Let me tell you a story of a King, a man ordained by god to lead his people to greatness. To be just and good, always considering how to make his people stronger. The foremost thought in his mind being what is the most fruitful avenue to lead the country in to greater prosperity. But thats not what fate had ordained. Destiny is a fickle thing twisting and changing to react to a ever changing universe.

King Henry VII adored his first born Arthur, he was the future king after all. But this fact was not set in stone, for a single ripple in the tapestry of time can change a entire destiny. A man destined to rule can be taken before his time, a child born to join the clergy can rebel for the thing he desires the most. Yes nothing is pre ordained in this world, but certain moments in time make us feel as if the entire universe is working in perfect harmony. Sadly even that cannot guarantee happily ever after.

So let me tell you a tale of Henry the VIII and his wife, but not of his famous wives. Those poor souls were abandoned, executed and taken into the embrace of our lord well before their time. No this is a story of a different era, well before he turned his back on Rome, even before his greed for an heir. This this a story of Prince Henry and Princess Amia, a royal couple not immortalised in the annals of time but forgotten in a dusty corner.