight through her heart. When it was all over and none of the Aifes were left standing, Monica's daughter watched as her body was carried away.

The little girl curled up in a ball as silent sobs shook her body. The twitching of a nearby bush in the eerily quiet evening caused her head to shoot up. They couldn't be back. They didn't know she existed. She sighed in relief as she realized it was only a small brown rabbit who had hopped into the clearing. The girl pulled herself off of the ground and walked out towards the small creature. The small rabbit stayed still and watched the mysterious girl get very close, but at the last moment skittered off. Like the rabbit, the silver-eyed girl ran and she kept running.