For life to be a happy world….

That is my dream.

I can only wish.

Never see.

I want to see the world like happy people do.

But that's a wish that won't come true.

The darkness, it surrounds me.

I think it'll take over.

I want this to end.

But, not on somebody's shoulders.

That would be a nuisance.

Something I try hard not to be.


That would just be too easy.

For someone to carry the burden of death…

And it wasn't their fault…

Why do they have to carry it at all?

I need to do this on my own.

No one shall help.

They can cry, they can beg,

They can yelp.

Though, no one will.

I know that for a fact.

So, before my end,

I have to act.

As fast wind, as subtle as can be.

I mean… if I wasn't subtle.

They'll see right through it,

And try to stop me.

I must make everyone hate me.

Make them feel annoyed.

Make them feel like I'm a nuisance.

Then I can create a void.

A void, deep and dark.

No one would ever step foot inside,

Not unless there's light.

But… in my void,

It's always as pitch black as night.

After my plan's all set,

I'll be doing the rest,

By killing myself,

A favor to those who thought I was a pest.