Hi guys, trying this new story out. All characters/plots are mine. This story is full of adventure, fantasy, drama, and of course, romance. I'd really appreciate if you would review. I'll keep posting a couple of chapters, but if I don't get any feedback, I'll take it down, cuz writing a story to myself is very anti-climatic.

Anyway, enjoy! :)

She sat at the table with her elbows propped up on the cool plastic surface and laughed loudly, throwing her head back in amusement. I glared at her, hating the way her voice echoed through the cafeteria. Why didn't she laugh around me anymore? I was her goddamn sister. I had the right to make her laugh, not the group of teenagers sitting with her.

I stabbed a piece of pasta with my fork and chomped down on it in irritation. Just then one of her friends caught my eye, and I blushed and looked away. He always caught me staring, and would look at me curiously with dark brown eyes. What was his name? Sam. Sam with the brown eyes. Sam that stole my sister. I gritted my teeth and stood, grabbing my backpack and walking slowly toward the exit, toward the group of teenagers. I kept my eyes on Alyssa, knowing that she felt me watching. She kept her eyes glued to her food.

"Alyssa." I hadn't meant to say her name. Usually I could keep my mouth shut and pass her silently. But the word had slipped from my lips quietly.

I didn't think she could hear it, it was barely a whisper, but her eyes snapped and locked with mine. Her green irises were blank, portraying no expression. Like she didn't know me. I walked more briskly, past her and through the double doors, hurt and anger boiling in my stomach. Screw English class. I walked outside, through the school parking lot, and down the street. I felt like punching something. Had I done something so terribly wrong to make her hate me? One year ago, she was carefree and affectionate. I'd go to her for advice, cry on her shoulder. She always stuck up for me. Then, like the flip of a switch, she turned bitter and distant. I didn't understand.

In my confused thoughts, I didn't notice soft footsteps behind me. It wasn't until I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and stumbled forward that I felt someone watching me. I turned around, blushing from my near-fall. Was it Alyssa?

"Hello," said a deep voice. It was a young man, dressed in a long coat and a hat that shielded his eyes.

"Uh," I said, like and idiot. That's when he lunged at me.