I take you back to the time Henry was just a boy, of five on the eve of Christmas day. Amia had come to London with her father Lord Buckingham. Now Lord Buckingham was a good man the only heir to his fathers fortune there was never any comparison or fault to be made. He was loved, adored and every whim was filled with a matter of utmost importance. He grew to be boisterous and strong willed, he fought bravely and made his parents repeatedly proud. It was a charmed existence that very few were fortunate enough to experience.

The years were always kind to this particular household, where most families shrivelled away in a time of civil unrest, they always seemed to land on their feet. It was as if the lord him self had written the fate of this mighty family, With the blessing of the king of course.

On his return from Asia he brought with him a bride. The Lady Ayesha was a beautiful woman, though a heathen she was the deepest desire of all that laid eyes on her. But that was not the only rare treasure that journeyed home with his Lordship, two angelic twins Amia and Aurelia. Two angelic children who instantly found a place in the royal house hold, especially with the young princes.

Now the era in which this family lived was not a kind one, witches were burned and only catholics were tolerated. How then did this Hindu mother with her two daughters survive, when everything was set against them. The answer is surprisingly straightforward, money and power, Her husband had both in abundance. He was a favourite in court and Henry VII closet adviser.